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bang! The gravitational field is the energy of common space in which is transmitted such as waves (with maximum speed c) to the structure of matter, in opposite direction in reference to the electro­magnetic waves, that is to say, waves are concentrated and focused. In general terms, the energy of the free space flows to equipoise (for its balance), also from its flow creates and maintains again their decreases, which we name “matter” and particles.


bang! The close relation of free space with gravity. The complete Universe of in its entirety time (maximum time period Tuni) exists relatively as finite space and as a constant quantity of energy for all what they can happen indirectly by material car­riers, which are exist as fluctuations of this constant quantity. The total energy of the Universe is simultaneously to all individual material things, it is the same and fixed quantity and thus is presented equivalent and isotropic with the form of a finite space. Its presence is not detected by exterior change, because is altered in smallest time inter­vals than time intervals, in that the structural elements are created and connected be­tween them. Therefore, bodies with more mass move in distances and act with less speeds and after of passing more time. The total quantity of energy appears absentee with the form of free space, because this energy is found in situation of balance (or sta­bility) with dynamic energy to the structure of matter and theoretically, it is equivalent to the all points in environment of material world.


bang! The role of universal physical constants. The universal physical constants are relations from the existence of stably minimal and biggest limits (basically time, length, speed, rhythm of change in motion, frequency, force and quantity of energy in the unit of time), worldwide limits that they regulate the all changes of energy.

min max relations

bang! The law for the conservation of energy and the minimal division (quantum) of the energy are interpreted by the stability of the completed Universe, and only thus its total energy is always same for a longest time interval. Therefore, the quantity that is altered in to space is regulated and is not altered in accidental quantity, but certain quantity of energy in a unit of time. Like the balance and stability would not have a meaning without motion and change, also the conservation of energy would not have a meaning without the decrease of energy, after thus occurs as transfer and motion...


bang! Some corrections in "Big Bang" theory. It is truth, the whole (equivalent) mass of the Universe exists in a point with the strongest force of attraction, but this point is not found in the distant past! It is found in the present and is presented with the form of void, however, finite free space (of non-Euclidean geometry). The physical space is the Universe that they seek before the moment of Big Bang! Since now on they will say: A simultaneous Universe, immediately and always complete, which appears absent uniformly (isotropic space) and as unfinished like a void container (if we see extreme far of us), while it acts permanently with the strongest force from the minimal distance, as phenomenon of nuclear attraction (when we see extreme near to us).


bang! The interpretation for the " deficit " mass in the structure of Universe. The free space is not lack of energy, but on the contrary is a balanced energy, by which mass is created in microscopic dimensions and is maintained by this energy. The gravitational field is derived by a process of the maintain in the structure of matter, with wave phenomena. It appears like an attractive force because matter is exists as loss of energy and disorder of a balance. The energy of space (or complete Universe) is decreased with measure (in the unit of time) and with a measure is presented with the forms of waves, particles and finally with structure of matter. The voids of the free space " they reflect " quantity of energy and time that are absent from the developments of material world. Matter constitutes the minimal fluctuations in the total quantity of energy, while the energy which is available is very more and we perceives it as an empty space and like infinite possibilities of interaction between the particles. In other words, the " enormous " reality of the Complete 100% Universe is an " enormous " possibility for us, they are the infinite developments and the infinite things that we expect they become.


bang! The mathematical relation between mass with motion and with gravity. A correction in the theory of relativity. Note: The change of inertia in proportion with the change of speed is a phenomenon with particular importance in microscopic dimensions for the particles and not for the celestial bodies. It resulted from the Albert Einstein's equations, however the theory of the special relativity, it demanded that the speed of light is insuperable, without some explanation. It left the change of size for the other physical phenomena without a limit, such as in the case of mass (and not only this). The mass can not increased unto infinite. This observation and the simpler mathematic relation belong at an unknown person, the mister Vangelis Karamihas.

c / v = Mmax / M    and     √ 1 - (M / Mplanck)2 = √ 1 - ( V / c )2

M = V Mplanck / c =  V2 λ / G    and   V = M c / Mplanck = √ (G M / λM )


bang! The role of matter in to the Universe and for the phenomenon of life. The complete Universe in order to is not simultaneous concerning to us (for its material parts), it should the total energy be decreased with way relative and “time-consuming”. It should, the things are created with slower rates and the total energy is not absolutely balanced. It exists a minimal limit of time (tmin) or an upper limit of rate (fmax) for the transfer and fluctuation of energy. The energy cannot be transmitted more fast than a minimal time tmin. The fluctuation in its quantity also cannot happen in unlimited step. The increase and decrease, also is not unlimited.

Matter, without a previous existence of complex reality could not have a certain structure and a relatively stabilized presence. Then, the structural elements and particles would exist accidentally and quantitatively forever, like the molecules of gas, if the “empty” space and the presence of a total they did not set the conditions that force particles “ to contract ” relations between them and with certain limits. The beginning in the microscopic structure of matter and the energy that maintains its structure does not emanate from transfer of energy in to space, from motions between exterior bodies. The total energy of the Universe is not presented wholly in a moment and the space obligatorily coexists with matter (as balanced energy). The material elements or particles in final analysis correspond in minimal moments (action and existence) of the wider reality and in certain sums of energy. For this reason, particles are the simplest things and cannot act between them with a lot of different ways per time moment. Each beginning in to space becomes with some retardation and indirectly (or external) by the material carriers (which exist as initial ways-moments for interaction). However the beginning for existence of material carriers is found out of the space, that is to say is become immediately by the energy of space and in distance smaller than a minimal length (probably by the Universe that exists in some other periods and that relatively does not exist or coexist and contribute as free space). The elementary structure of matter and its stability is owed in the conditions of oscillation in energy and in restoration of energy balance, that is imposed with the simultaneous energy of free space. The existence many of particles through fluctuations in a common and constant quantity of energy (on the free space), with the common limits of time, length, speed and with a minimal quantity of energy ensures a process precisely same for the creation of matter everywhere in to space and time. Thus, matter with its constant structure is conserved with a concrete process, with laws of limits and not by (random and external) meeting of any particles.


planet Earth

bang! Because the nature coincides with mathematic relations and rules. All individual things with all their differences are exist and become between time limits of a superior total Time (in which the full Universe Exists) and a minimal possible time (in which exists the " minimal " universe). The structural elements of things -the said "matter"- they are the most rapid changes in extreme shortly time intervals and elementary exchanges of energy (oscillations and periodical changes), or ways of a common substance, as would say the philosopher Spinoza. Therefore, material things by all possible ways, in everywhere space and time, they are connected, exist and become with predetermined time and length limits and with the fixed specifications of a common reality for all things. The same time limits (minimal and maximum time interval) are applied also in all physical processes.

a) The existence of a common and constant energy quantity (as free space), b) relation of quantity of energy with time interval in which is transmitted as waves and at minimal quantities c) and under conditions that rhythmical phenomena are created in alterations of energy and the structure of matter is maintained with a balanced situation: These are some observations that allow us to we describe all different things with quantitative relations, similar as we can with a few general meanings. The physical laws, which regulate the existence and the structure of material elements are not messages that come from their outside, from far and insubstantial way. These laws begin from the common " contact " that all structural elements have with one and the same " empty " space, with one and common completed reality, with the same " communal " quantity of energy, finally by the common (invisible) their substance. The total quantity of energy is fixed for all things and the all structural elements takes shape with same fluctuations of energy in one and same dynamic space. 


bang! Where terminates the electro­magnetic spectrum. Time interval in nature has a limit because the universe is complete within a maximum period. A minimal time interval Tmin exists in nature and when waves follow in shorter time interval, then they arrive at the fastest rate fmax in the unit of time and with a minimal length between them (λmin). The simplest (fundamental) relation is fmax = c/λmin and the minimal time interval Tmin = 1/fmax. Consequently, if some researcher only had set the right question, then would has made a jump in the research on the structure of matter and creation of the nature.


bang! The nuclear force: The strong force that retains the particles in to core of an atom (in the smallest dimensions) does not is generated by separate way for each individual atom in matter and it is not produced by microscopic motions of particles. The full Universe has the strongest gravitational force, which does not act from some direction, as if this force emanated from some material thing (body). The so-called nuclear force (also a distortion of space and time) appears in the minimal length (almost) from that particles are connected with the complete Universe (through free space). Because nuclear force is owed of the most fast rates, at extreme frequency fmax of fluctuations on free space and by process of deceleration, by that structural elements are created, that it is owed by the total and balanced energy. For this reason, the nuclear force acts periodically and momentarily. Such a fecund, intelligible and simplified thought only a theory on dynamic free space and creation of matter through a common energy could to concludes.


bang! Phenomenon " mass " with origin invisible wave phenomena of the free space itself (electro­magnetic and gravitational phenomena). All particles are interpreted such as sums of energy that are exchanged in more shortly time intervals and with a dynamic relation between finite space with matter in the most microscopic dimensions (1020 Hz - 0,45244 x1042 Hz). It exists a close relation between components of matter with one and the same quantity of energy. Consequently a dynamic relation exists between particles, that are generated with decrease of a highest frequency in the exchange and fluctuation of (electro­magnetic) energy. The identity of free space with energy of full Universe leads us with mathematical precision to the close relation for particles with fluctuations, which we have called "electro­magnetic".


bang! The beginning for a great theoretical revolution, that exceeds the narrow limits of special sciences: Close relation between matter with phenomenon of life. For first time, the presence of life is interpreted and based on a rational interpretation of the creation of matter and Universe. The passage from inorganic matter in simpler form of a life existed bridgeless and “magic” as long as our thought was limited in the visible matter and mechanical motions, as we had consider matter with its usual situations and as a magic combination of many microscopic particles. For this “passage” from inorganic matter in the simplest forms of a life exists an other “passage” which it should precedes, and this is a problem in brain of a physicist: How from a multitude of material interactions and micro-quantities of matter can be created regularly things, maintain itself constant ways for connection of material elements and finally, things that have a constant (or balanced) structure? The answer more analytically here ►


bang! The God. Material things (bodies) are exist TOGETHER with the balanced energy of the physical space that PARTICIPATES in the structure of their matter. While the physical space is the entire Universe that isn't connected externally with our matter and for this reason the Universe appears to us absentee. The possibility presented of mental phenomena via the structural elements that we name " matter "  here ►












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