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What will be the proof about the existence of God in the modern cosmology and physics ?





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Therefore, for first time a rational thought is based on a cos­mological theory and on a rational description of material cosmos. The cosmological theory explains how simple matter does need the total of nature, what we call " Universe " and moreover, that not only needs a total of reali­ty, but also it demands that the Universe should be complete 100% and simultane­ous! This mad thought finally is the most reasonable explanation after not only it leads to interpretation for phenomenon about life, but first it interprets a lot of phenomena in physics and throws light in big queries of physicists. (...)

cosmosolusion signHere in last pages, the physical interpretation on the structure of matter and universe will not be extend as much as it needs. I do not want to convince about reliability of this physical inter­pretation on the structure of matter and beginning of the Universe and to be done tedious. I want to say in short, something that no one has said so far and it is the final count down of investiga­tion about beginning of life and its meaning. The Universe is complete 100% and simul­taneous in the same moment where for us it is empty and endless in time and space. This incredible ascer­tainment mathe­matically1 is proved and mainly with coupling as in multitude of phenome­na is achieved, which in physics have observed them accidentally as if they were unlinked each other and inexplicable. Because, however, this mo­ment you can not judge such a theoretical case, rightly you have a big doubt. Now, hypothetically (or provisionally) let we accept that the Universe is 100% complete and simultaneous, while we perceive an enormous empty space, in which is included our visible material world. The scientific answer in the big conundrum about appearance of life is found hidden in these few and usual expressions: A full Total, a Complete Universe, Self-existent Universe, simul­taneous and stabilized Uni­verse, Universe Direct to Itself, Universe where is not material, that has not been creat­ed and always is itself, with the same laws, a Total where participates per­manently in each individual material (and indirect) development, while this Total is without any exterior mediation and it is immediately. And this 100% of the Universe PARTICIPATES PERMANENTLY LIKE ABSENTEE WITH the PRES­ENCE of the (so-called) FREE SPACE.

Is there the space? Yes. Is it empty? Not precisely. It does not prevent motion of bodies but contains the astronomical bodies in some order. Is this an empty and in­sipid container or it is decisively for the structure and the beginning of matter with a potential way? The free space is not a fantastic phenomenon. It is an object of study in Science and it is connected with a multitude of phenomena and particu­larly with the structure of matter, about which so very unexpected discoveries they have become. If therefore, the (so-called) free space is the remaining Universe that ap­pears is absent and the whole of cosmos does not material, but exists imme­diately also such as an internal phenomenon, then does not exist better scientific interpretation about what is God and what is Life. What exists immediately, it has not created and with its simultaneous presence is founded the nature and begin all individual things. What ap­pears like an empty space, while it needs for all the things and the structural (material) elements are connected immediately with its energy. This is not something else than that, with much fantasy we call God and Soul, but without we recognize it.

The Universal Mind or Intellect, with the cosmological concept of a complete Universe that appears as a free space, does not invalidate the independence of the Universe. Rather, it claims this! Some people and famous scientists have the view about autonomy of the Universe and so, they think the role of a Universal Mind (or God) disappears. It does not disappear. So again, by lopsided logical thinking, they have the view that the existence of structural elements (matter) confirms the independence of the Universe. With this view about the structural elements, the opposite conclusion can be drawn: The cosmos was created and it needed a lawgiver. If the cosmos was not created, then we need to stop talking about matter as self-existent components for the existence of things. The first is not matter (or structural elements) but the entire Cosmos. That is, the stabilized Universe as a whole and with its laws and these laws are not restricted to the external movement of bodies...


Accordingly, when structural elements of so-called matter are found in favourable conditions can exchange each other quantities of energy incredibly fast (times 10-20 - 10-42 sec), in incredibly small dimensions (10-12 - 10-34 m) and they are synchronized each other to create bigger and wider things. They can to synchronized and constitute more complicated forms because struc­tural elements are fluctuations (oscillations of waves), which begin on the (simulta­neous) energy of immense free space and not as pellets, where are moved fast and approach between them without laws or under laws of mechanics. The structural elements of material things have not random a constant and same structure everywhere in the Universe. The structural elements by which the all things exist (between which also we living things) do not become coincidental with the same laws everywhere in the Universe and course of time. The laws that regulate the physical things and structural elements are not messages where come from their outside, from a distance and as if were a theoretical code. These laws begin from the common coupling that all structural elements have with one and same free space, with one and itself complete reality, with same " shared " quantity of energy, finally since their itself (invisible) substance.




The first publication


1 After my personal investigation and effort for the rational formulation of the cosmo­logical theory according to the formulas of physics, I have revealed some first mathe­matic relations that confirm the physical interpretation of a complete universe, which appears as a free space and by wave phenomena. The first and simple relations of maximum and minimum limits of physical sizes are agree to this physical inter­pretation.




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