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Things are not created and are not linked to isolated relations of physics, chemistry, astronomy, economics, generally of specialized sciences






An integrated / comprehensive Answer, namely:


Moral, Psychological, Rational, Political, Cosmological



cn sign<•> There is a single answer that raises different issues rationally. From expressed thoughts about a cluster of similar issues (eg the question of how we distinguish the truth and how our thinking influenced from desires), some conse­quences are drawn that touch our views on many other issues (eg how much reliable is the history and about events that we have learn). We are not talking about explaining a distinct and rare phenomenon. We are talking about a large package of many answers and an interpretation from which it is revealed how a number of phenomena and many separate issues are connected. That is, the answer to the questions is unified and not one-sided. One-sided answer = That is, a partial answer according to conjectures and by choosing a reality detached from other cha­racteristics and laws, if not by choosing a world of our imagination.

Let's analyze it a bit.

Moral Response. Because without thinking about the destination of life, without appreciating the spiritual priority of life to itself and without regulating behavior with spiritual values, knowledge will not solve our problems. On the contrary, with knowledge but no morality we are living misled, knowledge is used for every exploitation, politics repro­duces injustice and whole societies are crazy, if not destroyed.

Psychological response. The soul without morality and without the fallacies be removed can not calm down. Without our thinking in spiritual orientate and with a life seduced by personal experience, morality remains casual and human logic becomes discriminatory. We still need our awareness of our reality and weaknesses and get rid of our fantasies with spiritual cultivation. Also, we can not talk about human life and soul and leave out social and political phenomena (out of our thinking). Are you talking about human life without the spiritual compass of morality and with the dream that life can be smooth and so as we plan?

Rational Answer. Because we start with the appreciation, that some truths are more obvious than some others and we are looking for credibility. We doubt about what we can not confirm in our own experience, we put our opinions in a series, we recognize weaknesses for full knowledge and simplify our knowledge. We look for the error when the conclusions negate the original thought. We are thinking with the optimistic logic that the world and the facts exist with laws and all things are somehow connected and explained. Have you knowledge without thinking and without being able to appreciate the reliability of your information? Do you believe or refuse only according to your expe­ctations and interests?

Answer that is political. Because, apart from human co-operations and controversies, society needs laws that respect morality (with spiritual orientation) and the human logic that does not conflict with natural laws. It necessary to being prevent the exploitation of human weaknesses, people to being protected of abuse of trust also from thugs, whether be simple bums whether be famous and are in positions of power. People must live in a society conducive to their spiritual cultivation and moral improvement. Are you talking about social problems without the spiritual purpose of life and without the moral perspective of the state?

Answer that is even cosmological. Because if we ignore the physical laws and the weaknesses of man in the material world, immature views and fantasies (such as religious ones) are formed and through on every occasion from personal and occasional experience. Everyone believes in his own god and lives in his own imaginary world, while with exaggerated expectations and mad wishes, man behaves in an arrogant way, his thoughts are trapped in the social environment and exhausted in efforts that do not bring happiness. Generally, from natural world research and from cosmology, we are expecting unambi­guous answers to the questions of the principle of Life and existence of God, which are also inseparable from ethic. Are you talking about happiness, morality and human relationships without thinking on natural laws, with contempt for human weaknesses and with disdain for the great ignorance of reality? Also, for cosmological research, we can not rule out the usefulness of questions on knowledge and human thinking, and the closest relationship that lifestyle has to spiritual cultivation and intellectual abilities.


Take into account the whole cosmos




cover of book* Here's a brilliant example of a unified answer from a book on a Global Ethics: From the subversive (moral) view about the relation of thinking and infor­mation with deception of a human life, we come to the subversive (socio­logical) point of view about the facilitation and protecting for deceivers under State laws and about engaging of the State in partner­ships that have no moral priority. How will we observe this important relation (of deception) if we only focus on issues of psycho­logy or politics alone?



* The philosophers are people with research spirit who can not restrict their thinking to one detached thing. Since ancient times, they have ultimately realized that the whole world is somewhat connected to our lives, while the senses present a world in a gradual, fragmentary and relative way. As it was written in the philosophical book "Theology of Science," 2000 edition:

cover of 1st book

"Things are not created and linked to isolated relations of physics, chemistry, astronomy, economics, generally of specialized sciences" p. 338

"The limited things exist and are made with a common and immediate principle (...) and not only with abstract relations of specialized sciences" p. 387

"If reality as a whole was not directly by itself as an independent and self-defined existence, then stability, unity and quality would be impossible in material - external activity and therefore any intellectual development in time." p. 388



The credibility of the answers by the experts and the solutions to problems... for which we often pay:



Newspaper An answer or solution may be right, however, in most cases answers are given with many hypotheses that we usually conceal. That is, we expect a result with assumptions such as: If we have our health. If the other family members are well in their health. If we live in the same house, in the same area, with the same work and with the same income. If the same friendships and partnerships are maintained. If we can find the same things on the market and offer the same services. If the technologies we are familiar with do not change. If our acquaintances and friends will think with the same opinions and considerations. If we do not have to pay a lot of money for an extraordinary event. If the same government policy is implemented. If some lies do not spread against us. If the unsightly flaw on the epidermis or our body is not healed. If we have the same desire and patience. If our good relationship with loved ones does not spoil. If our appearance will be the same. If the difference in age does not prevent. If, after better knowledge and information, our opinion does not change (own or of others). If our love affair does not spoil. If what we usually eat is just as safe for our health. These are few possible assumptions that we leave out of our thoughts and discussions, and without the details of each case. While theoretically infinite "if" determines or changes a specific result for something as unstable as a human's life in the future and within an unbalanced society. Even the clearer knowledge of the experts, they predict the results in fantastic conditions, while the application of knowledge in the real world does not ensure the same results. Instead, a number of consequences are produced and caused by the contribution of all the details and all the different things, and - we don't forget - with our own decisive choices. That's why smart predictions, wise and cautious guidelines for desired results, and while the things appear convincing, can easily be disputed and overturned by people who ignore the issues. Justifiably everyone has a little or more anxiety until they see the results. Unfortunately, again, a success can be followed by unbelievable surprises and our dreams being refuted.



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An integrated / comprehensive Answer, not unilateral, namely:

+Moral / Psychological  +Rational  +Political  +Cosmological


<•> Intelligent (mental) and cosmological ethic. The regulatory power of thinking for human life and behavior. The inseparable relation of thinking and intellect from human life and beha­vior. The spiritual relationship of human with itself.

<•> All thoughts from a rational principle: For the formation of know­ledge, the concept of truth and knowledge, the principle of senses, the difference between thinking and senses, the reco­gnition of reliability, the mental indeterminacy and fantasy.

<•> Life, human and society. Spiritual orientation: The global ethic without the cloak of religion. The intellectual revolution for a moral state (without cheaters, speculators, and embezzlers of confidence, from one person only or from a group under legal coverage). The intellectual orientation (moral) for society and for the role of State.

<•> Cosmological theory by removing useless information, reducing physical pheno­mena to the most general phenomena (to a few funda­mental ones), simpli­fication of concepts. Rational inter­pretation of the structure of matter and astro­nomical world. Calculations according to measurements of physics, investigation of natural limits, theo­retical obser­vations and inve­stigation of coincidences. How natural laws and forces are applied.

<•> Review to earlier philosophical efforts, extracts from philo­sophical works, comments and valuations through contempo­rary knowledge and experience. Philosophy, religion and faith.







<•> More... in the books

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What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words




Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 




scientific instruments




sense organs


A mark of correctness and consistency of each theory: Theory not only describes or explains a phenomenon, but it answers also in queries that this same causes.


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