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> On the following pages: The issues below are consi­dered fundamental. Some thoughts are briefly listed, which are formulated as answers to important que­stions or they are thoughts that are supported as correct.



  1. The complete Universe is the common Totality of all limited things and always precedes of them. The Universe has always been completed and stabilized within the limits of a maximum time interval and has never been created.

  2. Matter is the structural elements of the world, but these are not self-sustaining and they are not only  themselves where create things. Laws and conditions exist in the common Totality of world and full Universe.

  3. The whole and complete Universe is self-contained, uncreated and stabilized. Total energy appears as free space and not exclusively with the inertia of matter. Structural elements and forces are variations in the constant amount of energy, which is micro­scopically linked to matter (by wave phenomena). 

  4. The configuration of matter and the same specifications of atoms everywhere in the Universe (in enormous distances) are not coincidental and do not derive from an accidental " copying " of the atomic structure. The separate atoms of matter are connected and conserved together with a common quantity, with the invisible presence of balanced energy. The free space participates as a dynamic (and balanced) energy in the renewal of matter with the wave phenomena that are caused by its balanced energy. Nothing other can exist everywhere in the Universe and regulate the structure of matter, be connected always with matter and behave in such a way that the structure of matter is the same everywhere and under the same laws. The explanation of space as the total amount of energy which is in a state of equilibrium (due to the simultaneous presence of the universe as a whole) clearly reveals matter as fluctuations of this worldwide energy, which is constantly returning to equilibrium.

  5. Nature is inexhaustible, because beyond the static forms that we perceive, these forms include phenomena of rhythmic motions, laws, forces and fields with the fastest paces. Until now, we have thought of these last phenomena as if they were less real, occasional and derivative. We wanted the particles to be the essence of all things and their exclusive ingredients. This view will be recorded as one of the biggest and inveterate mistakes in the development of science, as the view of the flat earth was.

  6. Everyone - experts or not - launches easily the phrase "natural laws" but no one says where their "headquarters" are. Is it in every atom of matter? Is it a code that is transported from place to place of nature? Do natural laws have substance or are they our intellectual creations? The laws of nature and physical forces do not reside within each particle separately but out of matter. The laws, which regulate the existence and the structure of material elements, are not messages that come from their outside, from a distance and as if they were thoughts. These laws begin from the common connection that all the structural elements have with the one and the same free space, with the one and the same complete reality, with the same " shared " quantity of energy and finally with their own (invisible) substance.

  7. The presence of the complete universe is detected as a nuclear force in the research of tiny dimensions. Nuclear force proves to be a global force to restore to the balance of the shared amount of energy (ie of the physical space).

  8. The beginning of life and timing in the interaction of many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction in smaller possible distances and these ways (fluctuations of energy) presuppose the simultaneous presence of the 100% complete Universe, that appears to us as absence of the free space and as fields. The passage from the inorganic to organic materials is inexplicable if we assume mechanical movements and individual particles.

  9. The dependence of biological phenomena on inorganic and organic matter does not prove that mental phenomena and life are produced by "linking" and by plotting molecules exclusively. Some other thing in the synchronization and maintenance of the particles is involved everywhere, which is not a separate body. It is not a galaxy, it is not a star, it is not a stone, it is not a screw, it is not a particle.

  10. Those who think of life as a property, which is acquired by the organization of matter, have accepted as self-evident some physical phenomena. The properties of matter are no less metaphysical than intangible souls. It is not obvious that small quantities manage to form chemical bonds and have properties. A moment of stability and continuity could not exist. The fact that there is a material body in a position and moves without balance being absent entirely, is an inexplicable project and needs laws, which are not based on any body.

  11. The abstraction of traits and the summary view of things begins with the sensory data themselves, and this (selectivity and abstraction) of biological process shows that senses are mental actions. The first data of our senses are already detached features and "brief" views of things. The soul is the direct information that a biological body has for itself and the affects of its condition. There is no soul without any information. Then, the emotional charge would remain unexplained and without a function to the information. All information and impressions of external things are produced by the influence of the information that every biological body already has for its condition.




  1. The complete and stabilized Universe, which is not in any environment and is always the same and independent with its laws, has a direct contact with itself, that is, spiritual connection (immediately) with itself as a simultaneous and self-regulated thing without external a mediation.  This direct connection with itself as unified quality is spiritual. The total quality of the complete Universe is not a set of things that are exterior each to other.

  2. Natural laws are maintained and the conditions for developments in the natural world are introduced with the universe as unified, complete and stabilized. Natural laws are the laws of global equilibrium and regulate the minimal reality that exists as mere matter. The opposite of the global spirit and whole universe is matter, that is, the begin­ning moments of the whole Universe.

  3. The division of physical phenomena for teaching purposes and their separate description in books is not a division such as is really imposed by nature on individual things. All sciences are applied to nature at the same time and inextricably.

  4. If we think about the universe like if all the possible things were and as it may be in all possible ways, then such a universe as a complete whole is not even material. But matter in the depths of its structure is not material.

  5. It would be unlikely, if not impossible, to repeat almost the same result for particles approaching and striking the surface of each other and having the correct speed and the right angle in their movement. Undoubtedly, their synchronization is the result of the involvement of fields and these fields have the highest speeds that reach the speed of light. The particles also have an extremely fast pace without moving away from each other. The complete universe looks like a natural space with obvious geometric characteristics but has a simultaneous connection to the building blocks in extremely tiny lengths.

  6. The global spirit is autonomous (as is the whole Universe). Its action (that is internally from microscopic lengths) is not identified as a material, moving and separate thing. If the global spirit is aware of the whole world and is self-regulated with its consciousness, then it can be described as "impartial". Spiritual im­partiality also corresponds to the physical world: The global space is the common principle for the formation of the same structural elements every­where in the world. No material thing is the ultimate goal of others, nor the exclusive reason of what follows. The free space is for the global spirit like the eyes for us humans. Spiritual laws along with the physical laws are introduced that are laws for the self-preservation of biological bodies and the evolution of life and for the self-regulation of human behavior (moral laws).

  7. The phenomenon of life is linked to the known physical laws and for the first time doesn't remain outside like an unbridgeable gap of a divided (material-intellectual) nature. The key word is: the synchronization of structural elements with the dynamic participation of the complete Universe, which takes place relatively through the "free" space. The direct relationship of a body to itself as a unified whole exists on the complete, direct and simultaneous Uni­verse. This direct relationship (of a body to itself) is information about itself and its tranquility / stability and we call it "life". This direct relationship appears relatively indirectly by the structural elements that are founded as rapid fluctuations on the balanced energy of the dynamic space, under the conditions that science is researching. The global spirit appears as free space (like absent) and limited by the synchronization of the structural elements ... We almost say that global space is the universal spirit, but it is more appropriate to say the universal spirit (or god) seems to our eyes as a worldwide space. We are the universal spirit as it would be con­strained and dependent in particular time and local conditions (through structural elements)!

  8. Feelings and sentiments are manners of influencing of the biological stability which are translated as certainty or as uncertainty. All living bodies behave by selecting information and remove a multitude of effects without being aware (unconsciously), focus their attention in a manner they assess for their survival, and keep in their memory certain fixed traits of the perceptible things. The intellectual process does not only occur in the form of divided abstract concepts in words and symbols.

  9. Many thinkers and philosophers invoke this view of the self-contained Universe to remove the role of God, that is, the opposite conclusion from the one supported here and as Spinoza thought. Many have said about the autonomy of the Universe from antiquity to the present, and usually mean the "self-existence" or "self-reliance" of the Universe. But they still regard the Universe as an external combination of things (as a total result of the combination of its parts) and they think of things as separate and with external connections.

  10. The inner direction (orientation) of the human spirit would not lead to a life with spiritual values against a self-centered / individual-centered and materialistic way of life, if the material world did not "happen" to be a world where God cannot live, but on the contrary: In the world of matter there is a misleading, insecure and paranoid life with its defects, mistakes, imagination and desires.

  11. Many of fantasies that are spread worldwide, particularly on issues related to human cognition, human relationships and about God are closely related to a common doctrine, which we can summarize it: The world that extends afar of us is not engaged and does not signi­ficantly affect the world that surrounds us more directly here on earth, nor our lives. So people easily remove all the reality they appreciate remote or non -existent to exploit the capabilities they perceive superficially in the world. It is a shallow philosophy of a man who has surrendered for a life of the senses. It turns out that this is a cursory view with a fraction of truth, while the rest of the truth we hide with the word "luck".


* The knowledge that one may have about a God depends on how defines "God" or what attributes recognizes in such an existence to call it "God".



















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COMPLETE UNIVERSE - DYNAMIC SPACE - WAVE PHENOMENA. How the natural laws and forces are applied. The fundamental concepts for a rational Cosmo­logy (Cosmo­nomy).

A rational and unified theory on time, space, matter, forces and structure of the Universe. The nature and the physical phenomena are explained by a total amount of energy (in equilibrium), which was logically identified with the free space and by rapid fluctuations of this constant energy, which were logically identified with particles and matter. The complete and stabilized Universe is appe­ared as a free space!

The complete and rational answer to questions about how nature works and what its limits are, with observations on the most undoubted natural pheno­mena. This theory should be not assessed as if it were only a physics theory of academics or as if it were only a philosophical theory. The professors will realize, that the cosmological theory contains physics but the mathe­matical tools used are of a low level and so, inadequate. The professors of philosophy will realize that it is a tedious theory being mixed with physics, while this is not necessary. Neither the ones nor the others would understand this cosmo­logical theory.

The reading and printing of the treatise can be easy without graphic enviro­nment from separated files (as are the PDF).  >>>►




cd-rWhen someone starts exploring nature rationally with thinking focused on the most necessary, most common and most obvious natural phenomena, then they will fall into many traps. We can easily be lost in imaginary worlds, especially if we do not seek confirmation in experience. But our thought will avoid the trap of de­scribing nature as shattered, as a variety of things and clearly separated phenome­na. We call it a "trap" because, among other consequences, it takes an inexhaustible time to learn the knowledge with the infinite detail of things when the thought is limited to the senses (that display an inexhaustible variety of things). This is a superhuman effort for which the life of one person is not enough. Apart from this effort, from such a detailed description of the concrete things and from the observation of each thing separately, we additionally fall into the trap when the fundamental phenomena are described as completely independent of one another, that is, as if they were clearly separated in nature.

Modern researchers explain the rare effects observed in a laboratory and achieve hard measurements and calculations, but they do not explain all these that are usual and we observe directly in nature and which are more re­vealing.   >>>►







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What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words




The first characteristics that show the common reality are general concepts and conditions of the existence and connection of separate things (in space and time). Nothing of parts defines the reality that everyone shares. In general terms we quietly know a world that is unknown to those who search with the eyes. Many different phenomena are reduced to a few common and more obvious phenomena and so they are explained. All individual things have universal features and fundamental relations that are repeated. The problems of cosmology were not exclusively in the field of physics, but were primarily conceptual.

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*The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with an egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


If the Ethics of inner / spiritual orientation is not a Science!  >>>►




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