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© Copyright and Licenses (CC - BY - NC - ND)*

This work is published under the terms of the license Creative Commons and has the general title “A Complete Universe as Free Space and the Inner Direction as a Universal Constant (Cosmonomy)”. This title of the digital edition is declarative and unifying for the whole work that has been divided into many separate books*2 and is presented under special titles and in separate fields.*3

Author Reference - Non-Commercial Use - No Derivative Works

(BY - NC - ND)

To view a copy of this license please visit the following site or search for it:



* In addition, the author K. G. Nikoloudakis avoids mechanically repeating what he reads and hears. He has his own point of view that you will read below and a moral complaint adds to the terms.


© Thoughts, observations, findings and explanations, and methodical deve­lopment of the issues, in certain fields of research that are presented here closely linked, with a rational removal and de­gradation of unne­cessary information.*4 Thoughts and efforts on writing and formu­lation have begun in the mid-1980s and have been going on for many hours every day since then and for more than three decades. Along with the lengthy processing of thoughts and writings, the personal work of the author (with any weak­nesses in his efforts) includes:

> Typing and electronic formatting of texts for printing books.

> Formation of texts suitable for web pages, for printing few pages and digital books and for distribution on the Internet.

> Summaries, selection of excerpts, review and renew of the wording (from author's previous writings, published or not).

> Designing and preparing book covers, digital editions, informative pages and pre­sentations.

> Philological editing and grammar corrections (in Gr langu­age).

> Designing the visual environment of web pages and manual grou­ping of files.

> Study on the order of connection of a large number of web pages and other internal links, of the transition to related issues, of keywords and headlines. (For example, see a sitemap file...> and the address list...>)

> Code fixes of the web pages and adjustments and other techniques for their easy loading (and compa­tibility).

> Updating and revising the published web pages and overall admini­stration of the site on the Internet.

> Designing and customize of images. (Hundreds of images designed, modi­fied and adapted to the issues solely to facilitate reading, to make reading more enjoyable and to highlight certain selected messages).

> Provision to protect the author's intellectual originality. Also, not to in­fringe on the copyright of any other intellectual property involved (mainly by the use of images and programs).

> Translation efforts in English (as here on the copyright page).

The author, along with all the above efforts, has devoted almost all his time, neglecting all other requirements of social life and dignified survival. With a brief calculation indicative of his excessive effort, for the daily thinking and intellectual work have required: at least 14 hours per 24 hours on average in the first decade (1985 - 1995) and 14 hours per 24 hours in the last 13 years (2007 - 2020).


© The author reserves his copyright as they result from the rules of Inter­national Law and National Laws for intellectual property and morally, having the testimony of his efforts and publications. The au­thor demands respect for his work primarily as an indication for his long, incessant and lonely effort in an anti-spiritual / materialistic environment, while depre­ciation and dis­courage­ment were easy. By way of exception, the author gives his license for the copy and republication of a part of the content (of these web pages and digital books) and for the transla­tion in each language and for its printing only with this explicit term: License is granted only for edu­cational and research pur­poses and the source of content and the name of the au­thor should be indicated necessarily along with his moral co­mplaint. This moral reference (for total lack of interest and help, for easy contempt and dis­couragement in a materialistic society) is claimed for every modi­fication and reproduction (printed or digital). There is no license for any com­mercial version of the content of these site and digital books with choices from its content or in total. For com­mercial use, please contact with the author.*


authenticity stamp> The main reasons for the protection of intellectual property are for commercial exploita­tion and for the public reward of the author. Here this particular author claims the authenticity of his works mainly by a reaction to those who do not understand the magnitude of the intellectual author's effort and his difficulties. Usually, a spiritual work cannot be as easily appreciated as a hand-made construction. For this reason many people readily comment on and exploit it, but they do not think about how difficult it was for the creator to complete his spiritual work and how much time he devoted even if his work was not of equal importance. Most importantly, however, consider that some authors have made their efforts with sacrifices, losing other opportunities or in poverty conditions and instead of their work being be appraised, on the contrary, it happens their work being devalued and even is obliterated. In addition, at a time when some authors made their efforts, they created their works in a social envi­ronment that ridiculed them and in some cases they were recipients of anger and violence, instead of receiving help and en­couragement. Even when a creator or author "discovers" and "retrieves" some­thing that existed, creator use his mind, does not cease to focus his attention on things and make creative thoughts when others were indifferent. That is, if we take the example of a water source, the source is somewhere there outside and someone finds it, appreciates it and devises a way to exploit it, while someone else throw their trash in there.

An intellectual creator or author can have demands, and his demands are not only financial, but they can also be funny and paranoid. The author may, if he wishes, to lay down terms of his offering or destroy his work to deprive it of society. The author may appreciate that not everyone deserves to get in touch with his work and wants to share it with selected people. Author may want to help specific groups of people or selectively, or may want to send a message to society. Such demands and beha­viors of an author may sound bad to some people. In short, the viewpoint of selfless sharing of spiritual or intellectual work with all people and un­condi­tionally seems a more philanthropic view, yet it cannot be imposed and claimed to be right, without regard to the author's agreement or dis­agreement. Let us not forget, too, that there are those who want to exploit a spiritual work, thus un­consciously and hypocritically and, more­over, to demote the author. The depreciation of the intellectual creator is unfair and provocative when has create his work after years of effort and deprivation of other desires and efforts. The exploitation of his work may be even more unfair and provocative when one exploits his work or otherwise uses it while they would snub the author - in other circu­mstances, if the author was not known at all - and would discourage him instead to facilitate his effort. The contempt to the author is even more unfair and provocative when they challenge not only the originality of his work but also his own effort and when in exceptional cases author pays with his life for his spiritual work.


Certain previous (regional) publications and versions:

©2000, ISBN 960-385-019-5, ©2009, ISBN 978-960-931414-5, ©2010, ISBN 978-960-93-2431-1, ©2012, ISBN 978-960-93-4040-3, ©2012, ISBN 978-960-9504-68-3, ©2014, ISBN 978-960-93-6089-0

* When quotations and thoughts are selected from books by other authors, then the source will be stated in brackets or in a separate note or a noti­fication will be preceded for the source.

* A sample from Google's Translation Service has been used for transla­tions from Greek to English and vice versa and I owe it a few thanks.




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