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5. The inadequacy of knowledge and exploitation of trust!



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Illusion of knowledge and exploitation of trust!

When one thinks that has knowledge or that knows better implies that has an advantage and can achieve an effect. This is a wrong view. Usually we have nothing more than information or a thought. It is not inferred that this knowledge will be needed in our lives and will be utilized. It does not mean that with this knowledge we will achieve something good, not even that we will draw the right conclusions from our thoughts. Examples are used to facilitate knowledge and understanding. We tend to identify knowledge with light, while ignorance with darkness. But even light is not always necessary and can also be unwanted, misleading and destructive.

Are you assured without conveying correct observations and thoughts?

Are you sure for a result or cause while they are not undeniable?

Then you are not telling the truth and you are almost cheating.

The most unexpected fallacy starts from where trust was blind and trust is usually claimed by those who appear to know some things better than anyone!


compass in circle of a messageWhat will follow in our lives and with our smart action no one knows and the conclusions with conjecture are doubtful. However, those who appear to know better usually do not tell us and downplay the observation that all possible are not equally probable.


Many things will not happen in our lives or we will never realize them

or they will occur in other conditions and with other reactions

and with other consequences.extract of book

What is most likely in a region of the world or in someone else's life may never happen to us (eg lung cancer and the same development). Even bigger is the surprise, when the opposite results happen ... Many of which took effort, time and money to do, they are easily canceled out for more obvious and common reasons, and usually out of our own recklessness. Everything can happen, nothing is impossible ... but not everyone has the same reward, the same chance and the same ease. Some events are less frequent and more unlikely, but if they only happen once (eg, an illness, a marriage) then your life is turned upside down. The popular saying is clear: "An hour can brings, all what a whole year did not bring". What is achieved with this equation of the probable to happen with the potential to happen?

1) They keep your attention and bind to your time.

2) They motivate you to learn and prepare, they give you thoughts about expectations or to be afraid and force you to give your own thought and maybe your life to those who are supposed to know better.

3) Selfishness is lacking in a few cases, however in these cases some specialists have overestimated their research field, their knowledge and their ability.

4) A lot of problems are created, failures that disappoint us and bring anger or sadness, unnecessary efforts and wasted time, even lives are lost, the results were not as estimated. Some take advantage of failures and problems for their own jobs and collaborations and they cover their failures and faults.




 Learn to doubt!


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Deception & Irresponsibility

Don't expect them to tell you that they were human and that people have mental defects, such as moments of recklessness, bias, selfishness, expectation, and emotional loads that divert logical thinking >>>
















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Did you trust? Do not say you did not know.

Did you ask for trust? Take charge of your responsibilities.

Knowledge is not missing. Learn to doubt.

Life is yours. Thinking is yours?



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>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethic of inner/spiritual orientation is not a Science ! >>>►




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