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16. Rational thinking reveals the inadequacy of the senses and knowledge



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Rational thinking reveals an inadequacy of the senses and knowledge (to satisfy the spirit). Of course, with rational thinking will seem that pull ourselves out of natural and social environment, and out of real world, such as this world appears out of our minds. It will seem that with rational and impartial thinking we do not appreciate a multitude of things that we need to survive but also to communicate with other people and that we confound all things. In short, rational research for the purpose of knowledge will seem overly selfless and silly. But if we insist on this rational inquiry with the demand that we want to learn the truth, even if this makes our lives difficult or the truth is unpleasant, then rational thoughts will unfold that reveal a world different from our experience. No modern discovery is necessary to we understand that the world as it appears from the sensory organs has relative features, that is, dependent on our biology and the physical properties of the bodies that are interconnected. If many people think that modern physics has shown how different physical reality is ... they probably hadn't wondered about the essence of things (outside of words) and probably hadn't studied philosophical works. "The greatest contribution of Philosophy to human culture and to the spiritual cultivation of people has been achieved by this observation of the ambiguity of concrete things and by the emergence of the faculties of human thinking, when it focuses on the meanings of words and goes beyond the narrow confines of a limited experience in one place and moment". Abstract concepts reveal a common reality as a basis on which specific things are created and transformed with their particularities, as opposed to concrete things that are revealed as detached from reality (as a lack of reality itself). Rational thinking by observing the world gives the first knowledge that reality is completely opposite to that presented by science by selective observation of particular things. The common reality coincides with the total reality and this total is present at all times. Abstract concepts reveal a more complex world and as a whole, which we cannot see. It is revealed that things are not so clearly separate as we occasionally and selectively observe them and as we think of them with ignorance of the whole world. We always detect connections of any thing to another without ever realizing a common reality. The only image approaching a common reality (with which all separate bodies are always present) is the physical space. But this phenomenon we had considered as a lack of reality.*


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 * Phenomenon we considered a lack of reality



The interpretation of free space as a natural phenomenon by complete and simultaneous the universe is a great work in the cosmological direction of this here of rational research and justifies the rational beginning of research by removing the separate things.
















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Did you trust? Do not say you did not know.

Did you ask for trust? Take charge of your responsibilities.

Knowledge is not missing. Learn to doubt.

Life is yours. Thinking is yours?



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>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science ! >>>►




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