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An integrated / comprehensive Answer, namely: 

+Moral / Psychological  +Rational  +Political  +Cosmological

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When we the "drea­mers" speak about philo­sophy and formulate opi­nions about the role of moral virtues in the hu­man life and about the importance of spirit, then some persons that are considered "down-to-ea­rth" speak about the fi­nances and the political questions. It is supposed, they look straightly and more accurately in the problems of society and they make us hope for their fastest and more re­asonable resolution.

How many "down-to-earth persons" are need to they amount in the po­wer and in he­adship de­cisive for our life in order to we understand, that the good solution isn't always fa­stest nor from the straight line way?

When we "bumptious and visionary" have the simple hearted patience and talk about solutions that come from a different path, through questions that appeared irrelevant with the social reality and our daily problems, some "realists" deride us and call us "lunatics".

When however, they un­dertake the big respon­sibilities and acquire high offices, then perceive the big difficulties and they ask our patience. Their big drawings are not ac­complished and they plead our comprehension and explain us, that the solutions are not achieved quick and in one day. They deride not only some "conceited chara­cters", but also the tired peoples who hope and had entrust them!

The solutions are not come nor after many years. Often, when they come then already is late or they cause side effects with more complex pro­blems…

Lightly, they will cha­racterize you "proble­matic", "capricious" and "crazy". Entire the planet is a nuthouse, answer to them. Also, the known case exists of a "pro­blematic" man, who has no worry, but with a difference, that his own problems pay pricey all other people…


Original publication in 2007




>>> More thoughts about the role of moral virtues and realism ... >>>


Oriented, do not mislead yourself !

With the usual logic of specialization, where the research and object are limited in order to make the subject more deeply known and presented in all detail, would we expect that the pages in here will contain exclusive questions of astrophysics. Still, it is incomprehensible and more unforeseen maybe will be that in the first choices to reading are pages under of irrelevant titles, such as this here title "find the exit!" or "restart your mind!". The author and inspirator of web site, with the breadth of questions aims over of the known cosmological questions: In the connecting between thinking and inquiry with spiritual values, as is the self-knowledge. That is to say, (moral) connecting of thinking with apperception for our own existence into the world without self-delusions and partiality.

First of all ...


the cosmological questions about the creation and destination of world is immediately connected with some questions about the existence of god, destination and place of a person in immense world and with a multitude of questions, which philosophers perceived that these questions are connected between them, since ancient years (particularly in the ancient Greece). The author and inspirator of the web pages knows well this close relation between the questions, after his own effort and theoretical research began from the simplest and usual thoughts and were continued longly-lasting with a parallel study of many philosophical works. General questions: Why does life beginning? What is its close relation to matter? What is matter and what is life as an internal phenomenon? Does the whole of matter have been created? Is there a God and what is his relationship with life and with the material world? These first questions cannot be answered and consistently explained as irrelevant. One of the main reasons why the most significant and timeless philosophical questions have not been answered satisfactorily is our widespread and biased view that they can be answered separately by different sciences and with the more advanced knowledge of the particular things that surround us. The above issues are reported to complex phenomena that are directly related to the structure of the whole Universe and we should not refer to these phenomena as if they were fragmented or created by an occasional combination of some external things. Anyone who wants and has time for satisfactory answers should not be limited to reading fragmentary answers. It needs to understand the logical connection between the key answers and what impasses are if we refuse the correctly interpret of these phenomena. Needless to say, one would be better prepared to follow and understand these issues if has already studied the treasures of Philosophy and has learned to think rationally with rules of reason rather than with credulity.




No guarantee we have, that we will be in the life as long as we estimate or imagine. Our knowledge, cleverness, successes in other sectors, even our kindness do not change the previous pessimistic, but reasonable ascertainment! Only this ascertainment is enough in order to we do not snub the spiritual searches and we show some respect in efforts that they contemplate about philosophical questions. Even when these meditative efforts are expressed immaturely, they include fooleries and do not yield money.


The discovery of our ignorance about these philosophical questions would be not lost time. It can exempt us from many flippant and unilateral opinions, reverse certain fallacies and influence our behavior. In the retort, somebody would say, that a pleasant delusion and convenient ignorance are preferable. In this case, sooner or later we will be confronted unready in the hard reality. “The humanity can be compared with a flock, that plays quiet in the meadow, while the butcher chooses with the eye in from the flock live that will slaughter. The days of our happiness, we did not even suspect the disaster, the same time, prepare for us the chance - illness, persecution, destruction, amputation, blindness, craze, death, or what other”, wrote one of the deeper experts about reality, Arthur Schopenhauer.


THINK MORE, ACT LESS, I can say somehow on the contrary to usual, extreme and excessive mentality of the thoughtless human - who is absorbed from some occasional things and is drifted from his aims. Make the personal search as a way of life and live with providence, no been carried away. With each your action and movement, you use insufficient knowledge and cause consequences, without you know and without have estimated well. This do not forget it. The human knowledge is very little, so as we are small in the Universe. Hastiness, certainty, unilateral logic and expectation from the chance, they force us in many other actions with more ignorance. They limit our self-control and things drift us. Learn before it happens... to you!


Our self is the alone thing (body, feeling and intellect in one), which is always also everywhere with us. It deserves to we invest in our self, in order to we allocate happiness and knowledge everywhere always and together us, without delusions. The philosophical search and thoughts are not limited in exterior things or in their certain relations, as it happens in a specialized scientific field. With the philosophical thought, we discover the  real our self and regulate our life with awareness for the inability in our thought. We discover the ignorance for certain revealing questions, which theoretically we should know them before every other question, in order to be able to control our action and life directly. While on the contrary, without this first knowledge we be drifted away from certain things and we leave without purpose.

Humans have recognize from ancient years the continuous and direct relation between opinions and thoughts with all our behavior. So, a lot of people consider our opinions and intentions as same important, like our exterior action. They can condemn us in death or to adore us, like a God! Even today, thousands years afterwards, in a lot of countries, the opinions that somebody supports can cost his life and certainly with legal way indeed. Some questions, we call “philosophical” and they are involved immediately with questions of other special areas of research. Questions, such as about existence of the God and role of God in life, about the relation of matter with soul and spirit, the human behavior, moral virtues, freedom, verification of truth and about the limits in cosmos. These are some known questions for which many people claim and admit, that they have not been answered still and also they are evidently tricky problems. A lot of people dispute the importance of these questions, they are sarcastic or place questions in last priority and do not include them in configuration of their opinions. For different reasons, they find these questions like an obstacle in their plans and in their wishes and do not allocate time for such (intellectual) searches. However, we will observe the unflinching faith in their self, in their ideas and their mathematic certainty up to intolerance for solutions that propose in many psychological and social problems. 

A primal reason for which the philosophical searches are ridiculed (or scorned) and the role of thinking is downgraded for human behavior, consequence and destination of life, it is the absolute lack of thought and faculty in order to they speak about these diachronic questions. They are entirely unprepared and even had not imagined the decisive role of psychology, philosophy and ethic for personal life, human relations, structure of society, political life until operation of market! Simple meanings,  as motion and time, can lead the exact sciences in galleries of Philosophy and ridiculous theories. Imagine, in where can lead us the rough and discriminatory thought, when happens in social and political sciences.


When we keep our promise and leave out of play the philosophical questions seeing are difficult, this posture is respectable and honest. It is respectable and sincere still, somebody to expresses his opinions with the admission for the insufficiency of his arguments or stressing his uncertainty. The hypocrisy and the arrogance should be denounced. This respect for the philosophical issues doesn't seem with the projection of many flippant opinions, with the obfuscation of uncomfortable questions, with the subterfuges that direct and deflect the attention of people, with the closeness of perception that is attempted are resolved many problems, with the selective publications, the promises, the schedules and the ideas, that they do not outmatch in reliability than a philosophical theory. However, they are sound with the biggest certainty of the world up to fanaticism. Not only from some vagarious personalities but provocatively in area of journalism, policy of even science. Apart from the ignorance and thoughtlessness of the ordinary man, there is a counter reason, why people do not talk about philosophical issues warmly and thoroughly, downgrade the simple findings for the meaning of life and scorn the inner - intellectual searches. It is the fear for lessened or lost the esteem for some other values that we have been taught or from many silly models, that thrown like nets on the unsuspecting world in order to commercialized them. The lights in the dark attract a lot of feathered insects.

knowledge and ethic

Philosophical and intellectual-inner search do not detract us from reality. In addition to searching for meaning in life, so our thinking is trained to separate truth from falsehood and to derive certainty with knowledge. This exercise, as will be explained in the pages of the books, is already one of the most important skills in human life. In addition, thus mentally we are preparing ourselves for life in our closest reality, and even for our survival in hell, we would say with some exaggeration. The human behavior, the human relations and the moral virtues are found in to area of Philosophy and with these thoughts, it has the most direct contact with our life. Who can to remain impassive and unleavened with the pain, the infelicity and the destruction, that are caused by the mentality, the ideology, the behavior and the action of our nearby human? It exists, therefore, an additional and perhaps the most powerful reason for which it should not we snub the inner search and the meditative way of life: The reaction! The reaction to the frantic, unreliable, unfair and thoughtless action of the human -including our self-, action that usually is caused and supplied by delusions and errors. This down-to-earth view of intellectual-inner search, not only it should we overlook or consider it as a foolishness, but on the contrary it should scare us !

first publication in 2004

you will never know...

* Written later: One of the harshest realities in world: The moral responsibility is increased and perhaps the responsibility is legal even, for those who while lead in groups or represent them and participate in their activities, they reproduce the lies and cultivate confidence in fantasies, compromised for reasons speculation, career and to maintain their privileges. When you have fun with lies and fantasies, when you have grown up with them, when so you find easier work, when neighbors greet you and still when you have fond memories of holidays and when with lies and fantasies you hope a better life, then if need will be enlist in order to not let the lies and fantasies to lose their representation and shine. While on the contrary, if you doubt, then your daily life will be difficult, people will include you with crazies and might send you to jail, if not into the grave, and perhaps yourself own parents or children (do not seem so improbable)!





Forget theories and babble! The substantial and direct difference... is very simply the following below:

Human has the direct and internal ability of maintaining and processing the data in senses (in his interior) and does not limit itself in these data. Most data from senses are lost if do not exist the corresponding things, without the same ways of effect and without our same correlations with the environment. A determination and the influence on the life only out of the external things lead in a life as is the other animals. In a life that is determined with accidental and exterior way, moment in moment with the changes in perceptibly, and the behavior is regulated more simply, without continuity and not creatively.

The difference, however, of the human is the maintenance and treatment of perceptible datum in his interior, without time and area restrictions. The human contemplates about what they are found in his memory, without they are front in his eyes, contemplates about exterior things, without they are simultaneously present in his senses, distinguishes the information with his attention, maintains and shapes an experience and finally is influenced himself immediately - mental, by memories and fantasy. Thus, the human participates also in determination and in quality of his experience and his life, with an interior - mental way and influence his biology. He is not influenced as a dead thing or only by the senses as other animals. With the maintained experience and knowledge of exterior things, the human is influenced by himself, without things are present in his senses and without they exist or influence him, really.

Thus, the human acquires the advantage determines by himself his behavior and directs his exterior acts, that is to say acts creatively, more effectively, forecasts, works out, collaborates, changes his life, counts in more widely the reality. With this constant possibility to maintenance of data and their treatment, the human is distinguished in compare to all other animals, internal and externally. It would be impossible for any live creature can to thinks and acquires this interior advantage, if its biological specifications did not offer this possibility to maintenance of information and their observation, independent from exterior things. If animal has one or more bodily members, if it is moved in standing attitude or diagonal, if its organism is maintained with different bodies or has feathers or many heads, these are phenomena of adaptation for survival, that does not ensure the spiritual advantage of a human.

Almost the all activities of a human and his psychology are created and influenced permanently by his maintained empiric knowledge and with his intellective reflections on this. And not only this, but until to point, people behave and act more influenced from interior (after thinks) than what really perceives in his environment. Not only does not exist an action that would not be influenced by previous experience and without human memory, but the human could not act creatively, also with complex way, without the maintenance of information that has acquired or observed for things.



<•> ENLIGHTENMENT for the inadequacy of knowledge, for the world foolishness and peculation of confidence (with religion and science): The role of the knowledge and thinking for the deception (manipulation), deceit and for creation many silly models for living and short-lived moral virtues. This role constitutes one of the central subject, that is showed through the web pages. It will cause agitation in the world doctrine, that the knowledge and logic are against in ignorance and absurdity, a doctrine which regulates and instructs the human action, organizes their society and which has not ceased to be taught since the season of European Enlightenment. It is easy to prevents the progress and peace in society with laws of a majority and inquire "how many angels are seated on the nose of a needle" with impressive logic even with scientific knowledge. So same is possible someone "creazy" man with simple thoughts and few decisions overtakes irregularly the all reasonable thoughts, scientific methods and laws and brings justice with progress in the society! Ethic without knowledge is unsound theory and insufficient but knowledge without ethic is aimless and a trick! >>>






knowledge & thinking