Some thoughts and discoveries in few lines and with the most comprehensible lan­guage, that will change many aspects of humanity for the world. Original and subversive concepts, theoretical discoveries that throw light in dark philo­sophical and scientific questions that were remained unanswered on centuries and in last decades, particularly in modern science. It is not only a multidi­mensional theory. The surprise and strength of the new worldview will be multiplied, because this was a creation of one only person, after the surpassing of big (subjective and objective) obstacles. The most incredible is that, this was an intellectual creation after overcoming some of obstacles which (contrarily) in certain cases they are considered as models and equipments for scientific research and for progress in Science, as terms and prerequisite on effective research, on achievement of goals and for reliability !




"I am ready to believe that if we searched more deeply the imperfections of human language, that are considered the body of our knowledge, the biggest part of contestations would fall alone them and the street for the knowledge and perhaps for the peace would be much opener for the persons, as long as it is not still " 

                                   JOHN LOCKE (1632-1704)

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► ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOLOGY. The complete Universe is always the itself in the limits of one maximum time interval and creation of the Universe becomes permanently through the structure of matter. Matter (that is to say structural elements) constitutes the minimal moments of beforehand completed reality in the limits of a maximum time period (common time Tuniverse). The complete Universe of in its entirety time relatively exists as finite space and constant quantity of energy for these where they can happen with material carriers and it predetermines the biggest and minimal limits (length, time and energy) in their interactions. The world where is absent participates in the energy of material world through the microscopic structure of matter with the form of finite space. If the Universe were not constant in a total time so as is with all energy as a constant quantity, then each change of energy in smaller time moments (as part) would happen with unlimited way (in any quantity independent from a unit of time) and would always be incomplete and constant quantity at random (asynchronous). It would not exist the minimal quantity of time tmin neither a highest frequency fmax for the transfer of energy.

The total energy of the Universe is always immutable and the same quantity. The transfer, flow of energy, interaction, existence of material carriers, pre­suppose a decrease and detachment of energy (that is to say instability), as flow of time and moments presuppose change and lack of time. The energy permanently change. When do the energy is a constant quantity, if we think on different quantity of energy each time? What quantity of energy is constant, if a closed system perfectly isolated in space and in per time doesn't exist? We will have asked more masterfully: What is the main and more general beginning which doesn't allow in energy to lose in labyrinth of its change? We would add: And so as the energy doesn't converted in one only form and does befall an uneventful stability finally (as the thermic death of the Universe)? In physics, the conservation of the energy is an inexplicable given that they accepted as a law, because in point of fact the long-lasting experience this confirms. With the abstract law of conservation of the energy we dissemble the relation among the conservation of energy and flow of time and the contradiction that exists between the concept of conservation with endless time and change. The law of conservation of energy is an inexplicable expression about the law of stability of the full Universe and simultaneous presence of the Universe. Without this law, the transfer of energy in the material world would be asynchronous.

Energy flows as waves so as to balances also its flow creates and maintains again decreased sums of energy, which we name particles and matter. The total energy is absent at some way and the absence becomes perceptible with the form of the finite space, because it compensates with the fastest way the deficits of energy, that are the material world. This flow of energy with waves to compensation of losses does not happen in zero time and creates again fast lacks. Thus the extreme fast flow of energy maintains components of matter, that transmit from each other quantities of energy. (Balance and synchronization of change). Particles are quantities of energy that are exchanged and transmitted in wave mode in the smallest time intervals of interaction. The “Big Explosion” takes place permanently and the material Universe permanently is created everywhere in space from smallest dimensions of space, by microscopic explosions. (More you look at here).

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► PHYSICS. Therefore, in the Theory of the Complete Time, time for the Universe is “finished” in certain biggest limits, in a maximum Total Time, while the all material things exist in smaller time limits and with the limit of a minimal time (Tmin = 1/fmax = λmin/Vmax, which mathematically results from the speed of light c). Concerning the smaller time limits of existence of individual things, the Universe continues still becoming and developing! Past and future - we are limited between other things and perceive them- constitute the wider “now” 100% of Universe and thus the relativity of time is explained with an astonishing rational thought. Particles are the initial ways by which the Universe begins to become as abroad (and indirectly) in the minimal moment of time, while the universe relatively absentee with the presence of the empty (free) space.

The limit in division of time is the amazing conclusion that results when we consider the Universe as constant (and simultaneous) in the stable limits of a total time. One of the most astonishing consequences of this observation about minimum division of time is the identification of matter with the minimal time periods. In the base of this idea about a maximum and accordingly minimal time, many laws that conditions multitude of different phenomena are interpreted. Such as, the most minimum time tmin, the minimal length Imin, the minimal energy of transfer Emin =h1Hz, the superior speed Vmax, periodical change of speed and energy in the electro­magnetic waves, minimal and strongest gravity force Fg, the dynamic relation of finite space with particles, gravity with radiation and isotropic space, the stability in the structure of matter, stagnant situations in the dynamic structure of matter, the universal physical constants.

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► PHYSICS. The relation of free space with the Universe that is absent and the simultaneous presence of the complete Universe is connected with way so as the structure of matter is maintained. The physical (free) space is found in situation of balance because the space oscillate with the highest possible frequency  (c/λmin) and no simply because is something motionless. The physical space is found in a situation of energy balance (or stability) because it is a relative absence with dynamic energy to matter, and permanently transmits the minimal quantity of energy at the highest frequency and it is not a compact substance. In points where the transfer of energy does not substitute the loss -that causes from flow of energy itself- there present lacks with form of particles. The energy transfer with wave way and isotropic (from all addresses and with relation of beam-centre) and this wave way causes phenomena of weakening or amplification, stagnant situations and wave phenomena that are known from classic physics.

Around us, exchanges of energy becomes and also interactions with matter at frequencies more than 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and with the speed of light. Up to now, this reality we didn't calculate it, we simplified it with the concept of the "free" space and we perceived flippant its presence from electro­magnetic phenomena and gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in the material developments with sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality they ignored in science. This reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire the material world, from the one point up to the utmost other… The sums of energy that are exchanged and altered in extreme soon time intervals (t=1/f) in physics called "particles".

Do you speak still about the total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of Big Bang theory ?

Changes of the energy of the free space can be periodically and wave fluctuations, that receives minimal and maximum values. The balance comes back extreme fast in minimal time intervals, but not in zero time and the presence of matter and maintenance of material world in this phenomenon are owed. Does exist any theory which explain the action of forces at distance, with the same laws in all extent of the Universe and in passage of time logically, scientifically and with phenomena that we can observe? Matter where is found here near or far of us is connected with something same, with a common reality and in particular thus, that matter maintains everywhere the same structure. The shaping and structure of material elements do not depend from objects and different situations of environment and they are not so much changeable from exterior forces. What other can find itself everywhere in the Universe and regulate the structure of matter, be connected always together and be an accessory so as matter has the same structure everywhere and with same laws? What other we can find, which is not fantastic and it is connected permanently with each reality, apart from the called physical (free) space? What other can be itself everywhere in the Universe and regulate the structure of matter with real presence and not from theoretical laws?

<•> Nothing theory that describes the creation of things by some fundamental material elements or microscopic particles cannot give serious, reasonable and empirically founded interpretation about the presence of same forces and limits everywhere in the Universe.

From the first subversive consequences in physics is the identity of speed with the internal energy of particles and the relation between phenomenon mass with reverse of the most fast speed Vmax. An other subversive consequence, the relation of gravity with waves from fluctuations on the energy of the free space in a centralized way, contrary to decentralizing behavior of electro­magnetic waves. From the most shocking ascertainments in the theory of Finished Time for physics and for mathematic confirmation of this theory is the conclusion, that the nuclear force is the strongest gravitational force of the equivalent mass of all Universe from the most near distance ≈λmin. The unified mathematic formulation of this conclusion will confirm mathematically that the (free) space is the relative absence of always complete Universe. The fluctuations of energy of the free space (by that the structure of matter and material world are maintained) can be considered as small fluctuations in the strongest gravitational attraction.  MORE IN THE ENTRY FOR PHYSICISTS

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PHYSICS. For a lot of decades, the speed of light considered as constant. Existed some theories and thoughts that the speed of light is not constant. The contestation was about the limit of the speed and the case speed of light changes in passage of time in evolvement of the Universe. No one, did not think neither imagined, that the speed of light c changes periodically with the rate of frequency f ! The electro­magnetic waves (such as light) always receive the maximum velocity Vmax, that we calculate like a stable velocity. However, the extreme short time in that waves acquire this maximum velocity periodically change and is different in every frequency. (Fundamental relation Vmax = amax Tmin = amin Tmax).

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PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY. One of the overthrow and many promising disco­veries in physics (good prospect), it will emanate from the close relation between mass, electro­magnetism and gravity. This close relation has been attempted is revealed in the exploratory work that supplements the physical interpretation " Theory of Complete Time or Universe and Relativity of Energy". Our comprehension about mass and micro­scopic particles as some quantities of electro­magnetic energy in stagnant situations, at the highest frequencies (1020 Hz - 0,45244 x1042 Hz) will lead to new technologies and to exploitation of energy of the free space (hfmax =Emax) !  

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► ETHIC, PSYCHOLOGY AND SCIENCES OF INTELLIGENCE. Quantophysics did not give still the diachronic message of philosophers, that the concrete thing is not determined so exactly, and it is not very stable, comprehensible and well justifiable so as they imagined it in science, entrusting excessively our senses and downgrading the deforming force of ignorance on our thought. " We overestimate the material causes and we imagined that from now we found the solution of conundrum, why the delusion satisfy us that we better know matter from the metaphysic spirit. But is our matter so much unknown what spirit " wrote the psychologist C.G. Jung.

Perception (from senses) is a way of thought created indirectly from external actions on biological body. For this reason, perception is obvious from all people and is useful in our activities as well-founded, computable and reliable truth. Sensory data begin from some abstraction that becomes automatic (carelessly and biologically), because if no, then all parts of reality they would be perceptible. They would not exist things where they was not perceptible. The perception itself (our information, if you prefer) is fragmentary knowledge of reality, such as are the meanings of speaking. Data of senses, for example a colour or a feeling of temperature are abstract meanings from exterior effect (stimulations), because are common and constant traits. These are traits from some biologic abstraction which becomes self-executing (automatic) and these data show us without differences (and without details) even when things are not permanently the same. The misconception immediately (undetected, biological automatic) begins from the first sense, as it happens also in our thought, of which necessarily a lot of traits of things are removed and we confuses erroneously our feelings with non-existent things or substances.

Soul, inner world or life does not exists without some form of knowledge and without some manner of intellect. All possibilities of soul are modes of intellect, unnoticed thinking, knowledge and some certainty or uncertainty that accompanies them.

From the greater inversions and most important concepts that are formulated in these electronic pages is the appearance of life and soul as a phenomenon abstraction of world and as intellectual process of maintenance of constant and common elements of things by first abstract data from senses.

" the above extract I did not understand by no means ! " wrote a (Greek) reader.

In point of fact, it is not a comprehensible formulation. This happens often from me, because I try to express itself summarizing, supposing that a reader has read (or it will read) carefully my writings. The thought where is summarisen in above formulation more analytically is the following:

Life begins with a synchronous combination of minimal material elements, which are the opposite of the Total and Universe. That is to say, material elements are the minimal reality and do not the complete Universe. When therefore, the first forms life are created, these forms 1) begin from almost nothing of simple matter (1st abstraction) 2) in a world that is inconceivably more complicated, more big and almost unknown (2nd abstraction) 3) and these forms of life are only informed via the senses locally and for a minimal number of effects of environment (3rd abstraction) 4) and they are moved, react and experience with these minimal information which is essential to them (consequence of abstraction) 5) and naturally living bodies ignore and do not estimate the total of world and any what do not fall in their sensory bodies (abstraction, that is to say).

The information that living bodies receive from their sensory organs is minimal compared to the information where the reality could give. Living beings feel and naturally only perceive what can with their organs that are essential for their survival. However in same moment, things around them are more and connected with more complicated ways, affect also they change with more ways, while living beings do not perceive all these things and actions. Therefore, the information that living bodies receive from their sensory organs is incomplete, fragmentary and abstract, at similar way that also the words in language express to us insufficiently and fragmentarily things. Inevitable conse­quence of such fragmentary and incomplete information, apart from the ignorance is also the twisted knowledge and fallacy.

Our intellect with that we observe and perceive things exists because an experience is maintained, from habit of common characteristics of things and from the observation of constant relations, resemblances and repeated situations in time. If with the term "sense " we mean a faculty to see, hear, touch upon and in general to receive some information from exterior irritations, then as I have explained, this faculty makes same operation as the intellect. That is to say, the information that we receive from sensory organs are fragmentary and abstract (as are the notions of words) and they are " recorded " in our memory, as they remind us something constant, something the itself, something where was repeated, something that caused pleasant or unpleasant diathesis to us.



► ETHIC AND PSYCHOLOGY.  The multitude of mental phenomena and attributes begin by the faculty that the organized matter acquires “to remove” all reality and “to receive” only effects which influence the living being. A living being, an appearance of soul in organized matter create a new reality (imaginable) that does not estimate entire the Universe and receives as reality only effects which “touch upon” its body! This choiceness bring partiality, fallacy, lack of self-knowledge, ego­centricity and creation of relative models for life and society.



► METHODOLOGY OF SCIENCE - LOGIC. In order to we speak concretely, we remove and extract things of our thought and think thus facilitates us. A thought is concrete because we remove (with or without conscience) almost the total of reality, anticipating what is related more immediately and what indirectly. This abstraction become conventionally or artificially for inquiring aims, for reasons of simplification and priority and for the progress of knowledge. This is a half truth. Usually, the first priority is not the knowledge but our objectives with a help of God and chance and we have the delusion that we know well.

If we generalize and include more things than what we have observed this does not mean always, that we were reported to things that cannot be observed. In many cases we do not leave out from what we can observe, we leave from up to now observed. We can speak about some experience which we do not have. This our possibility emanates from experience, using the median of certain words - meanings, that they emanate from a minimal number of perceptions (observations), but correspond and we can find these traits in a bigger number of perceptions. The easy generalization through minimal percentage of observations - for which they reproached the philosophers, now scientists are forced make the same in "hard" sciences and particularly in physics and astrophysics.

Our possibility to know the reality emanates from this same reality, in which we are parts and our knowledge has begun - with our first perception before we wonder if we have this possibility. We do not forget, world where we found to live itself offers the possibility to becomes concisely and theoretically known to us and even be described in generally even into sciences and particularly with application of mathematics. This is a datum on science, which they downgraded or overtook with indifference. We do not live with hesitancy that would impose our enormous ignorance and on the contrary we reach in the other utmost to exceeding the limits of knowledge and we insist and remain with 100% sureness and we do not search as being afraid to be hidden. It is not accidental, that the human can thinks and shapes thoughts about things that exceed his experience, about the most distant things, about biggest and smallest things, about invisible things and about all Universe. On the contrary, it is usual in scientific area to configure ascertainments about a smaller number of things from as long as it is allowed to us, or relations are discovered between things, for which we had supposed that they are not connected or that these relations concern only some local phenomena. Things have common and stably elements, they are not wholly irrelevant, otherwise or unspecified (everyone from other) and coexist with existence of common limits.



► THE ROLE OF RELIGION. It would be absurd and unnatural if we waited for the deve­lopment of Sciences and the confirmed and completed answers in the big philosophical queries in order to we pronounce, if exists the God, in who precisely God we should believe and also how we will achieve the better life. What is not logical and on the contrary becomes very provocative is the obduracy and the intolerance. The distortion of history, the disgui­sement of impossible points of religion, the obdurate reference in ancient testimonies, the blind acceptance of most arguable points (like about “supernatural” attributes), the exploita­tion of existential insecurity, the frequent reference in the will of God, the effort to deduce reliability with the invocation of God, all these cause the justified reaction.

We can dispute in religion a lot of descriptions and facts, that are considered historical. We can disagree with a lot of opinions of their teaching. In a lot of cases, we detect their absurdity, their impasses, the big voids of knowledge and their exaggerations. However, we will be unilateral and unfair, if we do not recognize also their positive contribution. This emanates from their philosophical orientation and from the "brain­storming", that creates about the destination and meaning of life.

«If we take the religious teachings as forms of mythological philosophy, as attempts of inner orientation of life and as reaction in the extrovert and discriminatory view of things, then they will deserve more our attention and we will find a sufficient reason for their provisional existence», as I had written clemently.

We know how much difficult it is recognized a different opinion about the God and the contrary, how a such effort will create problems. If still we take into consideration the opinions that have been formulated in Philosophy at the history of many centuries, then we will exceed the dilemma “religious or atheist”. Anyone can declare conse­quently irreligious, without this means atheism.


I will repeat something similar, that I have written about astrological forecasts: Why we resort to fantastic worlds, to absurd thoughts and ancient facts in order to we convince that the God exist, given this opinion has attempted from philosophers with reasonable thoughts and when can be supported through observations and ascertainments in common expe­rience! Of the resorting to imagination and historical testimonies possibly we strengthen a religion as we like and our beloved legendries. However we cause justified reaction of atheists, we make most corruptible our religion in logic and arguments more persuasive about rejecting the God.




► MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: If the intelligence is achieved with exterior stimuli, then how does intelligence exist before exterior stimuli, if stimuli presuppose something, that it has intelligence, even if the intelligence is limited in the significance of sense?

To exist stimuli and effects on a thing, it should simultaneously exist also this (constant) thing. When a constant thing exists, then is found in environment and coexists with other things. In the case of soul or intelligence, not only a thing exists where is maintained with certain constant ways in an environment, but this thing is influenced and respond as entirety, with contribution of its own internal structure and action. This possibility of its own contribution and attendance in its behavior and in reaction by exterior stimuli, how does it resulted? If it resulted from the inanimate material interactions and suitable combinations of material elements, then we should conclude that the attributes of life became possible without any stimuli and without any development. Even the deve­lopment of inanimate things, presupposes exist things that have constant structure and some stability in their composition.


Somebody would answer, that from moment where it the simpler form of life was presented, then became possible the stimuli and its evolvement. If we limit our thought in the existence of inorganic matter as we considered with the known usual physical situations, then the passage from inorganic matter in simpler form of life it resembles bridgeless and “magic”. For “passage” from inorganic matter in simpler forms of life an other “passage” should precedes, also this constitutes problem in brain of a physicist: How can be regular things created, constant ways of connection between material element maintained and most complex things have a constant structure by a multitude of material interactions and micro-quantities of matter? Therefore first time I believe, that one researcher connects these two questions in order to shows that the presence of life, soul and intelligence have direct relation with the stability and with the possibility of a simultaneous or extreme fast material interaction. And these last phenomena are related immediately with the preexisting stability and directness of uncreated Universe and with the (balanced) energy of free space. (!)


Did they wonder in modern cosmology, how much complete can be a physical interpretation of the Universe, as the one theory that they dream, when it doesn't offer the minimal knowledge in order to the presence of life is explained in nature? Cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and are considered prevailing do not open any path to this direction of nature. This theoretical impasse would be supposed to understand from researchers more as physicists, and they do not leave this problem unsolvable or to answer from theology.

Why life and soul begin from microscopic dimensions and not by combination of coarse materials? Living organisms can be microscopic with minimal quantity of matter and the information that regulates a growth of live organisms is coded in microscopic dimensions. The most complicated organisms needed in order to they become simplest that are microscopic. Were not combined pebbles, dust or rocks in order to result life, but molecules and atoms. This is not by no means accidental ! The beginning of life and timing in interaction of many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction and these ways presuppose the simultaneous presence of 100% of the complete Universe, where it appear in our eyes like an absence of free space… Mark, the material interaction can be faster in the smaller distances and via fields.


If we understand, that the physical interpretation of Finished Time accepts materialistic (and scientific) perception of things and excludes existence of immaterial entities (as I have been reported in other pages), then we will rightly have understand the place toward to subject of soul. We will accept all what we know from sciences and not from fames and ancient doctrines… The difference in the new physical interpretation is, that structural elements where constitute things (animate and dead things) could not have a constant structure, combine themselves with constant ways and timing, if these elements weren't the most rapid changes in the common energy of the free space. And the free space is owed in the incredible and obscure fact - but it will proved mathematics- that the Universe is always complete 100% and itself ! Henceforth, this is the difference of new idea on matter from materialistic perceptions that are known in philosophy until now. We accept materialistic descriptions of what become (or happen) by matter and afterwards, however these perceptions have not advanced to answer what happen and matter begins to exist, how is maintained its structure and how is achieved timing in interactions of many microscopic particles… In there, these thoughts have tripped and contain the half truth and they leave inexplicable the beginning of life from "dead" particles…

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► THEOLOGY - RELIGION. Does exist, therefore, a God and how, where and who is this? From the biggest and much debated questions on a lot of millenia, from philosophers and illiterate persons. The importance of questions drifts in blind answers, in biases, in social phenomena. God is the Directness in the Existence of Common Total of material reality of in its entirety Time. It is the total and common Energy, which relatively indirectly constitutes the beginning for the existence of all individual things, through the indirect-material interactions in the smaller time moments (the particles). God is the common reality, which exists immediately, internally, selfed-determine and is not determined from outside nor by indirect way. The independance and the directness of Universe are related with its simultaneous presence to the individual things, with the inwardness and the mental self-activity. The existence of God is proved only after the explanation about the inwardness of material Universe. And the inwardness of the material Universe cannot be something different from what something approaches words as “direct, simultaneous and self-existent Universe”.

The Universe is self-existent and exists as a common total for the all individual things while the itself has not been created by something else nor with the mediation of exterior things. Many thinkers and philosophers invoke this opinion of self-existent Universe in order to they remove the role of God, on the contrary from here and with thought of the philosopher Spinoza. A Universe which is uncreated and exists simultaneously, such a Universe that exists without intermediary phases, without mediation of other things, without it is found in environment (that is to say it exists direct), such a Universe in which does not become nothing that it had not become again and on the contrary it remains the itself of in its entirety its changes, such a Universe is active with some other way. The " things " and material developments of the Universe exist as mental actions and not only as externally material phenomena, that were met and combined accidentally. Things and material developments exist not only with exterior effects of other material things with which they are connected, but also with the " specifications " that has the full Universe as direct and im-mediate (with the wave energy of which material things are connected immediately). In such a direct, im-mediate and simultaneous Universe executes intellectual actions or thoughts that indirect and externally in our eyes, they appear as some material changes. If we prove that the appearance of internal phenomenon that we imply with the convenient use of word " soul " it is related with the presence of a simultaneous energy of the Universe, then we will reach near to role of the God.



► SOCIOLOGY - POLITICAL SCIENCES. Flag, national anthem, religious doctrine, governments, frontiers, military forces, technologies, consuetudes, habits and feasts, unavoidably all these will be exceeded ! With delay, it can happens noiseless or river of blood will poured, however someday it will happen or be not avoided. All these that we had learned and considered like immutable things, come some day and they are reversed. Sometimes with easy and quiet way, while sometimes it could not achieve it no one with his big efforts. Until then, we could not imagine that it will happen thusly, we had calculated only the present conditions and we had excluded the reversal.


► ETHIC - PSYCHOLOGY - THEOLOGY. It is a unilateral and fragmentary observation and founded in personal impressions, that intelligence needs only in order to represent exterior things and to functions with exterior stimuli. Inorganic matter “did not have no need” and did not need acquires intelligence in order to it is maintained, adapted and combined more complicatedly. This opinion contains also a unilateral estimate about the role of intellect and soul in to universe. In science they overlook - as and most persons that are drift from the objectives their - that the intellect and soul are given in their self immediately (and in advance) - as the Universe - independently of their exterior action and contact with exterior things. Live beings enjoy pleasantly their stability, they seek stability and behave as epicenter of environment, which they need for their maintenance and enjoyment, but not for their evolvement. Live being acts externally in order to ensures stability of its enjoyment and in order to it completes its pleasure, as it perceives the pleasure. For the limited organisms, environment is what irritates their senses and causes direct reactions in their behavior. Remaining universe is non-existent concerning their biological organism and “has been replaced” by their own presence. In point, where the person seeks adapts the environment - material and biological - in the requirements and in its objectives, “irritated” permanently from its mental action. However, the environment… prevents this egocentric perception of world, after the soul of limited live being is not the completed inner existence of God and its complete enjoyment cannot be drawn from exterior world.


► Finally for what aim does exist things and human?

 Perhaps, does not exist other question about which have been written so much. The universe is not an eternal imperfection of non-existence.

The existence of all individual things is beforehand justified sufficiently from their Common Total. Their sufficient (enough) aim is always carried out. As parts in to time, they realize various possibilities and these they allocate intellect can predetermine results-aim. This is the relative meaning of their exterior existence. The things in the substance are himself the God as incomplete god in to time and in the space and they become with the constant presence of the complete Universe, that participates as the Common and constant Total with the basal trait of a concept. The things are not created and not connected with isolated relations of physics, chemistry, astronomy, economy, of the specialized sciences. Things are directly certain causes, because their existence is as a part of one and same selfed-determine qualitative existence. They do not exist only as externally, without their own activity and are not only determined indirectly or from outside their. Individual things exist relative indirectly and externally (and materially) in the same moment where the immutable Universe Exists simultaneously (and immediately) with these things. Therefore, it does not appear how, but the above few lines almost have revealed the existence of God with an incredible rational thought!

The God is our common and self-existent our own Self, which we are not (relatively and indirectly), also for this reason we do not have perfect (complete) self-knowledge neither full ignorance. Reversely, we are the incomplete and limited God in the particular conditions of place and time.



► THE " PROBLEM " OF THE DEATH. The Universe with its Quality could not be stabilized, if some of its parts (as we call them) had an endless evolving quality or unlimited possibilities. The death of living beings is connected with the general beginning for conservation of energy. Speaking more specifically about the human and other living beings, the discontinuance of existence we name "death". This discontinuance of existence cannot be for always, for the same reason, that should it becomes. Our previous life is not continued in next life with no way, but repeated concerning to things that exist in smaller moments than the maximum period of the Universe. Moreover, those who would we was and those who we would make in an other time and place or under different terms, they are the other living beings. The phenomenon of death will be comprehended completely in area of science, because it is related with how the energy is transmitted and exchanged between the material particles that constitute the biological organism, with cytogenesis, with the beginning of conservation of energy, with time intervals that quantity of energy is also recycled and with periods, that are subdivided the maximum Universe Period.


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Does exist evolved life beyond our planet or anybody extraterrestrial culture? This question is logical and does not “requires” no one fantastic history, as to we can set the question. We ask very simply, if the conditions in order to life is presented are found here in the Earth only, or in more regions in the Universe. In the immense Universe, which includes an incredible number of star and galaxies like ours, as they show the modern scientific organs.

The better answer would be certain, is detected the existence of extraterrestrial life with scientific means which we allocate. It is known, that simpler forms of life, in microscopic level, have been recognized in extraterrestrial origin rocks. We do not ask for such forms of life, but about more evolved and we have bigger interest about the existence of extra­terrestrial culture. The technological means which we allocate today are astonishing, however unfo­rtunately they have not been proved effectively in this very interesting search. It can be impossible we know when and where precisely will exist or become something, however can be very easy we conclude in general that this something will exist and become sometimes and somewhere (eg. an earthquake). Such is also the difficulty of question about more evolved forms of life in other planets. The lack of consequences of their existence is not owed in the uniqueness or in the rarity of this phenomenon or in the complicated process with which is created the life, but exclusively in time interval that is required until the conse­quences will comes in the area of our observation. READ MORE IN HERE


► SOCIOLOGY - PSYCHOLOGY - POLITICAL SCIENCES. One of the most unima­ginable and incredible changes that will cause the new opinions about the world and life in the society, it will become perceptible from the turn of 180 degrees in the human behavior. In the contrary to the physiologic opinion that dominates today in the all persons and in the contrary to the opinions of psychology, the persons will discover the profits and the advantages - so much in the personal life what for the social living together - of the restrained exterior behavior and the introvert way of life. The philosophy that will dominate and apply the persons will be summarisen THINK MORE, ACT LESS AND YOU CAN ENJOY INTENSELY WITH the MEMORY, IMAGINATION AND ICONIC REALITY, AND THE REALITY VIA APPLIANCES OF TECHNOLOGY without it needs you squander  energy, money and you apply forces. This is heard as perversion of human nature and like a illness, because it existed from the most flippant opinions that became acceptable dogmatically, as the religious teachings, as the opinion about the infinite development of the Universe and other biases. It is heard as perversion of natural human behavior, because still it has not been comprehended that the human, as we know him from his psychology, and his behavior, they are shaped with enormous ignorance, with twisted opinion and appraisal of things, also the exterior behavior is connected with the voids of knowledge and with wishes that are caused by foolish ideas and thoughts, beyond his physical needs. Moreover, the human conflicts with a inferior nature which chokes the internal orientation of life and elects provisional and relative values. The inner orientation and the self-restraint of exterior activity have a scientific and moral base. The role of knowledge, of the ignorance and thought for the human behavior, for the experience and the meaning of life will be a pylon in inquiring area of science, which will strengthen this new view of the world. The other pylon will emanate from cosmology and more complete knowledge about the role of the Common Total to individual things, and more concretely about the direct relation of the free space with the structure of matter. The senses will be meant and interpreted completely as situation and behavior of the previous intellect with exterior stimuli. They will seem incredible foolishness of the past, that the human used the significance of sense  on many centuries with mysticism and with reference in the unknown beginning of life and in the " mystery " of the soul.

Almost all our activities in each moment - also our sentiments - are created to us and influenced more by our maintained knowledge and our observations, that we make in our experience, and not from what we perceive really outside us. The observations and ascertainments that we make in our perceptions, opinions that we shape about life and world, our theoretical searches, knowledge of our possibilities and our ignorance, erroneous opinions and our uncertainty, where is turned our attention and what experience we shape, all these do not influence only our intellect. They cause consequences in our wider behavior, in our reactions and in course of life. We get used to consider “knowledge” only what we can write, remember and calculate immediately. However, the knowledge is never absent from our mind. With knowledge we permanently process our experience, data of senses and regulate all our behavior. In a world, which never we do not know well, with the all details and possibilities.


PSYCHOLOGY - SOCIOLOGY - THEOLOGY - SCIENCES OF HUMAN BEHA­VIOR. The intellect relates itself immediately with all their cognitive activities from the start with the first sense and is the substance of life, the said internal world. It does not have more important possibility than of knowing and of shaping its self-knowledge. The self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the substance of logic and the aim of ethic. Only the self-knowledge and the impartial conscience of reality can justify sufficiently the life. On the contrary, the egocentricity and the delusion are from alone them, without no action, the biggest destruction and are related immediately with the surrender in the luck. Life without mental activity is non-existent and without configuration of self-knowledge was, it is also it will always be for and everywhere in to Universe a life insufficiently developed and lost, with any possibility and if we imagine this life. The exterior action that is caused from the inco­mplete knowledge of things, the expectations because it exist ignorance, the false needs from the insecurity and twisted perception for the force, this exterior action causes inevitably side effects in the personal and in social life.

Does not exist living creature in to Universe, that is " good " stably, when his psychology and his behavior are regulated by discriminatory and silly thoughts. The " realist and mature man " is not so much near to reality as long as he believes that knows and perceives it. In his effort to survive and impart his values, he considers as full reality the casual situations and his relations. AND PRECISELY FOR THIS REASON, HE IS FORCED IN ACTION (WHILE THE GOD IN NOTHING ACTION). The reality, the complete Universe for the individual things and for the animate organisms IS ABSENT. The alone reality that remains is the relative and passing of their existence and the common envi­ronment that influences them more immediately. For a thinking animal, is something physiologic to focuses the attention and its thought at the perceptible things and seek the survival and its happiness. However, the " physiologic " does not strengthen his philosophy, his egocentric logic and the relative and unilaterally models. The experience and reasonable thought do not strengthen some opinions of a flippant and realist, such as are opinions about muscular force, economic force, military force, extension of country, cleanliness of race, maintenance of empire, survival of nation, continuity of familial delivery, survival of company, perpetuation of human type, spread of religion etc. ON THE CONTRARY, the physiologic situation of the " realistic and terrestrial life " confirms the imperfection of human, his ignorance, impasse, smallness, his distorted thoughts about world, weakness of exterior force and the original faith of some philosophers about the conflict between human and God and between God with the himself.

Living creatures " drunk " from the enjoyment of life act drifted from their exterior possibilities. Orientation and final aim of existence are everywhere also always inward, they are directness and stability of their existence. However, the lack of inde­pendence forces living creatures to realise their aim with indirect-exterior ways for relative exterior values. Restriction, lack of independence and deficient knowledge means coercion in activities with ignorance, cognitive restriction of intellect, inner disorientation, accidental experience, carelessness, selfish activities and drifted behavior.

In final analysis, we can say that we all seek, also we do not want nothing other apart from the self-knowledge (that is the God), certainty, stability and independence (self-exist), because our exterior activity is simultaneously internal-mental. Without the second phenomenon, the exterior activity is pointless, without prospect and development. God is the one which does not need acts nothing and not the one that has exterior and big possibilities, as humans perceive upside-down. MORE FOR THIS YOU LOOK AT "SUBSTANCE AND RELATIONS"

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Our knowledge about the material things did not allow us to wonder or think about the real substance of things and not for the casual substance. On the contrary, us cultivated an unilateral and anthropocentric perception about the reality in the exterior side and the habit allowed us to dispute easily the thoughts, that they do not appeared in accord with our perceptible and nearby material world.




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What phenomena are described unified, are interpreted and fore­casted in the theory of a Completed Time or Universe



Theory of a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy
(A unified theory on time, space and matter)






"Big Bang" in Cosmology: The cosmos present as a complete total (and constant energy quantity) that seems like a free space.

>>> The fundamental thoughts and relations for the interpretation of nature[*] (with all individual things). The universal physical constants and the mathematic limits in the physical changes. How a multitude wave phenomena, by the oscillation of the free space with the fastest rates of nature* (and with their deceleration), produce periodic motions and forces and create the building blocks of the world (matter).

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