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circular time - complete and stabilized Universe

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For researchers: Guidelines for whoever interested physicist in order to study for the mathematic formulation of this cosmological theory


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preexists the completed total...

 "They are not the external material things which with their movement, appro­aching, removal, union and their segregation achieve a balanced total (of things) and mainte­nance of physical laws. On the contrary, the complete Total pre­exists..."



Many years ago (in 80s), from the start of long-lasting configuration of my philosophical thoughts about the nature, I used and processed some broad con­cepts as are motion, time, distance, energy, matter, change, few broad concepts that were rooted in the fecund area of physics. However due my particu­larly bad relationship with mathematics, this effort was limited in observing, interpreting, un­derstanding of physical phenomena and for treatment of wordings, without any calculating sizes and application of formulas. My cosmological theory under the subtitle “Theory of a Complete Time and Rela­tivity of Energy” initially was published in a philosophical book (The Theology of Science, © 2000 publica­tions "Dodoni", ISBN 960-385-019-5, pages 448) and it was a theory on time, space, mat­ter and intellect for a unified explanation of nature with general concepts. This was a philosophical book written in a period of ten years in order some questions about the substance of things to be an­swered avoiding infrequent experiences and all earlier theories.


In time interval after of the first publication, the philosophical theory re­mained unknown and without no one understands it (with little effort and without bias, in my small country). An insistent effort was continued for correction and clarification of rational thoughts and answers in certain known ques­tions. An advanced physical explanation with usual vocabulary (of common experience) and rational thinking had be involved with physics. In later times (2008 - 2012 on occasion of three simple equations of a Greek writer who came to my lab as a customer) an investigation and survey began. An insistent and everyday effort began in order some mathe­matical relations and concepts of the cosmo­logical theory (of a Complete and Stabilized Uni­verse within a maximum period) to detected, which they could to be formulated by known formulas from physics. The first proportions and concepts for its mathematical formu­lation were found une­xpectedly quickly. Until then, the cosmo­logical theory (of a Complete and Stabilized Universe within a maximum period where is presented as free space) was worded only by rational and general thoughts. I was forced - I could say - in looking of mathe­matical relations and utilization of known formulas of physics: In order to I facilitate the comprehension of this cosmo­logical theory and induce a physicist to initi­ates an own effort for advanced mathe­matical expression. But mainly, I was forced in order our possibility of description natural processes in most general terms and the conse­quence of rational thoughts to be appreciated.


The cosmological theory that finally we can name it under representative title "Theory of a Complete Time or Universe and Relativity of Energy" is in diametrical opposition to the sovereign concept of “Big Bang Theory”, which dominated and promoted overlong a lot of decades. This cosmo­logical theory begins with the simple thought of a self-existent and stabilized Universe, but with this (determinant) divergence: The Universe is stable in limits of a biggest time interval. The Universe (in its entirety) did not begin by a Big Explosion (Big Bang), but on the contrary existed and maintains always same itself with dynamic presence of matter, where interacts permanently with the free and finite space! The main concept in the theory of a full Universe is contrary to the widespread and standard cosmological theory of last decades and comparably to each theory, which is reported in a previous creation of the Universe. This theory began without discoveries of physics* or recourses to previous theories. However accomplishes to describes and explains unified a lot of relations between many different phenomena as are the free space, time and rhythm, motion, matter, energy, inertia and furthermore, and with un­precedented logic explains the appearance of Life. It explains the biological phenomena as an expression (exter­nalization of information) of the direct and simultaneous presence of the Common Total via the most abstract reality, which are material carriers in microscopic dimensions in synchronization with complete Universe (that exists such as a free space with fluctuations in its balanced energy). Really, it is a physical explanation with big expectations, expounded in usual vocabulary and through general concepts (have called philosophical analyses) and gave solutions without conflict to our experience. It succeed to enters creatively in scientific questions which are presented in physics through accidental observations and discoveries.


The mathematical investigation would not have begin and could not advance, if directive thoughts by broad notions of the previous explanation were not in advance. Certain directive thoughts and first conclusions, as are below:

Limits in distance and time.

A close relation between the global or curved space and limits in time and length.

A close relation between mass with change in dynamic energy of the free space.

A close relation of matter with extreme fast and circular change in a common substance.

A close relation of gravity with dynamic (and concentrated) energy of the free space.

A close relation between matter with fluctuations in energy of free space.

The relative/indirect beginning of the Universe by structural elements (that it contains, ie matter).

A reduction of energy and maximum speed with presence of matter.

The close relation between the law of conservation of energy with stability of the Complete Universe, also with the discontinuity and tendency of resto­ration in energy balance.

All the above directive thoughts and first conclusions with a lot of other enterprising philosophical conclusions are exist in the philosophical book "The Theology of Science" on this general postulate: " The Universe (as a totality of all material things) is always self-existent and itself in limits of a longest total time (within a maximum period Tuni in other words). The Universe per Maximum Time Period is always same itself. In the contrary than its parts, which are always incomplete and all things are become and change permanently, without exception… ".


Summarizing I repeat and emphasize, the rational Theory of a "Complete Time and Universe" introduces in general limits in time and length and a necessary connection between a minimal limit with a maximum limit. Also introduces a dependence for maintaining of extreme limits despite the change of sizes. In physics, these extreme limits are determined at least in quantity or size of mass, energy, length, time, frequency, rate and in every force.


A physicist and writer of popular science Gills Cohen-Tannoudji, in his book “Les constantes universelles” that were published in 1993 observed (without us says nothing more about the precious information that are hidden in the physical constants): “The new interpretation about the constant of world attraction, when it is combined with constants h and c, opens astonishing prospects: the existence of time and length Planck implies that itself space-time has also quantum structure. Imagine what astonishing consequences that will have an existence of a limit in the division of space, but mainly in the division of time! (p123) 


The limit in divisibility of time is the amazing conclusion that results when we consider the (full) Universe as constant (and simultaneous) in the same limits of a total time. And as this amazing conclusion can somehow easily results beginning from a simple conjecture, so easily from this first conclu­sion a lot of other conclusions and consequences result costless without experi­ments and loss of time! This observation of a limit in the divi­sion of time - that is resulted as a conclusion and not accidentally by reasonable thoughts- and the effort for inferences have early begin (1990) and the philosophi­cal theory that formulated was named somehow contradictorily “Theory of a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy”. We can also call it more briefly and comprehensibly “Theory of a Simultaneous and full Universe”.

The worldwide moment is not constituted by endless or infinite number of smaller mo­ments, otherwise the Universe would not always be same itself in the limits of one (utmost wide) moment. The limits of the sub-moments should not be smaller than a certain mini­mal limit (otherwise the sub-moments would be infinite in number)”. p153  

Knowing that time is things with their changes (inextricably) and the Uni­verse exists complete as if has finished inside limits of a wider moment, we find the existence of a maximal and a minimal time interval for interaction… The way by which the common substance (or the Universe) changes always in its minimal moment, this constant way in empiric physics has been called matter or mass ”. p164 

The climax of this terrible observation about limits in divisibility of time (through general principles in a philosophical book) is the most close relation of matter (structural elements) with a minimal time, in which the Universe begins to become (permanently) by the free space. Therefore, the Theory of a Complete Time and the philosophical thought with abstract concepts cannot be passed unnoticed and contemptuously, when famous and successful scientists make only suspicions about a limit in divisibility of time and still wonder for the curious role of universal physical constants. Particularly now, as the first relations and observations have been found and expressed with formulas of physics. Those who are in a hurry to appreciate that concepts of "a Complete Universe within limits of a maximum time" and about a "limit in division of time" are accidental philosophical thoughts, they will expose their credibility. Underlined, the intimate concept of the word "time" is a decisive concept for science of physics and is connected with all sizes and physical forces.

The Theory of a Complete and Stabilized Universe does not lead the research away of our experience and earthly world. On the contrary, it gives prospect in human logic because does not transfer the question about the creation of world in something previous or wholly different. We can search marks in phenomena around us, that they strengthen this concept. The marks and observations strengthen this concept of a Universe that has limits in its changes, a Universe that does not develop unlimitedly in time, which is not extended infinitely in a flat space, which does not contain infinity quantity of energy. This Universe in its entirety of a maximum period is always same and participates permanently for maintenance and timing of its smaller material elements. OR marks do strengthen the concept about a Universe infinity in time and space, which permanently develop and becomes different in passage of time, a Universe that contains an infinity number of things, in infinite distances and in general by infinite quantities? The experience and science can give the answer also in the two cases, even if theoretical thought of one person is unable. With words as " fantasy ", " philosophy " and " inanity " we will not disarm the reliability and the power of logic and will not avoid rational thoughts that we don't well understand. Too, do not repeat like parrots some theories and ideas that are formulated with mathematics at a part, but they leave enormous voids in knowledge and cause more queries than answers.

The limit in the division of time is one of the most important conclusions in the philosophical theory of a Complete Time and Universe. The astonishing consequences of this limit rather has not been successfully sought and surely are not known, neither has been comprehended of someone up to now. In physics many phenomena and relations have been observed that make way for a better comprehension of the structure in the Universe and matter, and thoughts of some researchers have approach near to solution of the big conundrum. However, the knowledge has resulted of some accidental observations and with creative imagination of a few leading scientists in their effort to explain the paradoxical phenomena, which cause doubts for their scientific conquests. Knowledge is fragmentary and confused with a multitude of details and only a little number of creative thinking physicists attempt to explain the observations. Significant relationships between observed phenomena that would facilitate our interpretation of processes by which nature is conserved are still ignored.

The first contact of the new philosophical interpretation with mathematic logic is the insertion of a minimal and maximum limit and addition of indicator min and max respectively in symbols of physical sizes. A decisive observation of the physical interpretation of a complete and stabilized Universe that facilitated rational thinking is, in general, the existence of periodic phenomena, common attributes and same laws throughout nature, since all things are considered to be rapid oscillations of energy at a constant quantity of energy (which appears as free space). The periodical phenomena would be impossible and accidentally in nature, if motion and change in nature were not regulated by steady minimal and maximum limits (that unconsciously are synopsized in physical constants h,c,G).

In order to we understand... without we resort to allegorical and incomprehensible expressions:


What happen in structure of matter.

How behave the microscopic quantities in sub atomic space.

How motion of microscopic materials is connected with motion of bigger things.

Why the gravitational attraction does not assemble the total of matter (without gap)

We should recognize that matter in microscopic level is not a substance, neither some distinguished thing. Matter (as smaller elements in things) almost nothing is, but it becomes and changes permanently. “ The so-called matter cannot be divided endless or without it ceases the same quality, and it is explained because matter is not substance, but some way of existence in the common substance. Otherwise, matter could be not divided or it would be supposed is divided endless, without the substance change ” as I had written.  (p158-159). So we wonder and try to understand: By what thing do matter becomes? Where do matter becomes permanently? Does matter is connected with something and changes endless? And what does it forces in structure of matter to changes by circular and repeated motions?

“Chopping” matter we do not chop compact and immutable quantities. We chop quantities of motion and micro-quantities that are in interaction. In more microscopic space our thinking is approaching the beginning of these microscopic motions and in minimal quantities and finally in their “connection” to an other reality, which concerning to these motions is constant and motionless. These microscopic motions exist with such a constant and immovable (relatively) reality.

Motion in interior of microscopic matter and stability in its structure cannot be explained by energy and motion of outer (and accidentally) things or actions. Therefore, the energy by which the structure of matter be maintained is not drawn outside of matter and we know well, that matter exists in enormous distances of space and over time. This observation its alone leads to the conclusion that matter, whether near or far, is connected with something in common, with a common reality and even so, that matter exists with the same microscopic structure. This shared reality is nothing else than the " free " space. How could the structure of an atom is maintain itself and the same structure be repeated in endless quantity of matter, if changes in the interior of the atom were only exterior movements, such as those (mechanical / body motions) where we observe in to free space? If we think more carefully we will perceive, that even if we only had a Newtonian view for the world, then only a supernatural God could regulate, synchronize and maintain microscopic motions, so that they constitute fundamental quantities of length and time for the bigger things! If the God of Leibnitz's philosophy is not a satisfactory explanation for us, then with childish thinking we can see, something is happening in most microscopic dimensions for all matter everywhere in the Universe and it is not an exterior connection of some particles. This thing (with our knowledge of the phenomenon of motion that we have from all experiences up today), cannot be something else than a wave change in an invisible carrier of energy that we perceive as free space. Only in wave change (and energy fluctuation) we can observe a huge number of mathematical relations, rhythmic and constant phenomena in order to interpreted a multitude of particular phenomena where we observe indirectly in the most microscopic dimensions of nature.

What spectacularly differentiates the microscopic world is motion and creation by wave mode and wave phenomena. Therefore a smaller thing meets the gigantic world not only externally... That is to say, it is not connected only with exterior and separate parts of nature, only with the obvious phenomena as are the moving, collision and inertia. All things of all geometrical dimensions are connected with a common quantity of energy in smaller lengths and permanently (with faster rates) by which they are maintained. A giant body is not essentially different from particles. Both take place with a stabilized exchange of energy that begins in the shortest time periods of nature always with the involvement of the "empty" space as a substance and carrier of a kinetic energy. All things are considered as shaping by most rapid oscillations of energy in a constant quantity which is found in balanced situation. For this reason, mathematical relations and formulas that are essential for description of big material bodies (as some that have synopsized with constants h,c,G), these same relations are essential for calculations in microscopic dimensions. Because the minimal limits on energy alter­ations coexisting with maximal limits and are kept constant, as is their average, near which rhythmic fluctuations form the structural elements. Research of smaller dimensions is a research and study of the limits of the Universe.

With a rational analysis of most general concepts and with a help of  imaginary re­presentation, we can observe some constant phenomena and general relations, which are found in the micro­scopic space of matter. Of course, in order to we draw information of microscopic space, we need the highest technology instruments that were first made during the 20th century. It is supposed, we are informed and possess the elementary knowledge needed to understand the treatise and mainly our initial reference to matter in general terms and without valuable scientific knowledge do not considered as ignorance. We would not dare to discuss the structure of matter with theoretical thoughts and logical analyses, if certain general concepts had not previously been formulated and according to observations on common experience as following : 

1) An aspect about one self-existent and complete Universe (in a longest time period).

2) An aspect about the close relation of such a Complete Universe with the presence of global (free) space,

3) and with limits in time and length (hence also with limits in motion).

4) About the relation of the above theoretical observations with curvature of free space (limit of longest distance and possibility of removal and approach simultaneously) and

5) with the presence of matter in role of carrier and as initial wave change for the existence of more complex (or indirect) material things.

6) About the close relation between particles with phenomena of periodical change and with known wave phenomena.

These are the fundamental (and directive) thoughts that constitute the core of this rational cosmological theory, that has called under the paradoxical title " Theory of a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy ".

The behavior of matter and its attributes concerning its structure are described and explained with all details in the field of physics. Here, we talk more in general and we were reported in a common phenomenon, where we observe in the all particular cases. This common phenomenon is motion and transfer of energy

by displacement or wave way

Attention! They exist translational errors

>>> A main theoretical differentiation is necessary in physics. The presence of the Universe is actualized by two forms of motion that are not described with same terminology and have not the same laws. From the first point of view, the Universe, motion and transfer of energy change in to space with material things such as every observer was always perceive and as in “mechanistic” physics is described. In the other view, “ immobility " of a free space exists (as a stabilized quantity of dynamic energy) on where each change causes some inhibited motion, motion with tendency for re­storation in the situation of immobility (or in quiet) of the free space and it is the wave motion. The wave motion does not " obey " in the Newtonian logic of motion because this motion is generated with the resistance where is presented to change and not of lack of resistance.


Physical laws which regulate the existence and structure of material elements are not messages that come from their outside, from far and insub­stantial way. These laws begin from the common " contact " that the all structural elements have with one and same " empty " space, with one and common complete reality, by the same " communal " quantity of energy, finally by the common (invisible) their substance, in that the structural elements are such as fluctuations.

The total quantity of energy is the same for the all things and all structural elements takes shape with same fluctuations of energy in one and same dynamic space. Nature is founded in an opposition of matter and free space. This visible opposition is the invisible opposition in change of energy and in total energy which is always constant quantity. If, therefore, the theoretical segregation of matter from a dynamic space is inexplicable, provocative and divisive, then is same inexplicable and divisive the energy is altered, but its total quantity is conserved constant.


This theoretical segregation of motion is useful for comprehension and explanation of many phenomena. Material carriers (particles) with their internal energy neither are not broken away from the free space nor simply are exist in space. The microscopic structure of matter testify wave motion of the free space and close relation between the free space with phenomenon of inertia and creation of particles ( Mmax = fmax h /c2 ), also as with electro­magnetic phenomena.

This differentiation of “motion” and comprehension of the close relation between space and matter lead us also to physical explanation of gravitational attraction and to clarification of paradoxical terms, as are “deformity or curved space-time”, “alteration of geometry space-time” and “gravitational force”. Like a chain reaction, the explanation of gravitational attraction (as concentrated energy) and its close relation with mass reveals close connection that mass, electro­magnetic phenomena and nuclear energy have between them and how matter is created and maintained. Still, our view of the dark space - as a finite quantity of energy where is presented as some particles in points of decrease or energy change - helps in order to we describe this (wave) behavior of the free space and its close relation with located matter in terms of classic physics and without “ we devise ” new phenomena.

The description for “erotic” relation between space and matter is needs to becomes with particular care. The free space should not be considered as an absolute immobility neither as a chaotic motion. The presence of the free space is relative, in double role and the characteristic “a carrier of energy” that we attribute in it, it needs to clarified in order to we understand, how it can exists energy with such unnoticed bodiless way. Really, it did not exist beyond suspicion and more invisible thing than the free space. The explanation for this phenomenon of the free space and its expanse will reveal according to scientific claims, something or other worse than a hidebound mathematic approach for the nature in traditional physics. It will reveals to us some unjustifiable errors and omissions of a world scientific community on a lot of decades (for example, by flippant criteria rejection of the “ ether ” and a common system of report for motion and time, while report has the constant limit of speed c). The ignorance of process by which light is presented has caused a misinter­pretation of its relation with material things and its motion was considered as a body motion in space, as is motion of material bodies. While light is a wave motion of the same free space… and fluctuation of existing energy (according to the relations h = Emax / fmax = Emin / fmin  and  Εmax / Emin = Tmax / Tmin  and  P = h fmin/Tmin = h fmax/Tmax ). Moreover, in known physics they left in dark an easy observation of the maintenance of matter by internal processes, where become selfsame, under the same laws throughout the free space and how these processes are connected with wave (electro­magnetic) phenomena, as are light and heat. Also, the permanent relation between phenomenon of visible mass and invisible wave changes remained in the dark, but wave changes at a part include electro­magnetic phenomena.

Mass in microcosm is result by motion and the structure of matter is maintained with periodical and synchronous motions and wave phenomena, that are well known. In the structure of matter does not exist this possibility of a body is separated of its motion, because there in “depth”, a thing is created with some rapid motion and does not exist as a separate and independent thing. When, therefore, we refer to the source of mass and microscopic structure of matter, should we instantly think that the speed and energy of moving quantities are not distinguished properties of certain compact microscopic bodies. The microscopic quantities of matter are relative situations of immobility, accumulation and exchange of energy because are created by extreme fast rate in motion, also wave phenomena that the concealed presence of the free space “encourages”. And physical forces that are presented and maintained in the microscopic structure of matter are not emanated from microscopic movement of some minimal masses neither from certain exterior source. They are created by the attribute of the constant space to assembles and decentralizes its energy at extreme highest frequency and by phenomena of co-ordination, that increase the accumulation or decrease of energy.

► Basically, a wave in the isotropic energy of the free space can be decentralized (expansion) or be focused (contraction) actinic. By this way the wave energy reduced circularly removed or on the contrary, is strengthened when it focus. In the first case belongs the electro­magnetic radiation while in second case belongs the gravitational radiation. The observation for gravity as a phenomenon by wave motion in opposite direction will be proved decisive importance for the investigation on the maintenance of the structure of matter.


Was it most logical, most intelligent and reliable for an astro­physicist reverses the highest frequency fmax in the Universe (the end of electro­magnetic spectrum), he does make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then to searches what existed in this minimal time interval? We will insist in the search what existed in the first seconds of famous Big Bang theory ?

OR we will seek what's going on by the electro­magnetic waves in the finish of electro­magnetic spectrum and how does the energy of waves is accumulated in decreased frequency and cause strong electro­magnetic phenomena, that create the constant structure of matter ?


A minimum time tmin, in that the Universe began is created onetime or a frequency fmax, in which the energy of " empty " space is oscillated as wave and does cause the electro­magnetic phenomena at extreme fast rates that maintain small quantities of energy in stagnant situations ?



► Around us, exchanges of energy eventuate and also interactions with matter at frequencies above 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and at the speed of light. Up to now, this reality we didn't calculate it, we simplified it in the concept of a "free space" and we perceived flippant its presence as electro­magnetic phenomena and gravity. An invisible reality parti­cipates permanently in material developments with quantities of wave energy where are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality had ignored in science. This common reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire material world, from each point up to the utmost other… In physics, quantities of energy that are exchanged and altered in extreme soon time intervals (t=1/f) called " particles ".

Do you talk still, about the total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of Big Bang? Mass increases infinite at the maximum speed of light c or reversely variations of the free space happen at the maximum speed and when variations decelerated then caused electro­magnetic waves and after time lag particles with mass are created?




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What phenomena are described unified, interpreted and forecasted in the theory of a Complete Universe with Relativity its Energy 

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