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(1) THE COMPLETE COSMOS, MATTER AND WAVE PHENOMENA (The necessary thoughts and fundamental phenomena. Pure cosmo­logy).

(2) THE SELF-REGULATED (INTELLECTUALLY) UNIVERSE AND LIFE. (The uni­versal constant of spiritual/inner direction).


<•> Thoughts will be the simplest and most convincing when anyone will make the same observations and logical thoughts immediately, without assumptions and need for a study.

Rational cosmology with observations in near experience: Thoughts that are necessarily produced through general concepts and by abduction in inappropriateness. Explanation for all phenomena with the cosmos as complete and self-contained. The global and timeless phenomena behind individual, local and occasional things. The common phenomena by which all individual and temporal phenomena are regulated and created. Knowledge about a common reality, which is not a separate thing, but it is imposed by laws and rules. We will not think of what can happen accidentally or occasionally, an infinite number of physical things that are in infinite ways and combinations of particles.

Particular and occasional phenomena, that is to say: locally limited phenomena, with different forms and combinations, which have a short duration of existence or are unstable and instantaneous, with many variations and deviations, in simpler or more complex manners, randomly or after of developments, by actions and reactions, by approaches, compounds and mergers or by removal, disconnection and disintegration. Is something identical or stable to individual and occasional phenomena? What stays the same and fixed is not an individual thing. We will think about 1) what are necessarily or unavoidably imposed on things, 2) the laws of nature, and 3) the prerequisite of a common reality.