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10. Cosmonomy: In all things and events the same notions of logic are introduced



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Now, one would logically wonder what close relation physics has with psychology and how from a search about a final result we go to thoughts on natural phenomena. These introductory pages do not cover the topic to answer this question. But these areas of research are more closely linked (according to rational thinking and also with observation in experience). From a few fundamental thoughts it will be immediately apparent how with the general notions of thought we quietly know a world that is unknown to those who explore with naked eyes. From the first close relations between all sciences we will find that these sciences are in a human mind and with human psychology. A trained mind with specialization is characterized by a corresponding word. But knowledge as well as a mental capacity is not the whole mind nor so clearly separated. Knowledge and mental ability are together with other thoughts and information, along with other abilities and inabilities, with psychological reactions and desires and with the whole life of a person. Even the most well-educated person with a difficulty is limited to responding exclusively to what has learned or knows. Credibility is easy to be lost  and ruin a partnership from a short word "yes" and "no". Also there are always moments of life with dilemmas, with fear of unwanted reactions or with a desire for expected benefits, and there are many moments where we do not have time, patience and peace of mind to think consistently.

cn signResearch areas that are considered unrelated to each other have common concepts and rules of logic. Their connection is logical concepts which we inevitably use to unite images, information, concepts and separate words (that is, to we think) and to know. As e.g. are the concepts of union and separation, of beginning and end, of time, of the pace of evolution, the concept of repetition, the frequency of a repetition, the concept of connection and interaction, of action and reaction, of cause and result, similarity and heterogeneity, quantity and quality, part and whole and the mathematical concepts, such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, equality and inequality, proportion and function and so on. If you understand, these common concepts are features that are inevitably introduced by researcher's thinking and are revealed in any research, whether it is a study of human psychology or a natural phenomenon. Obviously these are common features in the reality that psychology investigates and even in the reality that physics explores.

Among the first features of things that are immediately selected using words are "nouns" and "verbs". But many things are more complicated and cannot be properly expressed. They are not male or female and numerically they are not a unit as we choose to think about them or on the contrary they are a single whole and we see them as many things together. The rules of connecting general concepts and logic, as well as the correct wording, are a prerequisite for any science. These rules of logic are necessary for knowledge to have meaning (which is inferred through thought). Without these rules, knowledge would be nothing more than memorization without thought and repetition of thoughts as cultivated in our minds, and would rather be purely fantasies.




Cosmonomy: A common reality with same laws for all things



Reality seems to have some fixed features regardless of the forms, changes and peculiarities we observe >>>
















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Did you trust? Do not say you did not know.

Did you ask for trust? Take charge of your responsibilities.

Knowledge is not missing. Learn to doubt.

Life is yours. Thinking is yours?



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>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science ! >>>►




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