printed books dvd digital book Some philosophical books on issues of global importance are looking for a strong publisher


authenticity stamp<> Books which reveal and explain the most close relation of life with information, thinking, know­ledge and nature by a rational removing and degradation of unne­cessary infor­mation and aimless observations from our thoughts. Thoughts and infor­mation that are not confirmed in common experience are avoided. The presen­ted books are not all ready for sale in book­stores. The books have prepared by the author (after of efforts on writing that have begun in the mid-1980s) and they will provide convincing answers to readers with rational requirements. Perhaps some adjustments and corrections to their content will still be needed.

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silhouette of a thinking man* Who is the author.

It doesn't matter who the author is. The author worked persistently and for a long time on his observations and on the best and methodical formu­lation of his thoughts and rational theory and always with the first rule, to think about indisputable things and facts. His work is more important and this should be directly appreciated.

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