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4. The rational principle of research coincides with the spiritual orientation of life and with knowledge of the deficiency of knowledge



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Illusion of knowledge and exploitation of trust!

The answers and explanations on the following pages have an advantage: They first explain what knowledge is, what is the relation between knowledge and certainty, and how we can assess that we do not have safe knowledge. Because so far, almost everyone is taking advantage of the lack of knowledge to show that they know well and so that society trust them and then they can take advantage of the trust, either professionally and financially, or for various other reasons. Here on these pages, one of the first answers that is important for any reader is the difference between knowledge from information and from thinking and how we will estimate that certainty really comes from knowledge. The concept of knowledge is easily and abusively used by illiterates and scientists. That is why it is one of the first things we need to think about so as not to confuse knowledge with imagination, imagination with reality and reality with possibility. Here in the introductory pages of Cosmonomy we will emphasize this issue, but we will not exhaust it.

· Most people have no idea about this issue (what is knowledge). This explains in part that they easily have an opinion on everything and easily disagree and agree and there is no doubt in their speech.

· Those with higher education, teachers and scientists have some knowledge of the issue. But often they themselves do not apply the rules to their thinking and do not think consistently to strengthen certainty, as they would require of others. They have easy certainty where they are served and facilitated, while when they disagree then they have a greater demand for evidence and have usually overestimated the usefulness of their knowledge.

· People do not always have time and ease to verify information each time, or such an investigation is not important and necessary for them. So they often trust the source of the information and opinion of the majority.


Do you know, believe or assume that you know? Certainty by knowledge or trust

blind peopleHere on these pages is revealed a significant lack of knowledge, which remains hidden worldwide for educational and professional reasons. The know­ledge that has been confirmed by others and the conclusions from scientific research are for us information to be investigated and verified. If the appreciation for "knowledge" is the appreciation of some who really know and we do not need to think, then we are not talking about knowledge, but about "faith" and information with blind confidence. After all, the agreement of many people is not always the result of coincidence, which came from the separate, isolated and creative thinking of each individual. Usually agreement is a result of:

blind, frivolous and hasty accordance,


easy copying

and mercenary acceptance (with the expectation of some profit), even in cases of scientific knowledge.




 Learn to doubt! Assessing certainty by knowledge or trust?



Don't expect them to tell you that they were human and that people have mental defects...  >>>
















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Did you trust? Do not say you did not know.

Did you ask for trust? Take charge of your responsibilities.

Knowledge is not missing. Learn to doubt.

Life is yours. Thinking is yours?



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>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science ! >>>►




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