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Don't say you didn't know!*

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the knowledge is failing also





· Knowledge serves the impostor and easily used misleading.

· Ultimately, people are educated as cheaters to exploit weaknesses of world and to make money.

· Undoubted knowledge without understanding well or without confirmation in our experience is transformed into faith.

· Knowledge can be useless until misleading, even may enhance the illusions and prevent an inve­stigation.

· Knowledge is always incomplete and thinking inevitably passes from one thing to another without termination.

· Application of knowledge to be successful need even more knowledge and the luck is sub­versive.

· Easily and often manifests itself, wrongly we were certain for a result. So we over­burden others, but also ourselves be wronged. Because we had overestimated our knowledge as well as our abilities.

· Most of our knowledge reflect things unique, rare, unrepeatable, things where we can not get closer and countless details, that will not occur in our own lives.

· Estimates and average calculations sometimes are necessary and faster than accurate knowledge with measurements and from efforts for knowledge of the greatest accuracy.



The following slogan is worldwide impor­tant: Morality without knowledge and thought is unfounded and in­sufficient, while know­ledge without spiritual orien­tation is unneces­sary and mislea­ding.*1 "Useless know­ledge" be­cause we do not achieve a better fate and life, nor that we have target, as dreaming. "Mislea­ding know­ledge" be­cause just happen the oppo­site, to we think that know, we do not realize defi­ciencies of know­ledge, while after implement of (in­sufficient) our know­ledge probable we destroy and even forget what we knew. "As igno­rance, error and know­ledge can warps ethic, equally the lack of spiritual search and morality may distort and disorient knowledge and intellect". So, what is the meaning of knowledge and logic, when they are mean of misleading activities, pleasant delusion and corroborate ourselves and if we thinking more with lies and fantasies? Then, how can we be fair, good and happy?*2 

The spirit / intellect (or pneuma) is not isolated in nature. So, we speak default for Ethics conso­lidated with logic. We talk about thinking and knowledge, but we seek a destination for these, that can not externally in the world, only. Knowledge without mental orientation is unne­cessary and misleading. When we say "man is a rational animal," this does not mean not making mistakes or there is not ignorance and that inevitably thinks with logic and that man does not influenced by errors and ignorance. Knowledge is always incomplete, and the imagination confused with things. It does not ensure foolproof appreciation and we can say more than really know, even to forget! immoral handsIt revealed the role of knowledge and logic for the cheat, deception, for pointless action and for the exploitation of intel­lectual weaknesses. The best scammers are not afraid know­ledge but are encouraged by it. The cheating, half truth and lack of information is a serious problem, that goes beyond the limits of morality and mutates in cancer with metastases in all organs of society. The purpose of know­ledge is not necessarily getting rid of lies and fantasies, but often serves the opposite.

But on the contrary, an ethic without knowledge and thought is unfounded and insufficient. Moral acts are possible even without thinking (such as a quick motion for protection of a life). The survival efforts or care for family can be estimated as moral behavior. But (particularly in the modern world and in technologically advanced societies) if we do not recognize things, if we consider that things have a relationship while they have not or they have an opposite relationship, if we thinking that things have some features or deprived and we appreciate erroneous, then with erroneous thoughts and estimates we will act unjustly.



Ethics without knowledge...and knowledge without ethic

1 * This brief statement summarizing a volume pages with thoughts about the meaning of life. From the beginning, this was a spiritual beacon for the development of my philosophical views and published on the pages of my first book (pages 45, 355, 438). The total of thoughts and formulated philosophical theory published it under the title "The Theology of Science" and for many years as manuscript was titled "Value of knowledge and knowledge of value". Later I found the saying of Al. Einstein that approaching, but its importance is more limited (for future of society). It was not said for the daily lives of every human being, as a spiritual foundation generally for every human life and as a principle for an explanation of human behavior: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind".

2 * A close relation of moral issues to questions of thinking had been simply and quickly place, at the beginning of the philosophical pursuit of a young man, despite of his low educational level and expressive weaknesses. The coupling of ethics with thinking, the consequences of ignorance and delusion outwardly of mind (with behavior) and the delusion through knowledge are fundamental observations. The first thoughts were expressed at an early age in the 1980s, and they are contained in the book published later in January 2000 (only GR language, ISBN 960-385-019-5).






between religion and science


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<•> More... at MANIFESTO FOR A GLOBAL ETHIC TO SPIRITUAL DIRECTION (GR publication). Some of thoughts here on web pages.



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Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 




scientific instruments



compass in the brain

sense organs

>o<The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


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