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safety The website has been created with a long-term non-profit effort and, on the contrary, conscious of the difficulties and deprivations that the author has en­countered from the first moment of his philosophical endeavor.

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What are the issues and how are divided

<•> All thoughts from the principle: For the formation of know­ledge, the concept of truth and knowledge, the principle of senses, the difference between thinking and senses, the reco­gnition of reliability, the mental indeterminacy and fantasy.

<•> Intelligent (mental) and cosmological ethic. The regulatory power of thinking for human life and behavior. The inseparable relation of thinking and intellect from human life and beha­vior. The spiritual relationship of human with itself.

<•> Cosmological theory by removing useless information, reducing physical pheno­mena to the most general phenomena (to a few funda­mental ones), simpli­fication of concepts. Rational interpretation of the structure of matter and astro­nomical world. Calculations according to measurements of physics, investigation of natural limits, theo­retical obser­vations and investigation of coincidences. How natural laws and forces are applied.

<•> Life, human and society. Spiritual orientation: The global ethic without the cloak of religion. The intellectual revolution for a moral State (without cheaters, speculators, and embezzlers of confidence, from one person only or from a group under legal coverage). The intellectual orientation (moral) for society and for the role of State.

<•> Review to earlier philosophical efforts, extracts from philo­sophical works, comments and valuations through contempo­rary knowledge and experience. Philo­sophy, religion and belief.


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