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Phenomena that are rejected ...


- Do souls exist without matter ?

- Can we continue having experiences, sentiments and awareness of our exi­stence after our death ?

- Do ghosts exist outside our brain ?

- Do angels, evil spirits and the Devil exist as immaterial (bodiless) forms of life ?

- Do spirits and bodiless entities exist, that accompany us like as protec­tors and that they see and hear us ?

- Are forecasts for the personal luck and daily life possible through ob­servations of constellations and planets? Can successful forecasts be by the playing cards, by signs on our hands and by the remains of a drink ?

- Do the places of objects in our house predetermine remotely what will happen in our life and the success or failure of our goals ?

- Do some dates and coincidences bring us misfortune ?

- Do things exist that have magic attributes (spiritual influence) or particu­lar localities that assemble some spiritual energy ?

- Are there some geographic regions in which the earth time is interrupt­ed and things disappear from our planet ?

- Is the spiritual telekinesis possible (without physical forces) ?

- Are the dreams somehow encoded messages for predictions ?

- Can some physical phenomenon or remotely an effect be caused by the Black or White Magic ?

- Is the evil eye real and does it have such an effect on the psychology of a consignee ?

- Can we cause natural phenomena or heal patients simply by touching the hand or if we mumble specific words ?

a magician figure

Unfortunately no!

Those who give affirmative answers to all the above questions ignore that all individual things have a common substance (as a vehicle for their existence) and the necessary relation of matter with action and time for every action. They accept the possibility of existence and ac­tion without material inter­connection and without precedence of quantitative developments in time and space. Often, the imaginary phenomena can hap­pen without influencing their material environment, within which (it is sup­posed that) these phenomena happen. These phenomena happen also with a violation of the physical limits and laws, while the material things would had been destroyed if stopped being regulated by their laws. Some people accept by using their imagination some (bodiless) substances or spiritual forces that are independent from structural elements without having any structure or process and they imagine that the human spirit is consisted of such a simple and independent substance.


This erroneous acceptance of theirs is strengthened by the ascertainment of some phenomena of interaction without the presence of matter in its ac­customed form (liquid, solid, gases or plasma), as it can happen for example with the electro­magnetic radiation. This is while these intangible phenome­na are also connected inevitably with the presence of perceptible matter and with its physical restrictions. The energy does not receive a more complex form and action without matter and without the physical laws and first of all without time and length. The energy is transferred in certain quantity ac­cording to laws of motion and every force has a physical process in such a way that nature has always its laws and balance and our world is real and not surrealistic like a dream.


The role of the mindless use of vocabulary and an inability for rational thinking is decisive for the imaginary view of the things. Thus the thoughts distort the reality and relations of things are deduced that cannot be ob­served by others or are in conflict with the preconditions of their existence. The words do not have an explicit meaning or are comprehended with diver­gence from their usual meaning and this comprehension is realized in an al­legorical manner. By a simple analysis of words a void of knowledge, a false relation, an erroneous differentiation for certain things or on the con­trary, an erroneous equivalence for different things can appear easily. Thus an error or omission appears, that allows the deduction of erroneous conclu­sions.


In general, from the moment when the behavior of an animal stops being regulated and determined exclusively by the information of its sensory or­gans, the intellect makes inevitably thoughts that distort the perception of the surrounding reality, as it was being presented by the senses more imme­diately. Almost all the activities of a human and their mood are created and influenced permanently by the information of their memory and by their thoughts on this information. And it is not only this, but until the point, to behave and act more influenced by their mood and thoughts than what they perceive really outside. The thought inevitably introduces fault, imagination, partiality, hasty certainty, inconsistency, absurdity, up to the point that the real data of sensory organs are not assessed and we cannot distinguish what emanated really from our own experience. Thus, many aspects are formed and maintained by thoughts without rules and by imagination, that are not verified in the experience or did not emanate from our own personal experi­ence. On the contrary, many opinions and images, which are in conflict even with our own experience, some thoughts that can't be proved but we do be­lieve them, frivolous opinions which we accepted without thinking and moreover some views that are streng­thened by our experience, while they are fallacies, such as are the delusions of biological senses take shape in the mind. Lies and mistakes raise questions and the answers to them confirm the lies and fallacies.


The intention of separate rejection for above concrete thoughts and questions was not to prevents the search. It was not to disappoints the expectations and removes the allurement of these particular questions. The author and writer maintains his sensitivity and respect toward for the all efforts of spiritual / internal search, philological expression and for all attempts to formulated philosophical theories. This report and synopsis aim at stressed his rational approach in the abstruse cosmological questions, the realistic side of the author and the consequence of his inferences, behind the difficulty in their compre­hension and despite the corruptible ambiguity of their generality.


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