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Theory on a complete time and the relativity of energy
(A unified theory about time, space and matter)

 The close relation between mass and speed of electro­magnetic waves

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" The particles in order to they speak, they want the caresses of the thought not the violence of electro­magnetic force "

                             Vangelis Karamichas 



A n y o n e  with knowledge of mathematics in intermediate school level can see some of the most incredible omissions of leading physicists all world on a lot of decades !


We will take a sample of a frequency from a region of electro­magnetic spectrum, that has been granted worldwide in the broadcasting corporation for transmission of recreational pro­grams and informative emissions and in brevity it called " band of FM". We will take the rounded frequency of  90 MHz.

 We will take as sample also a second higher frequency, around of a channel, which used for radio-television transmission via the satellites, as the one that has use the famous channel CNN International Europe, from the satellites HotBird in the 13E, the frequency 12,597 GHz.


In order to we find results in usual units of measurement and for the facilitation of the work, we will change the frequencies in Hz.

• The frequency f  90 MHz = 9 × 107 Hz

• The frequency f 12,597 GHz = 12597 MHz = 12,597 × 109 Hz


The length of wave λ in meters, according to the formula of Physics λ=c / f is :

• λ = 2,997924 × 108 / 9 × 107 Hz = 3,331026 m

• λ = 2,997924 × 108 / 12,597 × 109 Hz = 0,0237987139 m = 2,37987139 ×10-2 m 

(that is to say roughly 23,7 mm)


Velocity of light c we took 2,997924 × 108 m/sec


The energy E of the photons in Joule, according to the formula E=h f

E = 6,62606 ×10-34 × 9 × 107 Hz = 59,63454 ×10-27 J

E = 6,62606 ×10-34 × 12,597 × 109 Hz = 83,4684778 ×10-25 J


h is the constant Planck = 6,62606 ×10-34 J x sec


Mathematically, we can continue making calculations also with other units, without this means that we find real phenomena, such as :


The force F results from the formula of physics F=E/λ  

F = 59,63454 ×10-27 / 3,331026 m = 17,902754 ×10-27 Newton

F = 83,4684778 ×10-252,37987139 ×10-2 m = 35,072684 ×10-23 Newton


Some power P results from the formula P = h f2 

P = 6,62606 ×10-34 × (9 × 107 )2 = 536,71086 × 10-20 W 

P = 6,62606 ×10-34 × (12,597 × 109 )2 = 1051,452415 ×10-16 W 


Some quantity of acceleration ±a results from the formula a=λ x f2 = c2 / λ

a = 3,331026 × (9 × 107 )2 = 269,813106 ×1014 m/sec2 

a = 2,37987139 ×10-2 × (12,597 × 109 )2 = 377,648485 ×1016 m/sec2 


The frequency from acceleration, with type f = a/c = c/λ

f = 269,813106 ×1014 / c = 90 ×106 Hz

f = 377,648485 ×1016 / c = 125,97 ×108 Hz


Some quantity of mass M results from the formulas Ε=M c2 →M = E/c2 = F/a 

M = 59,63454 ×10-27 / 8,98755 ×1016 = 6,635238 ×10-43 kg

M = 83,4684778 ×10-25 / 8,98755 ×1016 = 9,2871224 ×10-41 kg 


From the previous simple mathematic calculations, we can find and observe particularly one constant (E/a) that it is not an accidental number:


E / a = 59,63454 ×10-27 / 269,813106 ×1014 = 2,210216 ×10-42

E / a = 83,4684778 ×10-25 / 377,648485 ×1016 = 2,210216 ×10-42


This number we call constant, because from each calculation energy/corresponding acceleration (E/a) from each frequency of electro­magnetic spectrum, we find this same number. The units of this quantity, according to physics are {Joule/(m/sec2)} that is to say kg m  

Joule = kg m2 / sec2


This constant quantity we find also from product mass x length of a wave (M x λ) that we will meet in a lot of formulas. That is to say (with the example of electron):

Mass (rest mass, if we call it) of electron Me on the length λ (Compton) equal=

Me × λe = 9,10938 ×10-31 kg × 0,24263 ×10-11 m = 2,21021 ×10-42

Precisely the same quantity we find from the equivalent mass of frequencies 9 × 107 Hz and 12,597 × 109 Hz

6,635238 ×10-43 × 3,331026 m = 2,21021 ×10-42

9,2871224 ×10-41 × 2,37987139 ×10-2 m = 2,21021 ×10-42


 In other words, from an off-hand and wholesale calculation, which it could make a mediocre student, we trip on a constant quantity (the 2,21021 ×10-42), that with few curiosity or from interest we can investigate, with the expectation that possibly we find something important.


This constant quantity is mathematically also summarisen according to the symbols that we used :

 E/a = h f / a = M λm = h / c


constant 2,21021e-42 sec


From these relations appears the relation of Newton with a relation, which it acquired enormous importance after the formulation of Einstein's theory (relativity). 


 M × a = E/λ    and   E/M = a × λm = c2    


In point of fact, if somebody which does not know well from formulas, makes the simple calculations, (as it became above) with quantities of mass M, energy E, acceleration ±a, length l, frequency f and with speed c, he will perceives that the relations are in effect.

As an example with the elements of identity of electron: 

ae = Ee / Me λe = λe fe2 = c2 / λ →

ae = 81,871 ×10-15 / 9,10938 ×10-31 × 0,24263 ×10-11 = 37,042 ×1027

a × λm = c2 37,042 ×1027 × 0,24263 ×10-11 = 8,9875 × 1016 = c2



• This constant quantity E/a = h f / a = M λm = h / c = 2,21021 ×10-42 kg·m we find it also from other experimentations with the formulas and with other coincidences, that a worse physicist in the world, he could have exceeded the problems that place today worldwide researchers about structure of matter and Universe and from the season of Albert Einstein! In this page, will not be included all relations that lead to this physical constant. Look at fast here. In physics is known since 1924, the Louis de Broglie's relation λ=h/MV. Ιf the velocity V=c is given immediately the constant relation λ Μ = h / c.



The relations E/a = h f / a = M λm = h / c are not accidental and the quantity (2,21021 ×10-42 kg m) that results would be one of the infinity numbers that we discover, when we make numerical calculations beginning with the important information of physics. The Planck's constant that we symbolize with the letter h and expressed with momentum units (kg m2 / sec) is related with the quantity h/2π = hbar in the structure of matter and adjusts the radius in the " orbits " of electrons. If we take the quantity hbar as a length of a minimal radius (Rmin), then we can investigate theoretically and with simple calculations (ω = c/Rmin) in order to look, if this thought has a good prospect in the Science. The investigation of this elementary quantity h/2pi, also of the constant M·λ, with the simplest thoughts and with a multitude of numerical calculations, they reveal in the eyes of an uninformed person, that numerical constant 2,21021 ×10-42 does not express only the certain units of physics kg·m. The bigger importance of this constant, it does not appear with the admissible units of physics. Initially, we can to suspect its usefulness from simple rational thoughts. If we try to give the definition about mass, when we rethink the historical origin of term " mass " through the observations of big material bodies and if we aim at the big question, that it is found by first in priority in the world research for the comprehension of the structure of matter and Universe. The question, how is presented mass in microscopic dimensions with the form of microscopic particles, it was not been the most difficult in the history.

The solution in problem was simpler as long as it was expected (so as it appears from the philosophical effort that it led to the formulation of " Theory about a Finished/Completed Time and Relativity of Energy " and without fail it needed first to we know very well the electro­magnetic phenomena. The phenomenon that was named mass or inertia and was determined mathematics with the important study of Newton (M=F/a) on the 17th century, it expresses a relation wider than the one that we describe with the bodies of our visible world. It is not a phenomenon perfectly different and with remote relation of the electro­magnetic phenomena and changes in the energy of waves. The presence of mass preexists in to more general phenomenon of change in motion. " Because, with the action of constant force, the speed does increase depending on per time, mass express the relation of time that is required in order to does accelerate itself a inactive body in this speed " as I found it written in a book of physics. This relation of time exists also without the inactive body and its motion! We will discover that change in motion is possible and happens in the case of electro­magnetic waves, which is caused, as the all waves, by the perturbation of a constant/common and inactive carrier (or vehicle), which we call " free space ".


The difficulty we comprehend the structure of matter, it results because are exist dynamic phenomena without the presence of some constant material body, such as it happens in the macroscopic world of our daily experience. Contrary to the macroscopic world, where mass constitutes its substance and something separate of secular forces. We seek to learn how is created or maintained the phenomenon of mass in microscopic dimensions, with the invisible presence of a common and finite free space and with the oscillation of its energy.



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