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Human fantasies and lies without self-knowledge...

Do not tell, that you didn't know, say that you had believe!*


<•> Some of the guiding thoughts for the way of life and its virtues are deter­minative for performance, success and evolution of man everywhere and in all his activities. The guiding thoughts and inner virtues for the life are degraded and treated until today like metaphysical questions because are not facilitate the plans, desires and goals of ambitious, self-centered and "materialist" humans... Do you wondered how much you say and do every day with 100% certainty, while your thoughts are more dubious than philo­sophical the­ories?orientate Spiritual orien­tation with its universal ethic restricts reckless and ambitious actions. So it doesn't sound pleasant. On the contrary, its refusal makes it easier for everyone to blame others, not themselves.



action without mind



finger<•> The ethic of spiritual orientation reveal the lies, fantasies and cheating of people


intellectual roots


Nothing is exa­ctly as shown on all obser­vers. Almost no­thing is so as we thin­king it. Even more un­likely, that things and events are thus as they show to us, those who describe them or that things will become such as are estimated. We live in a real world where each one de­ceives the other, after having blindly confi­dence to paranoid him­self and does not seeking the spiri­tual desti­nation. At best, we appreciate the know­ledge as "enough" to applied it uni­laterally and selfishly. When done the damage and failure, then some people do not recognize the consequences of knowledge itself, which is always incomplete and for things detached and homogenized to human imagination. A lot of mistakes that we make or unforeseen effects, first we had appreciate that we had knowledge. If we believe that we have the right information, when we assure and we are absolutely sure for us, when we educe conclusions from scripts and we move with forecasts, so we thinking like if we knew reliably. If however we think that we do not know well, if we keep some doubts, then the opportunities for mistakes are diminished and it will be more difficult to speak. But the increased doubt is not conducive to cooperation and increased expectations, while people easily lured and hand over control of their lives when they have confidence. The question of how our knowledge starts and how man adjusts his life with thoughts and information is inseparably connected with a global ethic. The issue what is knowledge and how it starts is a tremendous finding "key" not only for philo­sophical or theoretical thinking, but also to regulate human life. If there is a "correct" and "wrong" in our thoughts, then from these thoughts are generated the "right" and "injustice", the "rational" and "irrational" behavior, the awareness of reality and the deception, the honesty and the falsehood. The lies, fantasies, errors and biased logic produce injustice. If we not appreciate the things with the purpose of spiritual guidance then the logic is biased. So with the partnerships, the cheating becomes art and a science. With these spiritual weaknesses, people in hard times and with their failures are turning against each to other, with anger or with frustration, while people have excessive expectation with each option and with their successes. Here, then, with a few lines of thought and without philosophical analyzes, we see because morality is a global science: Morality is inseparable from logic and from the trust, that are created with knowledge and information.newspaper

The people in order to act selfishly and with their fantasies, claim that the world is limited to their own local and perceptible reality and in the visible deve­lopments. They claim that only the closest reality into we move and we perceive directly related to our lives. Infinite opportunities beckon the human spirit and easily formed infinite views on successes or failures of life. Anyone can easily challenge the spiritual purpose of life and utility of internal rotation and to display his own life pattern. So we need to persevere and to emphasize the undoubted difference in the world (itself) than the world, such as we understand in here and now and such as we thinking for it. That is to say, is need to "unnerve" those who have too much trust in the senses and in their mental skills, with the unequivocal conclusion, that we do not know enough things and their developments, as much as they support. That they rely more on favorable luck and in their imagination. There is not only the faith in God, which hardly is eradicated and causes extreme reactions. Generally, when one thinks that he knows, and in fact does not know enough or simply repeat something he heard and read and his accord with a professional, then he will hardly be satisfied that knows not well.

egocentric man dreamsThe most problems of people and biggest frustrations, the chronic injustice and the selfishness they begin from deception and unilateral thought. The high expectations that are created and fantasies destroy self-awareness and to encourage irresponsible action. Before any skill, before every postulate and specificity and prior to the implementation of projects, the sensible person need to be spiritually and morally trustworthy. This intellectual credibility not achieved with excessive certainty and with tricks for building confidence, but with hesitation, with contestation and unbiased thinking. If man is not reliable, then all capabilities serve evil purposes, they are used biased, pretended and for the opportunistic exploitation of victims' confidence. This is the first problem in human society: Man is not reliable and is not 24 hours in a day. First of all, with the animal survival instinct has decided to continue his life with all the sacrifices if necessary. In "sacrifices" are included the compromise with falsehood, the deceit and exploitation of other people and of course the rejection of its own responsibilities. Although it is natural to become so, and every one tolerates the egocentricity of the other, the consequences of mental weaknesses are numerous and unimaginable and all people hurry to protest when the consequences touch them. When individuals have chosen to deceive themselves and indifferent for research in order to serve their action outwardly in the observable things and with the greatest expectations, so easily will do slyly, if needed and they will ignore the truth in their collaborations, possibly from a responsible position, even as the head of a state. "Moral irre­sponsibility" can be called this contemptuous attitude to the spirit and to the ignorance and their excessive certainty. When man is proved logically and empirically reduced reliability and unworthy of trust and the life generally as a phenomenon with imagination and paranoid view of the world: then, so just it explained how social peace is something more difficult than it looks with simple desire. ethic & logicSocieties from fraudsters, extor­tionists, weak­nesses exp­loiters, abusers of confi­dence, with excessive expe­ctations from the outer life and imagi­nary worlds, with selfish compa­risons and greedy people on the planet Earth. Greedy people of arro­gance or psycho­logical insecurity and definitely from reckles­sness. They shift their respon­sibilities to others, beside them or away from them, not to stop their own insane action and their work, with which they survive and in fear, that their dreams will not be realized. This is the normal human life here on Earth. Ulti­mately if we say in dif­ferent words, that the mo­rality of spiritual guidance is science that reveals the lies, fanta­sies and dece­ption of people, it is not an exaggeration.

arrows inside ofThe intellectual morality is the principle of every science. With such rational ethic, Descartes logically concluded that God exists as guarantor of reality and therefore inversely, we trust our senses and we seek to build on truth. (...) The global ethic with spiritual orientation is based on physical and spiritual laws and claims the truth in thought and awareness of our ignorance. The intellectual ethic is opposed to lying and wrong and therefore should not cause connotations with a feigned morality, so as has been revealed in the past (mainly from the contradictions between words and deeds of people). Without analysis and simplified, we had accustomed to say that man must be virtuous and correct. What does this mean and when a man is thus? In order to be thus "virtuous" a man, it necessary a work inside himself. We can not talk about work at inner ourself neither for moral edification of the soul, without use our thought as spiritual power. The education, intellectual culture, the opinion formation, the communication, in generally, our work internally, for all these the thought is need. We need to understand what we hear, what we read and see and make correct observations. We need accurate information, impartial logic, an exploration for reliability, recognition for our spiritual weaknesses, restrained action and more doubt. Man regulates behavior and broader life with thoughts, with estimates, with knowledge and information. Without proper opinions about things, but contrary with lies and illusions, man can not resist to the challenges, understand the other lives, to assume its responsibilities and finally, can not to live with the awareness of its ignorance. The intellectual cultivation, the credibility and impartiality are essential and inseparable from a global ethic and they associated with self-awareness, whether or not God exists.



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A unified and interdisciplinary Answer more analytically >>>


A unified / comprehensive Answer, not Unilateral, namely:

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They give you guarantee for everything... apart from your life and fortune! For these, they refer you... to the God and as usual, they deceive you!

Ethic without Knowledge... and Knowledge without Ethic






bang!THE GLOBAL ETHIC OF INNER ORIENTATION (in linkage with human thinking)

Subtitle: Human fantasies and lies without self-knowledge



In this book, the Ethic is fixed on priority of the spirit for itself and revamped in linkage with the human thinking. Key-­thoughts and questions have been divided in four fields uni­fied under the brief name "Ethics" (a practical philosophy, with psycho­logical and sociological conclusions). It is a global mani­festo because this Ethic is presented as science without ima­gination of religions. The materialistic way of life (with outward values and comparisons) is induced from fantasies, lies and hasty thoughts, it is against to self-awareness and coin­cides with ego­centric lifestyle and mindset. The thoughts are extended up to socio­logical and political issues linking this intel­lectual ethic with trust and colla­borations.



* On the Internet, the questions ARE NOT presented complete, with cohesion, with­out unne­cessary thoughts and with the answers to queries that generated and facilitate com­pre­hension. The reading would be easy without the graphic environ­ment of web-pages and from printed pages >>>












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Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 

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*The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


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