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" The knowledge which is acceptable from our insecurity, in order to we don't appeared as illiterate, fools or without briefing or for any other expediency, it is not our reliable knowledge. It is our faith, hasty certainty or a bet with a lot of probabilities, no however knowledge that differs than religious faith". 

                                                                  Konstant G. Nikol


finger pointingFrom when humans learned to write ...

From ancient times, after humans learned writing and impress their thoughts with marks of a language and made more easily the technical means in order to write, many millions of humans lived. It is useful we observe, that only a small number of humans from all millions people wrote their thoughts, experiences and observations so that their work constitute a valuable contribution in the human research and science, for the conquest of truth and knowledge.

This here scornful observation recorded, without we want decrease the contribution and success that perhaps all people, each one with own ability accomplished, and many times with sacrifice of their life itself. Also, we do not ignore that the possibility for a voluminous intellectual production presupposes the most important advantage for the survival, which does not depend only from the persons. If the survival were not a difficult fight for a lot of people, then sure many more humans would have contributed for the scientific research and in the surpassing of most foolish thoughts. But, if it should we appreciate as contribution and as intellectual conquest from straight line exclusively a concrete intellectual work, as a philosophical, scientific or artistic or technological work that was created by only one person, then we will count an impressively small number of persons up to some centuries ago. An exceedingly small number compared to number of people that lived in Earth or even compared to those who could spend time and thought for such intellectual work. If we even more selectively appreciate the intellectual work that it reached in us, particularly as is the writings of Aristotle and up to 15 centuries afterwards, then we will count the authors with the fingers of our hands! The most people focused their forces for ensuring of their presence, for their safety and social relationships, for their relaxation and needs, for the resolution of their differences and for many other that we can conclude (and not only we imagine). Think only the intellectual work of Aristotle with the level of knowledge that was widespread in his time and compare, how a lot of people think even today 2500 years afterwards, for the same questions…

This mass characteristic of human history should not be ignored neither be downgraded neither be covered with the excuse, that the fight for the survival did not encourage the humans to allocate time for thoughts and intellectual creations. This mass characteristic of history should not be ignored also with common ascertainment, that we live in order to make a lot of other things and not only we search and learn. The simple thought, that a minimal persons had the advantage to live with ensured their expenses and services for their survival is excessive, after this thought with a few words disappears the daily time of 24 hours. Thus the inward power of such an intellectual wish and its meaning that can give in human life are downgraded, contrary to a multitude of pointless activities of human plurality (that begin from their anxiety and blind and stupid expectations).






Humans without aims and ambitions, without some talent and many immature people flaunt their sexual and muscular successes, even today, in order to they exceed their feeling of inferiority and existential insecurity. This is " their philosophy " about a destination of life and world. The more intelligent and older in age people have perceived the primary usualness of money for surpassing the same existential anxiety and they combine achievement of profitable objectives.


STUPIDITY: The restriction in thought and knowledge (ignorance), certainty by incomplete knowledge (credulity, frivolity), lack of conscience and self-knowledge, discriminatory thinking and logic, adherence on the indi­vidual materially things (materialism), deification of perishable, pro­visional and relative things (idolatry, personality cult, relative values), in­difference and ignorance about what they are not found in the data of senses (un­consciousness, callousness) and behavior which is caused with this ignorance, fallacy and partiality (egocentricity). The inner beginning of unfairness which is caused with expression and behavior, in generally. Stupidity is contagious as is joke. The indicator of intelligence from some diagnostic tests is like the size of muscular force measured in a counter. Indicators do not ensure that our forces will be applied at moment where they will need nor with sought results. Stupidity is need in order to life acquires a meaning. The stupidity is necessary in life in order to exhaust in insipid rela­tionships, so as a living body believes that reality is the one that serves its aims and that achieves something extremely important.








 Since the terrible human frivolity, delusions of people and foolish behavior are not penal offences and we should tolerate them, leastwise the recording of all particular cases of human stupidity will constitute a complaint of all us thinking persons for historians at distant future! Politicians and leaders are mainly responsible for many problems in society and cause indignation because their tolerance and utilization of faults of people for their own purposes and personal ambitions.





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