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pdf>>>► Download this section of the Universal Declaration of Cosmological Ethic (Not available)


 Certain fundamental thoughts about a cosmological ethic are announced after nearly three decades of observing human thought in relation to behavior. Spiritual "bombs" for the human sciences and the organization of society!

finger Don't say you didn't know

      finger Think ... before it happens to you

             finger Think better, act less

        finger Escape from your fantasies

        finger You won't avoid the worst ... no matter how smart you are


Start here: Brake on hasty action



<•> Brake on rushing action, which provokes and is triggered by rushing thoughts and incomplete knowledge. A foolish thought can quickly overturn everything we have accomplished with great effort and a lot of money. The extroverted lifestyle is based on a lot of fantasies and lies, not self-awareness and coincides with a self-centered lifestyle and mindset. To stop assessing the frivolous perception of things, the credulity, the habit, the overestimation of our abilities, and the limitation of reality in human transactions and cooperation as realism.

action without mind


Human sociality is not only linked to rationality and good behavior



<•> The sociality of man is not only linked to his rational and good behavior and to a moral way of life. One can be social, compromise, enjoyable and participate in many events and at the same time ruthlessly exploit human relationships for personal gain. "Sociality" is one of the most misunderstood words, because it cultivates high expectations in our imagination and ignores the permanent association of normal behavior with ignorance, delusion, bias, irresponsibility, greed, and self-centered behavior. When a person is alone, generally then behaves restrained, in lower tones, scared, indifferent, less expressive, and then his bad thoughts and desires do not worry us. As soon as one makes friendships and partnerships, once they have gained support and join member of a team and feel more secure and prepared to hide, then can manifest the worst side of our self. Then, man manifests himself with all clever thoughts of his mind and more fearlessly, behaves more provocatively, pursues his ends by all means, and does not hesitate to satisfy his brutal desires. Not because he/she is crazy, sick and twisted, but usually because is very comfortable, sly, without moral boundaries, but has supporters and friendships and no one suspect him. (...) Our efforts in all our hours and days can show us as social, adaptable, and hardworking persons, but they confirm our immorality. That is, it is not necessary for one to be "moral", "good-natured" and "sincere" in order to be a pleasant person, a conciliatory and capable partner and to participate in social events and to be generally as we summarize (with imagination) in word "social" person. A man without self-knowledge (with his fantasies and lies), is forced into unnecessary action and reaction, which reveals a person social, but in competition, in opposition, in bad cooperation, with surprises of luck and in hostility to others persons who can also behave socially.

The presence of animals in their unimaginable variety reveals in what we will find the principle of human differentiation (compared to all other animals) without abstruse theories and chatter. This principle is not found in social coexistence and human participation in a community. The observation that man wants to participate in a community and work with other people (summarized in the concept of sociality) nothing add to our knowledge on the difference of man compared to other animals. On the contrary, it literally causes an illusion. Because this desire for participation and cooperation is overestimated, unilaterally as a life-friendly desire and thus abstractly, without the purpose of participation or cooperation. Man is not a logical and social animal, in a good sense as we imagined. The normal human is an animal without self-knowledge, with constant fantasies about its role in society and world, with a failing of proper expression and understanding, and with lies and mistakes and with such a paranoid spirit is forced into unnecessary actions and collaborations with high expectations and corresponding frustrations.



You can steal and take advantage of the weaknesses of the world under protecting the laws and State



educated cheaters

<•> People are inventing new manners to make their lives easier without needing to kill or steal (in the simplest, quickest and most obvious way). When you can steal and exploit the weaknesses of world under protecting laws and State, then why rush to steal in person, in a traditional way, which is easily perceived? Today in order to steal in an ancient way you must be illiterate, or foolish, or with incontrollable mental impulses. Education and specialization offer many keys. When you steal under the guise of laws (eg by selling a dubious product or patent), or when you bind an unin­formed and unsuspecting customer to terms and signatures, then the problem is not that you steal, but that the problem is created to others. And those who are victims of theft or legal obligation may not realize it and do not respond or realize it late! That is, in civilized society with the law of the jungle (in a world where one sees as an opportunity the disadvantage or weakness of the other), even the victim needs to be well-informed, to have higher education, to think and write and has social connections and enough money. Otherwise victim becomes a soccer ball between services and a client of psycho­logists and lawyers.



The laws do not respect us!



stamp of deception<•> The laws do not respect us! The laws of the State appear on the foundations of universal Ethics (in an impartial spirit) and so we will observe many similarities in laws of all countries. But at the same time laws serve competing interests, distort morality, are not for everyone and exclusively for social well-being, and they protect policies with speculative and irresponsible actions that are hard to distinguish from fraud, abuse and intimidation. It happens on the contrary, the immoral and uncivilized action and hostile behavior of humans is adapted to these terms and laws of a materialistic society. That is, instead of people turning directly to their neighbor to remove him, or abuse and deceive him and commit violence, they have been transformed into respectable gentlemen and ladies, with the logic of not breaking the law.



The strict treatment of trade



your money his life<•> Treating commerce as a social pheno­menon of exchange inter­twined with abuse, deceit, covering up other illegalities, irre­sponsible supply and exposure of per­sonal and social life in risk is a revo­lutionary political point of view. With this view, society can change un­predictably and a large number of problems can be solved, but now problems are multi­plying without we know their origin and are treated them as separate. It is a thought that is in sharp contrast to the global perception of society ... 



Crimes and victims of peace (dead, wounded, deceived)



irresponsibility<•> Crimes and victims of peace. Until when the crimes of negligence and omissions of the State and owing to its priority for cooperation with financial interests do will called "acci­dents"? These crimes are shrouded and degraded because they have let the people participate in technological developments and use a multitude of devices, constructions, products and infrastructures, taking full responsibility for themselves, with a bait of freedom (as reckless people imagine such a freedom as a lack of any restriction and barrier). Since peace crimes are downgraded and responsibilities passed on, it is consistent to call them "accidents".

freedom & accidents



For many people, survival depends on a marginal remuneration of work



<•> As long as the survival of many people depends on the marginal remuneration of the job and the forced choice of a random job, and if those people were not fortunate enough to inherit or acquire property, with such financial inequality those who can offer remu­neration or other services of comparable value have an advantage for the use of unnoticed violence. Because they can apply violence and become law abusers (instigate), with methods and social pressures that are hard to find or cannot be banned! For example, when the employer physically and psychologically exhausts an employee to force him to resign or not to remain in the job for a long time.

empty pocketsPeople for a small sum -compared to the amount needed to acquire a multitude of other things and services- cannot live and are forced to spend their time and thought in order to secure the minimum needed to sustain themselves in life. In addition, while people are destitute and forced to live like wild animals and machines, a percentage of these oppressed and despised people think mischievously and resort to solutions and actions that are criminally and morally doomed and disrupt social life. From this amount of money, which could be used in order a civilized State be advertised to its citizens, people can marginally live or die. The result is extreme. While this same amount of money for those who have an economic advantage does not determine whether they will live or die. In such a materialistic society that cannot offer work to all people, if the effort to free survival from paid work does not begin, man will remain a legal slave with his own tolerance.



The State to promote the spiritual orientation of life



problems & business<•> A good financial situation, a great deal of money and wealth are not gua­ranteed to ensure a peaceful life for a person or peace in society. On the contrary, it turns out that they offer the advantages (and the challenge is greater) of imple­menting and serving even the craziest projects and in de­mocratic countries more easily. We do not need development and compe­tition that will diminish the intelligence of people, downgrade ethic and health and this debasement will create more jobs: for under­takers, doctors, street cleaners, for speculators, hunters of customers, for delivery of faulty wares and more judges and lawyers. The social environment and the state to promote the spiritual direction of life and timeless moral values. Not to favor, but to discourage the worst aspects of human beings and the speculative outlook on life.



Education and edification



certificate for cheats<•> Issues about education and the education system are the first and most important ones to think about and change. In an immoral society with the law of the jungle, the need for survival in general is used as a lever of pressure and extortionate to exploit human resources and, of course, for the protagonists of industrial, techno­logical and economic development. The (higher) educa­tion system and scientific training have adapted to the structure of such an immoral society. So science is guaranteed for all the plans...




global-ethic - circular

<•> Man is not a rational and social animal, in the good sense as we imagined.

In cosmological ethics, human behavior is interpreted by human intellectual weak­nesses (such as are the wrong valuations, inadequate of knowledge, impairment and deficiency of memory, fantasies about things, bias, misuse of words, delusions and falsity) and by unremitting arrogance or uncertainty of human. Physical limitations and spiritual weaknesses transform man into a deceiver of himself and entire world and with utilization all possibilities of knowledge. Spiritual weaknesses, lack of moral values, and materialistic view of the world become more apparent externally when people are supported as members of a group and work together, when groups are organized, motivated, guided, represented and coordinated in their action and ultimately from collective consequences of social life. The whole world changes and our response is different, we have different assessments and our action has different luck, when we recognize our spiritual weaknesses and if our view of the world be change. The paranoid man, his obscurantism, discriminatory thinking, anxieties and his fantasies are represented by entire states and countries.

spiritual turning

Views on life and society based solely on facts and circumstances may be "realistic", but they do not account for the reality that is never missing: They do not calculate or downplay the spiritual existence of man - the seat of a life with cons­ciousness - which is by changeable thoughts and information, but seeks for serenity and balance. Anyone who with his views on society and with references to external things and events, with references to political developments and partnerships and with goals for the future, thinks that offers a real solution to permanent psychological insecurity, probably is fooling himself, misguides people and is irresponsible. This is a strict observation which balances between a psychological and a sociological point of view. It emerges from the concept of an Ethic based on the priority of the spirit for oneself and is upgraded after the closest association of human behavior with thinking and information.

If the regulation of social life were exclusively governed by the laws of human beings and if man was generally the sole regulator of his life as independent of nature, then we would be 100% right not to mix cosmological issues and thoughts on the meaning of life along with the issues of human life and society. But man, apart from being biologically dependent, turns to the world spiritually, unaware of his knowledge gaps and biased logic. The findings about human weaknesses, about the intellectual and imaginative contact of man with the natural environment and some natural laws are global findings. They should be included in the beginning of the drafting of the Constitution of a moral State. In a proclamation, instead of starting with dream that all humans are born as gods and having reasonable mind, it would be sincere to begin with the desperate finding of their self-centered and paranoid spirit. Ethic in the sense of spiritual orientation and living with awareness of ignorance and with unbiased thinking are not for the naive and visionary people. To stop appreciating the frivolous perception of things, the credulousness, the habit, the overestimation of our abilities, and the limitation of reality in human transactions and collaborations as "realism".


• Human history has been written with horrific madness and violence,

incubated in the self-centered thinking of all people. Wars never were missing and people have unfavorable relationships with endless causations and reasons. People have always talked about common problems that need to be resolved to make the future better. They have never ceased to solve problems, to blame, to punish some responsible, to competed, to support subversive efforts and new leaders, to think plans. Are the problems here and today the latest? Are the solutions we seek today definitive and then all will be well? Are the causes of the problems identified today the real and unique causes? Are some people well aware of the consequences and the future if they do not seek to resolve important problems and if they do not apply their wise thinking? We are now detecting major problems and we think that many problems of our life start of them. In the past these problems did not exist. But people still saw big problems, and they also assessed that if these problems were missing, their lives would be better.


You will never know...• With or without us, the world would still exist with all its terrible flaws and problems, and always some other advan­tages are pro­ven.

Our action and participa­tion in society contributes more to the meaning of our lives than to society. Exaggerated expectations of human collaborations and actions, and reference to man, as if he were the sole respon­sible and regulator of his works, do not merely reveal excessive expecta­tions of human thinking and knowledge. They also reveal the devaluation of the immense ignorance with which man acts and reacts and they explain his haste and anxiety. The exhausting running, the many collaborations, our frequent interventions, the methodical effort, the customer service, the spread reputation, the recognition of successes or failures, the necessary experience and the clever and original thoughts in a team effort, reactions to our decisions and what happens to creative thinking (applied to things and partner­ships), all this ingenious action creates the illusion that we are involved in a great work, just as we think. It is our illusion, because these actions start from our own spirit and are closely monitored, because they fill our time and our live, we think about them, we remember them and they are always in the focus of our attention. When we leave for the other world ... or when we fall asleep, almost all of what we believed to be happening in the world with our participation are disappear. A few remnants of reme­mbrance are left scattered in a few heads, for a few moments of human life, in a different view of the world, with another experience, and different valuations. Tangible works are rarely of one person and their exploitation is also unpredictable...


• When man is reasonably and empirically proven be untrustworthy and when generally life is a phenomenon with a fantasy and paranoid view of reality. Then, we simply explain how social peace is more difficult than it is with mere desire. For many people, peace is that fantastic balance and tolerance in society that they need in order to abuse it unhindered and to exploit all the benefits of a materialistic way of life.


How the human mind works


► The morality of a spirit with self-knowledge (ie, without lies and fantasies) comes from the world as a whole and is not a human invention. Will we think of life as a part of an integrated (and well-adjusted) world or will we continue to think (empirically) as if the reality were missing and was limited to a few people?


<©> Titles from the fourth part of the book: THE GLOBAL ETHIC OF INNER ORIENTATION > 


From Ethics to Political Science - Cooperation Relationships - Justice - The Role of the State

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<•> Spiritual warfare and political power of creative thinking >>>

<•> It is not the death penalty of ruthless killers that will make us less civilized! >>>

<•> Choose friendships and partnerships and watch who you reinforce >>>



pdf>>>► Download the declaration of the spiritually-oriented world ethic (70 pages B5 in Gr). The abbreviated declaration on the spiritual orientation of society. (Not available)





A unified / comprehensive Answer, namely:

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In civilized society with the law of jungle, where one man thinks about how to deceive and how to exploit the other in order to satisfy his personal desires and with the tolerance of the State, even the education system has come to serve this purpose: deception and favor of personal interests with the power of Science. In a society of paranoid, fanatical and selfish people, where they are trained and specialized having the axiom, that "for my survival I will take advantage of your ignorance and weakness", we cannot hope ... Frivolous perception of things, credulity, habit, overestimation our abilities and limitation of reality in transactions and people's cooperation are not "realism". 




scientific instruments



compass in the brain

sense organs

*The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science >>>►



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