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What phenomena are described unified, interpreted and fore­casted in the theory of a Complete Universe and Relativity of Energy

(A unified theory on time, space, matter and intellect)


The general beginning is following: The Universe in the cosmological theory of “the Complete Time” is self-existent because is present, immutable and “compact” within limits of a longest total time (maximum period Tuni in other words) and “im-mediately” factual. The Universe per Maximum Time Period is always itself, same as ever. They are not the exterior material things which with their movement, approaching, removal, union and their segregation achieve a balanced total (of things) and mainte­nance of physical laws. On the contrary, the complete and stabilized total preexists...




In general, a limit in the division of things and the dynamic role of the Whole for the existence of individual things (the Totality is connected permanently and simultaneously with its part. In this general thought is found the big conundrum that should research in astrophysics.

The existence of limits in changes (min and max) and first from all, in time. More specifically, the existence of mathematical means and the physical constants.

The law of the conservation of energy (and the relative violation, since the change and transfer of energy cannot happen without process of alleviation). Without stability of a complete Universe, the alleviation and transfer of energy in material world would become without timing, as unlimitedly, also. With the abstract law of conservation of energy, we withhold the relation between conservation of energy with flow of time and the contradiction that between the concept of conservation with endless time and change exists.


In the cosmological theory on a complete and always same Universe, we rationally think limits on a minimal and a maximum time interval and respectively a minimal and longest distance. Also in this theory limits of all phenomena are result between which also the max limit in speed Vmax, which is a combination of length and time that are presented to motion. In physics, they accepted the limit in the superior speed of motion Vmax = c as an axiomatic proposition, without any explanation.

The limit in division of things, limit in their most indirect connection and identification of structural elements with instantaneous changes and exchanges of energy. In simpler reasons, the identification of matter with an extreme rapidly repeated motion and with quantities of energy which are exchanged in smaller time intervals.

The role and destination of matter (ie structural elements). The relation between matter with " stabilized " changes in minimal time intervals and as stagnant waves (minimal moments in which the Universe begins relatively created from the free space). Matter without a previous existence of a complex and constant reality could not have a certain structure and constant attributes, neither possibility for creating constant ways in connection between particles. (The dynamic role of the Totality for the existence of limited things again formulated with the most particular concepts of matter and free space).

The most close relation of empty (free) space with the Universe that is not materialized. The presence of empty space as a carrier for dynamic energy to material particles (to structural elements of material things).

The existence of same attributes and same matter in most distant areas, in all extent of space and time (since matter is connected with the same space everywhere, with the same dynamic energy and periodically changes in same minimal time intervals).

The limit in the longest distance of displacement (finite space and longest length), the curvature of space and in final analysis the isotropic property of the free space to material things (after the longest distance in the finite space is the same for all and from any point of free space).

The (minimal) curvature of the free space, the limit in displacement and return in start are closely related with a limit of total energy that is allotted as free space (after space is not an absolute void). Consequently, the overall form (without we take into consideration any deformities) is not an accidental form, as also is not circular schema).

The unlimited displacement in straight line is not possible nor for luminous waves (light).

If the fastest speed coincides with light (if Vmax = c) and if we regularly know a minimal rate of acceleration according to the gravitational constant G, then the first theoretical and exploratory calculations can begin about a longest length and (corre­spondingly) a maximum time interval.

The phenomenon of permanent transfer of energy from and to material bodies by wave way on the empty (free) space (with electro­magnetic and gravitational phenomena). The isotropic transfer of energy since fluctuations become on the constant quantity of its energy. Comparatively, the main difference in phenomenon among motion of light (wave motion) and motion of material bodies in the space (in a dimension). Motion of waves does not " obeys " in Newtonian logic for motion, since the presence of wave is owed at resisted of change and not in a lack of resistance.

The minimal Plank's quantity h=Emax/fmax for transfer of energy, the limit in the highest frequency of electro­magnetic waves (fmax) and the maximum quantity of energy that can be transmitted with waves in a unit of time (Emax/sec). The existence of a minimal time Tmin.

Phenomena known from classic physics anticipated about the structure of matter, such as are the oscillation, stagnant waves (and situations), timing, frequency, phase, inter­ference, amplification-weakening.

The physical choice of circular and periodical motion and the repetition (and the role of these) for the existence of constant material things and for maintain common elements. While we would expect to find some minimal constant quantities of mass and an end in division of matter in the most microscopic space, we discover the relation of stability with fast and circular motion. Matter without a previous existence of a complex reality could not have a certain structure and relatively stabilized presence.

More specifically, with terms of mathematics: the existence many trigonometrical relations as the role of radius and number pi, 45 and 90º degrees, square root of number two √2, lengths that coincide with arcs, cos and remaining other. In general, the close relation of constant limits in physical changes with periodical phenomena and furthermore with possibility things are described mathematically. The predestinal role of time limits and limits of length in all physical activities. In the Maximum Total Time Is Exist a Complete Universe (Tuni), while in minimal possible time (Tmin) exists a " minimal " of the Universe. All individual things are exist and become between these common time and length limits and more general, with constant specifications of a common reality for all separated things / bodies.



The phenomenon of opposite flow of waves. Focused to the minimal distance and radial (like gravity) and decentralizing (like electromagnetism).

The phenomenon of gravitational force and its presence everywhere in the Universe. The identity of gravitational force with centralized waves of energy. The phrase "curved space " is not the most reliable expression for science.

The relation of weakening or amplification of waves (respectively electro­magnetic or gravitational) in agreement to reverse of the square of distance, given that distance in finite space coincides with a radius and the region of circle (a conical schema) increases or is decreased corresponding to distance.

The explanation and forecast of permanent phenomena as are the heat and sound waves everywhere in the Universe, where matter is presented. The relation of these permanent phenomena with wave energy of common free space. (The simplest movement of a material body causes waves with the lower frequencies that can vibrate the molecules of matter and produce the phenomenon of sound. The material particles and heat (perceivable of a human) are presented at frequencies above 1015 Hz)

The utmost speed of luminous and gravitational waves, because these phenomena constitute wave changes of simultaneous presence in one and same " empty " space, (that is to say fluctuations of an isotropic energy), where has tendency to equilibrate its energy in the minimum time.

The close relation between the energy of free space with the highest frequency of transfer, with minimal inertia and with minimal lengths in waves. The space appears as absence of energy because its energy is found in balanced (stabilizing) situation. But it is a dynamic energy to the structure of matter with wave oscillations and transmitted at frequencies higher than the known electro­magnetic spectrum (>1020 Hz).

The relation of matter with instant loss of energy is caused by the most rapid transfer of wave energy. The explanation for the presence of all particles such as quantities of energy which are exchanged in particularly short time intervals. The dynamic relation of finite space with matter in most microscopic dimensions.

The explanation of all differences and attributes of material things since the initial difference in time interaction between structural elements, per time in which quantities of energy are exchanged and by their timing. Confirmation of thought of many philosophers about existence of one and unique substance behind the multitude of phenomena and their relations. The independence of the gravitational force from chemical composition.

The phenomenon of " mass " with origin invisible wave phenomena (electro­magnetic and gravitational) and with a reduction of the highest frequency of energy exchange. The close relation of components in matter with one and same quantity of energy, consequently dynamic relations between its particles.

The relation of maintenance of particles with a reduction at the maximum frequency in transfer of waves, in maximum speed of motion and increase of minimum wavelengths.

The possibility of movement of material bodies with condition their own constant and immutable existence, something that also has a limit…

Limits in physical sizes as are the speed of bodies, acceleration and force.

In general, the existence of some permanent radiation of the free space, which is connected with the shaping of structural elements by fluctuations of its energy, since entire material world permanently maintains itself and is recreated by this shared energy (but without is determined if this radiation is the microwave radiation of background CMBR).

The close relation of called nuclear force (also a curved space-time) with the minimal length in which the structural elements are connected to the complete Universe and since the maximum frequency fmax in transfer of the structural waves.


The force that retains the particles with energy in to atomic nucleus is not caused with separate way for each atom in matter and it is not produced by microscopic move­ments of particles.


The strongest gravitational force does not act from some direction, as if it emanated out of a material thing. The strongest gravitational force is expressed by an other mathematic constant (Gnuclear, potentially somehow relevant to the quantity amax ≈ 1,356 ×1050 m/s2).


The speed of light c expresses the limit in which acceleration can reaches and accordingly, the minimal and maximum time interval in which acceleration can shifts.

Thus, slow acceleration needs a long time interval T in order to reaches in the speed c (c=Tmax × amin), while the fast acceleration needs a short time interval (c=Tmin × amax). The maximum rhythm of alteration in the speed of light amax appertains with maximum gravi­tational force, that we call it " nuclear ".

Vmax = c = amin × Tmax = amax × Tmin

Vmax = c = amin / fmin = amax / fmax


Still, from Newton's ratio a = F/m, but with a limit in acceleration, we can understand easy that any force can't be applied for infinite time interval and causes infinite acceleration.


Theoretically, the constant speed of light c betrays a strongest force F, which is strongest in a minimal time interval and periodically and no continuously. Theoretically, it should exist some moments where the action is absent (temporally empty or be lacking), when acceleration approaches at maximum speed of motion. Otherwise, acceleration never would stop and a maximum limit to speed would not exist.

The distance between material bodies, limit in the gravitational attraction and " deficit of mass " also are compre­hensibly.

The explanation of uncertainty in motion of particles in the structure of matter, because quantities of energy, waves and exchanged quantities of energy change at extreme minimal time intervals (and in minimal lengths), which are shorter than time intervals that are required in order to information reaches in the instrument of our observation. From first exploratory calculations, a minimal length λmin approaches indisti­nguishably to the elemental quantity h.

Finally, the creation of material world as a relative phenomenon that takes place permanently in most microscopic dimensions and in minimal time intervals and no total creation and from straight line for the total of material world.

The relation of matter with the free space results from inseparable relation of material world with world which is absent. And world where is absent participates dynamically in energy of material world through microscopic structure of matter with the form of a finite space. It does not exist time, Universe and space without matter, something which would mean a Universe without any change, without quality and without indirect-exterior interactions. Similar as also, does not exist a total time (a Maximum Period) without smaller time moments.

Attempting a jump: The " soul " exists and acts with the same way selectively(that is to say, abstractively), as the human intelligence creates language and carry each information with meanings. In other words... as the human thinking takes shape with “abstraction” and choice of some “common elements” of things. The living being, appearance of soul in organized matter (or biological body), creates a new reality removing entire the Universe and living being receives as reality only what “ touch upon ” itself! The presence of inner and mental phenomena and more widely, the phenomenon of life through microscopic structure of matter is presence of attributes in time and space which they preexist in the simultaneous and direct existence to the complete Universe. The intelligence is not an accidental characteristics of life, neither one than a lot of characteristics of life. This is what vaguely and was globally determined with ancient concepts " soul " or " spirit ", because human experience did not reveals clearly how a multitude of animal events are result evolutionary of a fundamental precondition. This fundamental precondition, with terms of science is the simultaneous connection of smaller segments to the Whole (full Universe), timing (or synchro­nization) of individual structural elements and continuous renewal of energy inside certain time limits.

                                               ISBN 978-960-93-2431-1

K. G. Nikoloudakis

AUG. 2009


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Our knowledge about the material things did not allow us to wonder or think about the real substance of things and not about the casual existence. On the contrary, us cultivated an unilateral and anthropocentric perception about the reality in the exterior side and the habit allowed us to dispute easily the theoretical thoughts, that wasn't in accord with our perceptible and nearby material world.


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