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Cosmology and Cosmonomy



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The choice of domain name for the new site


was combined with the completion of the translation of the cosmo衍ogical theory into English.

But the issues presented on websites are not limited to cosmo衍ogy. Thoughts on the principle of knowledge and the relation of human life to know衍edge and thinking are included. That is why the name "Cosmonomy" is more appro計riate to include issues related to man himself as a "researcher" but also as a (material) body of nature that commu要icates with himself and with other people.


But cosmology as we know it is a science based on some assumptions, which are erroneous by the method of Abductive and Deductive reasoning and rational thinking. It is not only the well-known conjecture of the original Creation of space-time that has misled research. Researchers are still unaware that they begin with a misunder貞tanding of the universe as a set of outer and separate bodies and with imagination that the astronomical world is governed only by external forces and (invisible) physical laws. Without any explanation of how natural laws apply to a world so spread out in space and time. This ignorance has prevented rational thinking in the search for the beginning of the cosmos, while on the other hand, the collection of random observations and mathematical calculations (without inter計retation of physical phenomena or with misinter計retation) have been over苟stimated. Another consequence is that cosmological theories describe the world purely as quantities of matter without the universe pre-existing as an organized whole. So, they seek out how organization and synchronization are achieved in a chaotic amount of material and many improbable and irrational thoughts are published in earnest. Another logical consequence (of describing things as external to one another and without simultaneously connecting to a common Whole) is the complete alienation of life as a psychological pheno衫enon from matter and the inability to explain how life is represented by the combination of the structural elements. This irrational cosmology as it has been presented for the last 100 years is not the cosmology as it has been formulated with rational thinking (in three decades) by the author of the Cosmonomy. By the name "Cosmonomy" I am also referring to a difference from known Cosmology that reminds of the difference between Astronomy and Astrology.


cn signAll of these issues that seem to be irrelevant to our daily lives are the most important, and this is confirmed with originality and somewhat provocative from the web pages of Cosmonomy. A familiar word summarizes how the issues of the beginning of knowledge and of the world are linked to our lives and are the most important: The word "Ethics". The choice of this ordinary word may hinder the understanding of Ethic as presented here with research thinking and spiritual orientation as necessary for human life. All these thoughts are presented in the pages of "Cosmonomy" with an unceasing effort to understand and answer all the questions that are created. Cosmonomy is science that is missing in order not to imagination is presented as knowledge, information as reliable, and generally knowledge not to presented as less ignorance and useful to everyone.







Many questions in themselves are revealing of reality and human biases, without an answer... The most obvious signs that some correct answers and thoughts are offered for the theoretical research. Ca要cellation a lot of lies and fantasies >>>
















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Did you trust? Do not say you did not know.

Did you ask for trust? Take charge of your responsibilities.

Knowledge is not missing. Learn to doubt.

Life is yours. Thinking is yours?



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>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science !




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