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"BIG BANG" THEORY. A theory with the support of the scientific community of the world


► The origin of the theory.

Around 1930, by the mathematical rela­tions of famous Theory of Relativity which was formulated by Al­bert Ein­stein and was limited exclusively in geo­metric relations and in mo­tions near in gravitational fields. The astro­nomical observation of the red­shift of light in the deep of space was decisive. This was interpreted as an increase of the distance between galaxies, and the first assumptions about the homogeneity of the universe were proposed. But many theories have been unfolded on the basis of these pre­liminary views and it is not only one theory that is de­veloped.




► The origin of the theory.

Around 1990, by the philosophical effort to analyze ratio­nally the most general and abstract meanings of thought (such as time, space and change). One of the first decisive obser­vations was, that time substantially corre­sponds to real change (in change of energy) and it could generally be ide­ntified with the things themselves. This theory begun with the formulation of a general principle, that the total of the Universe is always the same, in all possible ways, in a maximum time period.






► Beginning of the Universe.

By an excessively dense and hot situation, where the known physical laws are not in effect. In this unknown situation with a inexplicable way, it began to take shape time and the space. Then, the universe is de­scribed as an amount of energy which spreads and allocated in radiation and particles.






► Beginning of the Universe.

The beginning of the solution of a problem is half the solution and here the big advantage of this theory is found. The Universe has always been the same and complete (in a maximum period). However, it is (relatively) still realized as incomplete and has as beginning the minimal time intervals, which the Universe itself contains. In the minimal time intervals of the Universe correspond certain minimal fluctuations of energy and elementary sums of energy which constitute structural elements of matter. The structural elements are preserved, while the free space participates dynamically and inseparably in the structure of matter with wave processes and phenomena.





► On what data the theory is based without explaining it.

It claims, that the Universe is presented with the same physical characteristics in all directions and the same physical laws are applied everywhere. In opposition to the intelligent and original effort of many earlier philosophical theories, this recent scientific theory does not explain the existence of physical laws, while it uses in order to cancel them…

This theory creates the same problem that is supposed that it should solve it, that is to say the problem, how it became, also if became the creation of the nature. It does not give answer in how became the Big Bang, what happened at that moment and what could exist before a such start of world. On the contrary, this theory requires to we stop the research... Therefore, was devised additional strange phenomena and some words have been used exces­sively and allegorically.








► On what data the theory is based without explaining it.

It claims a self-existent Universe, in which all the changes of things are realized without their total changing. From the beginning, it interprets the existence of laws, with a first and shorter interpretation that the full Universe needs to be
maintained exactly the same. A more elaborated version of this interpretation, explains the laws of nature with the existence of minimal and maximum limits in the physical changes, fixed limits everywhere in space and always in time. The limits are connected with the law of the conser­vation of (total) energy and ultima facie with the initial admission of the theory about the stability of a complete Universe.

This theory has absorbed the philosophical thoughts of the past and gives prospect to the human logic, because it does not transfer the problem of the creation of the world, neither in something previous and perfectly different, nor in infinite stages of developments. It accepts and eventually explains the independence of the Universe, observes the universal traits and the fundamental relations of all indi­vidual things and the natural phenomena are described in a unified manner with the common vocabulary. It directs the research with the right questions, it does not conflict with admissible physics and particularly confirms the pri­nciple of conservation of energy.





► The more powerful observations that strengthen the theory.

<•> The observation of a diffuse Microwave radiation (Cosmic Microwave Radiation of Background CMBR), which had been foreseen theoretically by one Russian physicist. This radiation/noise is considered the outcome of older radiation that had the hot Universe in the first stages of its creation and in the first phases of its expansion. This radiation became possible to escape when they began the neutral atoms of matter take shape for first time. In the Universe with the dimensions that exist today, this radiation is described as it would be shared in a black body of temperature 2,73 Kelvin.

<•> The observation of the phenomenon of change of spectrum of radiation to the lower frequencies (redshift), when we look at more distant galaxies, according to the relation of astronomer Hubble (v =H d). By this observation they were inspired the thought about the " expansion of the universe", that is to say the phenomenon grow the distances between the galaxies as a consequence of initial impetus that caused their creation. The expansion is used as term that describes an unknown phenomenon of inflation of the free space itself and not a movement of galaxies between them.

<•> The calculation for the age of the Universe with measurements about age of stars and certain chemical elements (independent measurements that converge).

 Eventually, the questions that are caused of this mathematic theory are more than the answers that it offers, while it is an inefficient, cold and tardy theory and drunkenly, that do not proceed, despite the enormous multitude of observations by the research for structure of matter and Universe and despite the attempts of a world community.





















































► The more powerful observations that strengthen the theory. * The number of observations and relations is large and here in the comparative table we will not quote them all.

<•> By the original and general principle of this theory, the conclusions are deduced with a reasonable order. Thus, certain fundamental traits are enforced for all things, relations are ex­plained and revealed in different phenomena of our experience or these phenomena reduced. Also, is revealed the impossible for each oppo­site explanation and foreseen a multitude of phe­nomena, a lot of which are already known and have been observed in physics, as some acci­dental and independent discoveries. In general, it is decisive the observation about the existence of periodical phenomena, common attributes and same laws in the all nature, after the all things are considered shaping by most rapid oscillations of energy in a constant total quantity, that is found in situation of balance.

<•> Particularly, after the explanation of the free space as total energy (of the full universe), is foreseen and is explained the gravitational field as reversely electro­magnetic waves, that are concentrated and transfer energy to the structure of matter, permanently.

<•> It forecasts that the free space with its energy palpitates (is oscillated) such as the stagnant waves with the minimal length between waves. The phenomena that create matter are interpreted as processes by the change in the balanced energy of free space. This total quantity of the energy is the fixed for the all things and all things are with same fluctuations in a balanced energy, that exists as dynamic free space. The Universe permanently is created in microscopic dimensions by certain fluctuations of energy, that begin as decentralised from a minimal beam of the free space (electro­magnetic fluctuations), but are climaxed in the structure of matter. Thus, corrected the unreliable interpretation that they give with the term " expansion ", after it is correlated as phenomenon of fluctuations. The overall energy in the maximum period, this same energy relatively is decentralized in the minimal length and with the most fast rate. The free space with its longest length corresponds to the energy in the maximum period.

<•> The age of the Universe is interpreted as the phenomenon of maximum time period in which the Universe has become with the all possible ways and exists with the total of energy, in reference to a minimal time interval (in that the Universe is absentee relatively). The distance in to space coincides with distance in time. The smaller lengths are contained in bigger lengths of space and the smaller time intervals are contained in most long and don't precede in an unique " straight " time obligatorily. For the nature, in to space doesn't exist a moment " zero " for the creation, because in the moment zero it exists the complete Universe, which constitutes a relative beginning for the nature.

More concretely. The lighter chemical elements are exist in more quantity because they contain smaller sums of energy, which are created with smaller frequencies, than it needs for the heavier elements and they need less energy. Because (for a more simple atom) they are quantities of energy hf in higher frequency up than the microwaves, for this reason, according to period and quantity of energy, their place in an order of priority are found after light. The chemical elements which have more mass than an atom hydrogen (protium), they need more energy and higher frequencies for exchange and transfer of energy and such conditions exist in the more powerful gravitational fields. Thus, it is logical, to we observe more abundant hydrogen and helium, after these elements can be created more easily, everywhere in to space and with weak gravitational fields.

<•> The theory for a Complete Universe, connects mathematically the minimal quantity of energy hf with the minimal time interval in the oscillation of empty space and it interprets the particles like as elementary sums of electro­magnetic energy, where are generated, fluctuated or exchanged by wave changes in the faster time intervals. The structural elements of matter are shaped by the same elementary quantities of electro­magnetic energy, after they maintained in stagnant situations. 

<•> It explains with mathematic relations, why the structure of matter so as shaped at a simple atom, has the particular sums of mass and di­mensions (balanced mass). The quantities of ele­ctro­magnetic energy, the sizes of the lengths and frequencies, with which the essential parti­cles of matter are shaped (the protons and electrons), they are average values (averaging) in the fluctuation of sizes, where altered with im­mutable minimum and maximum limits.

<•> The universal constants c,G,h are present and interrelated between them, because the sizes in the fundamental phenomena (mainly in time, length, at frequency and quantity of energy) are changed with certain insuperable max and min limits.

<•> The fastest rate of change amax is related immediately with a strongest gravitational force in micro­scopic dimensions (amax λmin =c2) and this force is applied periodically and in a changing direction.





► Forecasts about the future of the Universe. 


With probabilities, the three known scripts about the open, closed and pulsating universe. In order to it prevails one script from them, they need precise measurements, and do not appear feasible with the current technology.



















► Forecasts about the future of the Universe.


Time, space and the Universe do not exist without matter, that is to say, a Universe only immediately without fluctu­ations, quality and indirect and quantitative interactions does not exist. Similarly, a total time without the smaller moments does not exist. Conversely, fundamental material elements that compose externally the full Universe, (without central, single and synchronous regulation) do not exist. The complete Universe is permanently found in deve­lopment and begins by the same minimal time intervals, which we observe them at corresponding quantities of energy as structural elements in minimal lengths and distances. The Universe permanently exists with the total of its energy in a situation of balance. Thus, the complete Universe is relatively absent for the same maximum time interval and we perceive this absence by the common length of the finite space. We will observe always the phenomenon " expansion of the free space " (the redshift phenomenon), because this phenomenon is related to the principle of the conservation of energy and free space (with its dimensions) since it is constantly renewed by the energy accumulated in the minimum lengths of the free space. The ending of the Universe coexists with its begin­ning. The ending is the free space. Its beginning is in the e/m fluctuations. The Universe will ceaselessly and always be created by itself while it is complete and indivisible in advance.





► For the direct relation between life and matter (principle of biological phenomena).


The cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and are considered as prevailing do not open any path to this direction in nature. On the contrary, they present a gap: between of a scarce, local and frail phenomenon such as is a biological body and in an enormous and explosive universe, that is assembled by microscopic particles, which are connected each other only with exterior interaction. The grade for researchers physicists of all world, for their offer in the explanation about phenomenon of life through material elements, is: An absolute zero 0! This is the same zero by that the universe begins in their fantasy...















► For the direct relation between life and matter (principle of biological phenomena).


<•> The cosmological theory on " a complete and stabilised Universe - inside a maximum period " is the alone theory that explains the phenomenon about life, beginning with a decisive observation of the composition of material things, without it escapes out our experience. The general explanation for this phenomenon is not a violent annexation of a previous explanation of physical phe­nomena, but this is rationally exported as an inevitable thought. For first time, the presence of life and the passage by inorganic matter in simpler form of life (biological phenomena) are explained and based on an explanation on the creation of matter and Universe. The " keyword " is the following: timing (synchronization) of structural elements, with which the direct (without any mediation) and complete Universe begins to re-created relatively indirectly and externally.

<•> The presence of life, soul and intelligence have direct (and closed) relation with stability and possibility of a simultaneous or extreme fast material interaction. And these last phenomena are related immediately with the preexisting stability and directness of not created Universe and with the dynamic free space. The beginning of life and timing in the interaction of many particles are achieved with the fastest changes of interaction in smaller possible distances and these changes (fluctuations of energy) presuppose the simultaneous presence of the completed 100% Universe, that appears in us such as absence of empty space…












Interpretation & Math investigation



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