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ancient gr flag  In January 2000, after many years (12) hand­written editing of formulations - without the facilities that a computer offers and without informing from the Internet - the philo­sophical book was publi­shed under the title: "The Theo­logy of Science" with subtitle "theory about a finished time and relativity of energy". The writing with a personal computer, with big possibilities for confi­gu­ration and appearance (since 2000) gave an occa­sion for the pre­sentation of this voluminous book, more fetching, for overviews and reword, for text extracts (at Internet address geocities.com/­filosofiagr and 1st time in summer of 2004, from the free service of "Yahoo!"). The electronic editing of texts with aim to be studied on the Internet help the writer for the expounding of the theory and in the clari­fication of the wordings.

In 2006, the domain name "kosmologia.gr" is vested, while the publication of web-pages in the new internet address started in June 2009, when the free service "Geo­cities" discontinued.

In 2007 an amateur effort started for reshuffle and testing in the web design and for appearance of html pages and concurrently a persistent attempt to clarify certain concepts of cosmological theory.

In 2008 (on the occasion of three simple equations of a writer who came to my lab as a customer) an investigation starts and insistent effort to detected some mathematical relations and concepts of the cosmo­logical theory (on a complete and stabilized Universe within a maximum period), that they could to be expressed with the known formulas from physics. The first proportional relations and obser­vations for its mathematic formu­lation were found une­xpectedly quickly. Until then, cosmo­logical theory was only formulated in words expressing rational and general thoughts.

In the years that followed, the effort to improve the image and compa­tibility of the web-pages continued daily and enter­tainingly. At the same time, the effort in order to the philoso­phical theories reworded, clarified and expoun­ded was inte­nsive and daily. Spe­cially the co­smo­logical theory. Many new important thoughts formu­lated, the original cosmological inter­pretation enha­nced with concepts and formulas of physics and exten­ded in many more pages. This physical inter­pre­tation it needed to separated in three books, under the title "The Complete Universe and the Dynamic Free Space". (2009-12)


The total of philosophical thoughts also had to be divided into separate books.* In 2012, another attempt was made to gather all issues about the human life and behavior on the basis of my older remark: a contrast appears between a spi­ritually oriented life and a life mobilized by senses and biological needs. Many new and dispersed thoughts have been added and these were extended to policy issues. Issues of human behavior, human thought, human rela­tionships and society have been unified with one final series and in a large number of pages. All these issues and dispersed thoughts were com­plemented and unified under the concise title of Ethic of Inner/­Spiritual Orientation (behavioral interpre­tation, with psycho­logical and socio­logical conse­quences). The wri­ting of this book was completed in 2014. The extensive treatise on a Spiritually Oriented Ethics was summarized in a few pages, sum­maries were created separately for each chapter, and the original treatise shared in shorter books and was also im­proved (2014-2016).



At that time, it became clear that moral issues are closely related to issues of human thinking and know­ledge and how all these are related to mental weak­nesses and physical constraints. This close rela­tionship among life, info­rmation, intellect, natural envi­ronment and behavior is world­wide and this intellectual ethic is global science, as is other sciences, in other words is a "Cosmo­logical Ethic". It is a contemporary Ethic with psycho­logical and socio­logical conclusions and accor­ding to physical laws that are restrict biolo­gically, mentally and psycho­logi­cally human life. So, the content of many web­pages and the  plan of site were reasse­ssed. Only four choices of menu lead to issues related to human life and society, separated as it was in the books: The INNER DIRECTION - MAN & SOCIETY - COSMOS & LIFE. Under the KNOWLEDGE & THINKING menu option are found­ational thoughts focused on the close relation between information, knowledge and thinking. Selected excerpts and pages from the books, short and extensive abstracts and books are offered from few separated web-pages purely for down­load and for printing (download­_files.htm in Gr edition).


In October 2019 the name cosmonomy.eu was re­served. The name was valuated as representational of co­smo­logy but even more broadly as relevant to the laws of the cosmos, without the concept of "law" being confined to natural phenomena. It was also appreciated that general thoughts on universal and diachronic phenomena and world laws are of global interest. The web-pages as well as text-books should be read by more people, beyond the author's small country of origin under this suitable name.


His author's work is protected with the laws about intellectual property. For the copy and republication of a part or total of the content (from site and books) the author demands for the indication of source and his name and not commercial use.

For intellectual rights more widely:

In bulky content of this digital publication maybe are included some files of small pictures, a short extract of a music track, a few lines javascript code or a text, for which it should is taken authorization. In such case, inform me and if is required, the particular intellectual content will be removed immediately. The author apprai­sed that it was not de­serve to investigates tedi­ously and thoroughly this case if a short extract of audiovisual content has be used or included in his great, daily, long-term and non-profit attempt to presents and facilitates under­standing of his important theories.

It will be useful for the author to receives comments and opinions and to answers in your queries. It is likely however, his answer is delayed and asks your compre­hension. Surely, your queries, contestations and obser­vations will give him an occasion in order to clarify, cor­rect and unfolds more his thoughts. You can contact and dispatch your opinions via the electronic post from the following e-mail: e-mail 


I thank you and wish you find satisfactory answers and if no these, then my own work to constitute a source of inspiration and encouragement for your own efforts!


Konstant G. Nikol

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Main and central ideas of cosmonomy.eu in general terms


primary source

<•> The purpose of all thoughts on this site is summarized as follows: The materialistic way of life is based on many imaginings, fables, fictions, mistakes and lies, not on self-knowledge and coincides with egocentric way of life and attitude. For this reason, the materialistic way of life conflicts to reality as a unified total of things and so egocentric life go down in dead end, with many disap­pointments and unnecessary problems. Egoism, avidity, silliness and paranoid intellect are some other views of the materialistic way of life and perception. This moral lesson can be synopsized in a slogan: >>>

knowledge without ethic is aimless






What are the issues and how are they divided. The answers are not one-sided. Answers and thoughts on other issues have been taken into account



Thoughts about the boundaries and essence of the world and on close relation between nature, life and human society, which began with the first and most common observations, in accordance with the rules of logic and with a method of downgrading meaningless information. They have been divided into separate books, and all books in their digital form are included in a single edition, after many years of effort - nearly four decades.


Comprehensive Answers, not unilateral, namely:

+Moral / Psychological   +Rational   +Political   +Cosmological


<•> All thoughts from a rational principle: For the formation of know­ledge, the concept of truth and knowledge, the principle of senses, the difference between thinking and senses, the reco­gnition of reliability, the mental indeterminacy and fantasy.

<•> Intelligent (mental) and cosmological ethic. The regulatory power of thinking for human life and behavior. The inseparable relation of thinking and intellect from human life and beha­vior. The spiritual relationship of human with itself.

<•> Cosmological theory by removing useless information, reducing physical pheno­mena to the most general phenomena (to a few funda­mental ones), simpli­fication of concepts. Rational inter­pretation of the structure of matter and astro­nomical world. Calculations according to measurements of physics, investigation of natural limits, theo­retical obser­vations and inve­stigation of coincidences. How natural laws and forces are applied.

<•> Life, human and society. Spiritual orientation: The global ethic without the cloak of religion. The intellectual revolution for a moral State (without cheaters, speculators, and embezzlers of confidence, from one person only or from a group under legal coverage). The intellectual orientation (moral) for society and for the role of the State.

<•> Review to earlier philosophical efforts, extracts from philo­sophical works, comments and valuations through contempo­rary knowledge and experience. Philosophy, religion and belief.


* More... in the books


A Unified Answer, not unilateral, that is to say:  >>>


Particularly the following concepts are supported and formulated:





///////////////// BRIEF VIEWS ON IDENTITY AND PURPOSE OF THE SITE /////////////////


primary source

In the options below you can read briefly some views that give a stigma about the purpose of the site and ideology of the author. This is, not to change your point of view, but mainly to be able to assess where you agree or disagree on certain issues that are considered important.



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© Konstant G. Nikoloudakis, ©2010 ISBN 978-960-93-2431-1, ©2012 ISBN 978-960-93-4040-3

What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words




Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 



scientific instruments



compass in the brain

sense organs


The texts and designing of web-pages continue to modified and revised.


Do you discover the philosophy accidentally now? What is the Philosophy. Philosophy & reality >>>►


κοσμολογία, cosmology, in German: Kosmologie, in Italian and Portuguese: cosmologia, in France: cosmologie, in Spanish: cosmología, in Russian: космология, in Chinese: 宇宙论, in Hindi: ब्रह्मांड विज्ञान (), in Turkish: kozmoloji, in Swedish and Norwegian: kosmologi, in Arabic: الكوزمولوجيا علم الكونيات , in Hebrew: קוסמולוגיה

φιλοσοφία, philosophy, in German: Philosophie, in Italian and Portuguese: filosofia, in France: philosophie, in Spanish: filosofía, in Russian: философию, in Chinese: 哲学, in Hindi: दर्शन (tattvadnyaan), in Turkish: felsefe, in Swedish and Norwegian: filosofi, in Arabic: الفلسفة , in Hebrew: פילוסופיה


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