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If you had not thought it... think: When we anticipate that does not exist an answer in a question or a solution in some theoretical problem, then we leave open the field in order to we say everything, without shame and without sense of responsibility! Same, as when a problem remains unsolvable and leaves some persons to exploit a situation, because in advance we were certain that the problem could not easily be solved or we do not want its painful solution.


Without theories and assumptions, without cross-references and without fantastic scripts…



Do you wondered how much you say and make daily with 100% certainty, while these are more doubtful than philosophical theories? About theological and philo­sophical questions have been written incalculable tones of paper and on a lot of centuries up to today. Do you believe, that it was need are written all these in order to some certain answers will be found, which are considered outside from fields of Science. These questions and answers are downgraded as irrelevant to our daily problems. Rather, you didn't think seriously the case, that meaning and destination of life need stupidity (the start by zero and apes goes down from trees) so that, the beasts care excessively for their existence, they acquire experiences and in order to they find many reasons for action…

Naturally, the biggest stupidities of people are revealed with the simplest thoughts. For this reason, they are big stupidities and prevents peace, justice, compre­hension and good psychology between humans.

Some of directional thoughts for life and its ethical values are decisive for the effectiveness, success and development of a human in all fields and activities. The directional thoughts and inner values for life are downgraded up to today and they are faced as metaphysical questions, because they don't encourage plans, wishes and objectives of the ambitious and "materialist" humans…

It is not a theoryIn what science do belong the following ascertain­ments and axioms? What sciences and thoughts can be serious without do take into consi­deration the following axioms? Who can be realist and reliable, if does ignore or conflict with the following ascertainments about the reality, which we can't invalidate them with nothing thought?



► Future still exists despite that an unlimited past has preceded.

► Possibilities never are absent from no one thing and inevitably the all things are useful somewhere and somehow. All things are useful or contribute somewhere with direct, obvious or deliberate way, but also more indirectly from conse­quences of their presence and behavior (indirect usefulness).

► Things are not immutable in time, their relations are altered, also. So, usefulness, relations, effectiveness and consequence are not permanently the same.

► Relations and activities of things presuppose that they are limited, otherwise, they influence and influenced with different ways, while the living beings perceive and know limited and again with different ways. In a few words, they presuppose incomplete and dependent things.

► Life and our works have a finish and we do not know when it will comes.

► We are not the alone or sufficient cause of our self and our activities.

► In quality of things exist predetermined possibilities, inexhaustible outside-social effects and we have our own imperfections adoptive, mental, biological and experiential.

► Reality is not only the one that we perceive and know.

► Indirect, unstable and relatively small effects exist, that influence developments and many differences in all things.

► Physical and social reality that surrounds us is changes, as we want or we do not want it, and it cannot to not change.

► We do not arrive in something perfect or with a prospect something that remains itself forever from any development. Always it will needs and might becomes a correction, improvement and modification. Advantages are not same essentially for ever. With change of conditions, advantages are cancelled and they require degradation or not exploitation of some other possibilities.

► We ignore a sufficient and proven reason for which we would to exist with an afterthought.

► Intellect and soul are given in their self immediately (and in advance) -so same as the complete Universe- independently from action and contact with exterior things. Only a mental, an active by it self substance, only the direct (and inner) existence has possibilities to creating these relations with exterior world, so as the cosmos will acquires a value, a meaning and a quality. Otherwise, things would be only (exterior) relations, only ways of exterior interconnection and indirect interactions.

► Nothing does have a value independently from the quality of a spiritual existence, while external existence cannot be developed independent from this spiritual existence. Life is in our self and its quality is not independent from where, when and who we are permanently as material-biological composition, as an inner existence and particularly, from how we thought. World is almost nothing for someone where sleeps.

► Pleasant moments alone them are not an enough reason in order to they justify sufficiently and globally our life. Pleasant situation is not always beneficial, as on the contrary, while happiness is impossible and uncertain, when we creates with tolerance in our ignorance and based on a blind faith, that the chance will bring things to us so enjoyable, with such way as we would want.

► We formulate our limited experience, also our soul and activities with language and thought. These last two are the entry for direct exploitation of our existence, beginning with knowledge for our ignorance, search of truth, application of knowledge and with consequence in our activity. We cannot think a superior biological development without it is inner/intellectual.

► Egocentricity and delusion without any action are the biggest destruction alone them, and they are connected immediately with excessive expectation from chance. A life without mental activity is non-existent and without configuration of self-knowledge was, it is and it will be forever and every­where in to Universe an insufficiently developed, drifted and lured life, with any possibility if we imagine it.

► What they can happen or exist in future, they will become or exist assuredly in some time, somehow and somewhere. 

► Those who we would to be and what we would make in an other time and place, they are other humans or reversely, those who would to be other humans…they are we (here and now).

► The ignorance of our ignorance and restriction for the importance of the above simple, eternal and everything-local ascertainments is a reason, in order to we live drifted (with relative values and comparisons) and abandoned in unknown our chance.


• If you have found a meaning of your life with some particular things and relation­ships which you accidentally met them in your physical and social envi­ronment, if your thoughts and wishes have been determined to you by certain human manufactures and regulate your life for acquisition of certain material things (where they chanced exist in a particular moment and around you), then you are (as spirit) also accidental and occasionally in cosmos. You think and wish with drifter mind, as it happened to you after meeting some accidental things, while you would think and wish differently if you had not met accidental things.




If the propagation of lie, the manipulation and deceit are penal offences, then is placed a legal question against all opinions that in conflict with common experience and Science and that do not take into consideration particularly certain common and regularly characteristically of the physical and social reality. Mainly, we speak about some opinions and thoughts with which people is methodically deluded, scientific knowledge and research is prevented, economic and political exploitation of people becomes and difficulties bring to every who disagree (as it happens in religious teams and in policy). This is a question about penalization of deceit, proselytism, psychological violence, unequal application of laws and economic strangulation particularly in field of religion and policy.

The terrible frivolity of human, his delusions and foolish opinions do not are prosecuted penalty and it is imperative we tolerate them. Historian of distant future might easily and astonished will record the role of chance and frivolity in social developments and a known phenomenon, politicians and leaders exploit human faults for their own aims and their personal ambitions. However, since moment that certain observations are found or belong in Science and come out worldwide acceptable, then we can consider as a conscious deceit and proselytism each opinion, which is promoted systematically and insistently or is imposed with threats, while is an opinion that has proved scientifically erroneous.







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knowledge without ethic is pointless and misleading…