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" The good, the absolute good, is realised eternally in the world, and exported is that already it has been realised and does not have need to expect us in order to be realised "

                                             G. Hegel (1770-1831)


Do you want learn more about Philosophy? How much useful is the Philo­sophy in our life? In daily life, rarely we will find a human that allocates many hours to do thoughts. Human behavior is determined almost exclusively by thoughts about relationships with other men, about work, satisfaction of needs and resolution of daily problems, that are caused by social living and in act, where thoughts impose to us. It is normal people thinks literally down-to-earth and be indifferent to thoughts that do not appear necessary in order to people walk, move, solve daily problems and generally to survive. Thinking - as also senses - is adapted in requirements of envi­ronment (physical, familial, labor, social…) and is useful mainly in order to regulates (exterior) behavior. There­fore, what role can play philosophical thoughts in to head of a physiologic human of daily action? Are philo­sophical thoughts useful for our survival? In most cases, a " realist " (down-to-earth people) express consciously his complete indifference about philosophy and reject any useful­ness of thoughts, when are not focused in needs of day and body action and for biological satisfaction. If therefore, we allege, that thoughtless people or illiterate humans or some people that do not read books believe in philosophical and unrealistic theories, this statement how much reasonable is it ?

A than bigger of fallacies IS NOT emanated from religions, but from a common thought of realists and worldling people: It is a thought about worthless of human thinking in contrast to physical activity and body behavior. Many people believe that human mind is necessary exclusive for external action and human thinking without act is valueless. This is a "philosophy" for animals that recently transform to humans. Each one has an unconsidered philosophy in his mind and this unconsidered philosophy is similar for every animal if begins to think. "Philosophy" of realists and empiricist people did not result from a conscious or insistent effort of search, with his interest and writing of his thoughts. When behavior of an animal stops being regulated and determined exclusively by the information of its sensory organs, from that moment the intellect makes inevitably thoughts distorted the perception of surrounding reality, as it was being presented directly by senses.

Almost all activities of a human and human mood are generated and influenced permanently by information of memory and by thoughts on information. It is not only this, but happen until other side, humans behave and act more influenced by their moods and thoughts than what they perceive really outside in their environment. Inevitably, human thinking introduces fault, imagination, partiality, hasty certainty, inconsistency, absurdity, up to a peak real data of sensory organs are not assessed and we cannot distinguish what emanated really from our own experience. Thus, many aspects are formed and maintained by thoughts without rules and by imagination, thoughts that are not verified in experience or did not emanate from our own personal experi­ence. On the contrary, many thoughts, opinions and images which are in conflict to our own experience take shape in our mind. Some thoughts can't be proved but we be­lieve them, frivolous opinions which we accepted without thinking, some views that are streng­thened by our experience but they are fallacies (as are the delusions of biological senses) and moreover fantasies about things, events and words take shape in human mind. Lies and mistakes raise questions and some answers to them confirm lies and fallacies...

We perceive and think wrong about things and it is a permanent and daily phenomenon and not only few cases of fallacy or few justified errors. Thinking itself is an intellectual process by which we were reported to things with mediation of symbols and mnemonic pictures. Thoughts and recollections are not things. The cleanliness of knowledge rather exist only in formulated scientific knowledge.

The " realists and mature people " with flippant and discriminatory thinking makes a lot of errors and finally lose the contact to reality and unfortunately receive consequences of fallacy. Errors and bias, deficiency of knowledge and cogitative jumps in thinking are revealed like an avalanche from use of language, when people speak and on effort to communicate. Hear how much funny is a " realist and mature human " without perceives it: When we observe an expressive error or his wrong inference from a wrong information or if we ask of him to express more clearly and help us to understand better what wants to say us, then a " realist people " can to say us little angrily: " leave the wordiness " , " I can't philosophies " , " they are vacuous theories ", " I said you clearly " , " you don't want to understand me " … and in end, maybe make a violent gesture and offend us! Aged people said sometimes (in Greece): " A man illiterate is a wood unwrought, clumsy ". Supplement, that an educated person can thinks more intelligently and handle language with agility, however very often is a paranoid and evenly can be make errors. Paraphrasing we can to say " an educated person is a amiss and awkwardly shaped  wood "!

This is not theory

A " realist and mature man " is not so much near to reality as long as believes and perceives it. A realist consider as reality only his own occasional experiences in his effort to survive and impart his spiritual values, traditions and advices. Humans are forced in action PRECISELY FOR THIS REASON (while the god has not environment and no bodily action). The full reality, the complete Universe for all individual things including animate organisms IS ABSENT. Reality that remains is only their life and narrow environment. It is physiological for a thinking animal (as is humans) to focus its attention and all mind to perceptible things and seek for survival and its happiness. However, " physiological choices and needs " does not strengthen his materialistic " philosophy ", his egocentric logic and relative exemplars and confrontations. "Philosophy" of adaptation in relative environment is not same to "philosophy" of spiritual direction. Experience and reasonable thinking do not strengthen opinions of flippant and realist people, such as are views about muscular force, economic power, military force, cleanliness of tribe, domination of empire, national independence, perpetuation of a human type, spread of a religion etc. ON THE CONTRARY the physiological and realistic life confirms the imper­fection of human being, his ignorance and fantasy, his distorted concept about the world and the original faith of many philosophers about a conflict between human and God or God with himself. Unfortunately, people with discriminatory and not wise mind (with intellectual failings) does not perceive that in final analysis comes in conflict with himself. Peoples with their way of life and behavior never acco­mplish to be the centre of world (as they understand) and they turn against to self without realized it. They pump a meaning for their life from all that for which they fight, defend, react but easy can forget, interchange and cancel them. Many times their thoughts are absurd and action deter their dreams to be realized or maintain, or their dreams have not predictable outcomes, contrarily they encourage some rival purposes and undermine their culture but they have the opposite assessment.

So, in brevity, an of the greater delusions of " realist and mature man " - if not the greatest - is his certainty that it should not exist imperfections and problems and that (their silly) life would be better without problems! Humans exist self-deceived with such certainty and expect full satisfaction and happiness, without they think if such an outcome is possible, if is possible anybody to be happy and if a life without suffering could present in the Universe. Unluckily, this delusion was an axiom in science of psychology, while it is recognized and impugned in all widespread religions! Materialist people is drunk from their dreams and self-deceived. Children, insane people, animals and more terribly human history always will remind their flippant models and discriminatory logic. "Philosophy" of "realists" is a childish philosophy with fantasy and lies and we can summarize in few lines...



Humans without aims and ambitions, without some talent and many immature people flaunt their sexual and muscular successes, even today, in order to they exceed their feeling of inferiority and existential insecurity. This is " their philosophy " about a destination of life and world. The more intelligent and older in age people have perceived the primal role of money for surpassing the same existential anxiety and they combine achievement of profitable objectives.


STUPIDITY: The restriction in the thought and knowledge (ignorance), certainty by incomplete knowledge (credulity, frivolity), lack of conscience and self-knowledge, discriminatory thinking and logic, adherence in the indi­vidual materially things (materialism), deification of perishable, provisional and relative things (idolatry, personality cult, relative values), indifference and ignorance about what they are not found in the data of senses (unconsciousness, callousness) and behavior which is caused with this ignorance, fallacy and partiality (egocentricity). The inner beginning of unfairness which is caused with expression and behavior, in generally. Stupidity is contagious as is joke. An indicator of intelligence from some diagnostic tests is like the size of muscular force measured in a counter. Indicators do not ensure that our forces will be applied at moment where they will need nor with sought results. The stupidity is need in order to the life acquires a meaning. The stupidity is need in order to life is spent in insipid rela­tionships, so as a living body believes that reality is the one that serves its aims and in order to believes that does something extreme important.





Since the terrible human frivolity, delusions of people and foolish behavior are not penal offences and we should tolerate them, leastwise the recording of all particular cases of human stupidity will constitute a complaint of all us thinking persons for historians at distant future! Politicians and leaders are mainly responsible for many problems in society and cause indignation because their tolerance and utilization of faults of people for their own purposes and personal ambitions.





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