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The logic transcended the limits of fantasy !




14) The structural elements are need also in the case of the completed Universe, after with matter are achieved the most fast changes and their synchronism and thus (more indirectly) achieved combinations of particles and are created the separate things,

15) however, the structural elements not create things of alone themselves, also the complete Universe

16) and accordingly it should we think, that the structural elements are not au­tonomous things neither indivisible or immutable quantities, and are not approach acci­dentally between them and only after exterior action.

17) They are periodical changes with the presence of an other common quantity and without that common quantity, they would not existed or would were accidental quantities (without chance). Matter, here near or far us, is connected with something same, with a common reality and in such a particular manner, that matter maintains everywhere the same structure.

18) They are not a lot of separate forces in each one microscopic atom of matter. A common force is applied (or disruption happens in a common force) anyplace with configuration of matter.

19) The specifications of each atom of matter are not accidental and in null base and coincidentally the same specifications everywhere in to Universe and after somebody accidental " copying " of its atomic structure, in enormous distances of the "empty" space. Separate atoms of matter are connected and change permanently with a common quantity and with the invisible presence of balanced energy.

20) The timing of microscopic particles and their formation in material things (bodies) up to visible and astronomical world (even for a short time interval) does not achieved accidental and coincidentally. Some limits exist in advance in change of motion and for each motion. Limit in quantities of energy that are exchanged (with a unit of time) and some constant relations (laws) for the materialization of invisible total energy (of free space, so as appears in us). The beginning for the microscopic structure of matter and the energy that maintains, it does not emanates externally from transfer of energy in to space, with motions of some bodies.

1986 ~ 2010


A main theoretical discrimination is necessary in physics. The pre­sence of the Universe is actualized by two forms of motion, that are not described with the same termi­nology and have not the same laws. From the first aspect, the Universe, motion and transfer of energy happen in to space with the material things so as each observer was perceive always and as described in “mechanistic” physics. In the other side, the “ immobility " of a finite space exists (like a stabilized qua­ntity of dynamic energy) where each change causes some inhibited motion, motion with tendency for re­intro­duction in the situation of im­mobility (or in quiet) of the free space and it is the wave motion. The wave motion does not " obey " in the Newtonian logic of motion, because this motion is generated with the resistance that is presented in the change and not in the lack of resi­stance.














The logic transcended fantasy !




The free space is found in balance because oscillates with a maximum frequency of nature and not simply space is something motionless. This is a new view in the cosmological theory on a Complete Universe, that is results with first observations after the mathematical investigation (in 2008) and of the need :

1) To interprets the extreme fast alterations in microscopic lengths, which do not begin and synchronize with motions of big bodies, but with their immediate connection with one common quantity.

2) To interprets the maximum speed of wavy disturbances of the free space (with the speed of light), because these waves are not appeared to start at a null speed and as a motion same such as of visible bodies.

3) Finally, in order the meaning of "mass" corrected. The creation of structural elements is interpreted as a phenomenon (of combined motions), that it can be described without the terms " body or particle " and without units "kg", but by wave motions at highest velocities and e/m phenomena.

1986 ~ 2010


Our view of the dark space as a finite quantity of energy where is presented in the points of decrease or change as some particles helps in order to we describe the (wave) behavior of free space and its close relation to located matter with terms of classic physics and without “ we devise ” new phenomena.
















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