THE TOTAL TIME AND THE MATHS (maximum period and straight length)




The general beginning is: The Universe in the cosmological theory on a “ Completed Time ” is self-existent, because it is present, immutable and “compact” in limits of a maximum total time (in other words maximum period Tuni) and “im-mediately” real. The Universe per Maximum Time Period always is itself, same as ever in its entirety. They are not the exterior material things which with their motion, approaching, removal, union and segregation, these achieve a balanced total of things and maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary, the complete total preexists.


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How does an unfounded thought about a complete Universe which is always same as it was within a Total Time (maximum period)* is a concept which connected with or leads in scientific discoveries and observations that needed experi­ence and technology of 20th century? How does happen this?

The answer: The above unfounded thought with a mad definition about the Universe imports a decisive trait, which the scientists did not include in the development of physics, in a lot of centuries until now or they had accepted blindly the opposite: The trait of a limit and restriction in the space, in time and in number of things. The insertion of the limit even with arbitrary thinking imposes some consequences and corrections in certain relations of physics, because relations had taken physical phenomena as if had infinite values in their quantity and size or zero. For example, a force could to applied in zero time or for infinite time.


An example. Without this admission of arbitrary definition of the Universe, theo­retically the speed could infinitely increases. The same as, the distance r2 in the known formula of gravitational force. However, according to our initial assumption, it cannot be in effect. Because theoretically it would lead rational thinking to consequences that do not agree with the admission for limited number of things… and a stabilized Universe (in the limits of a longest time interval). Light is not transmitted at infinite speed and is accepted, after needed astronomical observations and difficult technological experiments. Motion of light is bent when approaches in stellar bodies with particularly powerful gravitational field. Researchers in order to think this phenomenon and say how light behaves as if had a minimal mass, they needed the theory of General Relativity. But same conclusion come out of the theoretical prediction of a limit in the longest distance in free space and therefore its curvature. The correction to then flippant view about light in physics signaled a revolution in science. However, this theoretical revolution in science could to be possible from rational thoughts and according to observations at the physical phenomena, as the physical interpretation on the basis of a Complete Universe.

When, somebody think that the free space is not infinite and does not exist as an empty container (similar as they have approached in this view in philosophy), but that the space exists such as a finite quantity of substance, then in general terms are result certain same conclusions as in traditional physics. Of course, does not result immediately such wealth of knowledge with details that characterize the established scientific method and accidental observations. However, important consequences and thoughts are result, from a different theoretical angle and new thoughts, that correct some erroneous opinions, that happened they dominate on a lot of centuries. They result important consequences and thoughts in order the research to is guided and precious time not lost and some consequences of the errors are avoided.

The admission for our assumption about a complete Universe with a finite space and always same within limits of a time period -without any other experience- directs in order to we seek some other relations and the minimal and largest limits in some existing formulas to be set (as equations of gravitational force Fg=G M1M2/r2, increase of mass Μ = mo / √ 1 - ( V2 / c2 ), energy quantity h·f=E). Therefore, costless and hasty philosophical thoughts cause consequences in scientific area. That's why the lack of philosophical thought and depreciation of hasty cross-correlation of phenomena lead to over-estimate of empiric data, in traps of “half truth” and in losses of time!


Physicists hadn't said " we don't know "... They had said "do not exist limits " and the change in a size is not depend from its limits or than the limits in change in some other phenomena! Simple relations in physics, which the most capable researchers are use in order to solve tangled mathematic problems and find solutions in physics lessons, these relations should they had been supplemented and delimited by professional physicists. A lot of decades were lost! These simple formulas could be supplemented with a medium education level! Look at a sample with first relations in here.


With a so much short thought (for example, the number of things is not infinite), which it could say even an insane man, many consequences are result in the scientific field, in where specialize physicists and astronomers. With assumption that the above concept is in effect, by logic certain insuperable limits in physical sizes are imposed and accordingly some formulas can be supplemented and corrected. When these limits and calculations are proved rightly into practice, then the assumption acquires a reliability.

The theory of a Finished Time or Complete Universe inserts in general and theoretically the necessary relation for connection and coexistence between minimal limit with the utmost limit and moreover a relation for their maintenance (of limits) at their change. In physics, these limits are determined at least in the quantity of mass, energy, length, time, rhythm and in gravitational force. With this beginning in the theory of the Complete Time is comprehensible and expected the existence of universal physical constants in physics. The investigation about potential relations that the universal physical constants have from each other and about their connection with some other repeated phenomena, this investigation was the easiest start* for another effort the physical interpretation of theory on a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy mathematically formulated and confirmed. 


It should we understand and accept, that the Universe exists and also is within time limits of a Total and Wider Time Interval (a maximum period). We will suppose that the Universe begins in a moment A and after of all developments fin­ishes in a moment Z. After last moment Z, the Universe begins again to exist, as it was in initial moment A until again to reaches in the Z. The time interval inside which the Universe begins and becomes with all possible ways since a moment A up to a moment Z constitutes a Largest Total Moment, let as say AZ. This total time AZ is finite, is an extreme large but a con­stant number· it is not infinite and constitutes a maximum time limit for all in­dividual things (Tuniverse) without exception. This number corresponds in the Full Time and it is not divided in unlimited smaller time moments. It should ex­ists a minimal time moment (we say Ax) and a smaller does not exist, in order to the total (number) of minimal moments is not infinity.

What would be the Universe if began to exist in a minimal possible time moment Ax? In this minimal moment, the Universe would not had time... to becomes something. Just it would become something. In such minimal time mo­ment would exist something entremely little, small and as minimal motion, as much as could exist in a minimal possible time (that is to say, just an ini­tial thing). The minimum possible time in which the Universe begins must be constitutes an other limit, the minimal time limit (Tmin) and this limit is again common for all individual things without exception. Accordingly, we have at least two decisive limits:

A Largest Total Time in which Exists entire the Universe (Tuni) and a mini­mal possible time (Tmin), in which a minimal of Universe exists. All individual things are exist and change between these temporally limits. The material things, with any way are connected, by all means, in any space and time, they will exist and change with predetermined limits (min - max) in their time, in distance and quantity of energy. They become and moved under prerequisite of a minimal time moment, in multiple or sub-multiple moments, within a maximum time and always between of cer­tain extreme limits of time and distance. The time limits of a minimal moment and a longest time of the Universe and the corresponding limits in distance impose certain mathematic relations for the interactions of things and do not allow the unverifiable connection and interaction and their unnumbered change in to space and time.

If we accept this thought, then is obvious why the numbers can describe and calculate the changes in things and express relations and proportions with mathematics. The total time Tuni at some way corresponds in the metre of " fire " that is reported in the known philosophical scripture of the ancient Greek philosopher Heracletus. Now, we know more, that the metre is a maximum and a minimal time limit… The common Total / Whole remains precisely same, stabilized with same possibilities and nothing does not become that had not exist again. Always in a maximum time interval Tuni, which when is calculated rightly, then the theory not only will acquire a physical and mathematic formulation, but will might result theoretically a multitude of other sizes and constants of nature and perhaps statistical forecasts...

" This here world, same for all, neither god neither person created it, but it was from eternally a live fire which turns on with metre and extinguishes with metre " Heracletus


► The beginning and ending of a time interval AZ for the existence of the full Universe is not a total beginning or a finish for entire of its existence, but only for its parts, which exist in smaller time intervals. The past and the future - that are limited among individual parts- they constitute a wider “now” of 100% Universe. The Universe in its entirety time is complete before the rela­tive moment in which its parts begin to exist. This is the main difference of new physical interpretation on the creation and maintenance of cosmos, which it escaped from the modern scientific research and opens the gates, in order to a multitude of observations in physical world are explained unified…


Why mathematics can be applied with success in things, express relations of proportion and calculate changes, sizes and quantities with formulas ?  






* The first effort and investigation for the mathematic formulation of the philosophical theory began on 2008