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How the research fields were divided for the books

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A Complete Universe as Free Space and the Inner Direction as a Universal Constant (Cosmonomy)

©2020 ISBN 978-618-85170-0-4

primary source

Books with original, multifaceted and enlightening content (books to be translated) have included in one Digital Edition (more than 4500 printed pages A5). With the most little expectations, a treasure of thoughts will induce us to think for a lot of years. Everyone will be convinced, that the philosophy did not die yet and on the contrary is upgraded and modernized!

The most ad­vanced cosmological theory of the structure of the Universe and matter with entire rational analysis of thoughts has been methodically unfolded and worded in Greek language and divided in three books. The physical interpretation of the structure of the Universe and matter began in '80s decade from fundamental phenomena, with few general principles and rules of reason*, ordinary vocabulary and with thoughts and observations that anyone can appreciate, without being a teacher or a researcher in a labo­ratory. But this rational interpretation succeeded in directing the research to the right questions, unifying many issues by revealing the fundamental phe­nomena and how they are differentiated. Providing rational solutions and answers in language of physics, introducing necessary mathematical equations and first calcu­lations that confirm physics interpretation. Particular issues that usually emerge through random obser­vations and discoveries and are explored with the most up-to-date techno­logical instru­ments and as if they were clearly separate in nature, they appear simplified through rational thinking and as have derived from the conservation of natural laws and energy. In the long run, the issues were not confined to physical phenomena and to a cosmological inter­pretation, and every expectation was exceeded. But issues were separated and thoughts settled as required by rational research so that consistency and priority in the questions that need to be answered are not lost before the thinking goes into more complex issues. The answers to how nature works and what has as its essence and what is the beginning of life simplified as all people would like to hear, but also discoveries that are being published for first time and will upset physics and human views about Life and World, forever!


* Rational thoughts that is: Thoughts with a method of downgrading needless information, with method of abduction inference (abductive reasoning) and with deductive reasoning through only one principle. Physical phenomena are revealed as they exist combined in the world as totality and depe­ndent by few funda­mental functions.





Much of the three books was translated into English for the presentation of the entire cosmological theory in a single book

open book THE (COMPLETE) UNIVERSE & THE DYNAMIC FREE SPACEThe fundamental thoughts and relations for the interpretation of nature (with its variety). Volume I in Gr language

A rational and unified theory on time, space, matter and forces. What they did­n't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words. A cosmological theory that begun to formulated in decade of 80's with the fundamental thought of a uni­verse into a maximum time lag, in which the universe is the same and stable with all possible ways, forever. Nature and physical phenomena are explained by a total amount of energy, which was logically identified with the free space and by rapid fluctuations of this constant energy, which were logically identified with particles and matter.

|| Pages 562 | 14.60×21.00cm (~A5) | Border: L2.0 - R2.0 - T2.0 - B2.0 | JUNE 2014

|| Pages 594 | 17.60×25.00cm (B5) | Border: L2.6 - R2.6 - T2.6 - B2.6 | JUNE 2023 (reprint)

 (1st edition: ISBN 978-960-9504-68-3 ©2012, pages 596)


open book THE (COMPLETE) UNIVERSE & THE DYNAMIC FREE SPACEThe universal physical constants and the mathematic limits of physical changes. Volume II (concisely and choicely in Gr language)

The unified theory on time, space, matter, forces and investigation with initial information of physics. The extension and application of fundamental relations that were formulated in the 1st volume, for calculations according to the information of known physics. How do the speed of light is associated with the nega­tive inertia of the free space and how a multitude of wave phenomena are caused at most fast rates and they are appeared otherwise between them and finally, they shape structural elements which are summarized in the word "matter". The simplest calculations (for high school students) under the guidance of the rational interpretation of the structure of the nature and matter reveal the wave principle of the structural elements, that is, that they are oscillations and wave phenomena.

|| Pages 302 | 14.60×22.00cm (~A5) | On FEB/09/2012

|| Pages 254 | 17.60×25.00cm (Β5) | L2.5 - R2.5 - TOP2.6 - 2.7 | On 9/02/2013

Investigation and calculations

open book THE (COMPLETE) UNIVERSE, MATTER AND LIFEA unified theory on time, space, matter and intellect. Volume III (separated in Gr language).

“BIG” QUESTIONS - SHORT ANSWERS.  Exceeding the region of physics… One than the bigger overthrows that the cosmological theory of "a com­plete and stabilized - inside a max period - Universe" brings it is, the phenomenon of life is connected with the known natural laws for first time and doesn't remain bro­ken away such as a precipice without bridge in a split (material - intellectual) nature. The keyword is: timing of structural elements (synchronization) with the dynamic par­ticipating of the complete Universe, where is realized relatively via the free space. The close relation between soul with mind and timing of the structural elements and all these together with the Cosmos as simultaneous Whole which is offered as shared and balanced energy (in the form of a free space).

|| Pages 420 | 14.80×21.00cm (A5) | AUG. 2013

Thoughts from this unpublished book have been translated and included in a separate book as a second volume that complements the first (optional)





open book COMPLETE UNIVERSE, DYNAMIC SPACE, WAVE PHENOMENA Subtitle: How the natural laws and forces are applied. The fundamental concepts for a rational Cosmology (Cosmo­nomy).

(The unified theory of time, space, matter and intellect in English. An overview of above 3 books and an improved resume).

This theory should be not assessed as if it were only a physics theory of professors nor as if it were only a philosophical theory. The professors will realize, that the cosmological theory contains physics but the mathematical tools used are of a low level and so, inadequate. The professors of philosophy will realize that it is a tedious theory being mixed with physics, while this was not necessary. Neither the ones nor the others would understand this cosmological theory...

|A| Pages 552 | 21.00×29.70cm (A4) | L3.5 - R3.5 – T2.5 – B3.0 | TNR12 | ©2021

|B| Subtitle of the supplementary book: Universe and matter, Spirit and life

Pages 144 | 21.00×29.70cm (A4) | L3.5 – R3.5 – T2.5 – B3.0 | TNR12 | ©2021

ISBN 978-618-85170-1-1 (set)


open book THE PHILOSOPHERS AND PHILOSOPHY Spirit, God, matter and Universe in Philosophy. Quick retrospection and annotation in the philosophical efforts since the antiquity until today. Philosophy, religion and faith. After last thoughts and newer answers in cosmological questions...

|| Pages 670 | 14.80×21.00cm (A5) | Aug 2020

Under treatment…

open book

THE GLOBAL ETHIC OF INNER ORIENTATION (in linkage with human thinking). Subtitle: Human fantasies and lies without self-knowledge

This book (in two volumes) focalizes on an up-to-date Ethic for spiritual orientation and has prospect as a world manifesto, because Ethic is presented as science and not need the imagination of religions. Many necessary and fundamental thoughts are synopsized in four clusters of issues, that lay the foundations for a moral life, with admin­istration of thinking and having into account the natural laws that restrict the human possibilities (that is to say, an Ethic that don't ignores the natu­ral laws, the reality and cosmology). This Ethic is unified with rational, impartial and exploratory thinking and fixed on inner values (virtues) that give us reliability (intellectual or mental Ethic). Without an unbiased and research thinking, without honesty and awareness of our ig­norance for things, without proper information and appreciation, human life can not be calm and drifting into unjust and pointless action. Thoughts extend to soci­ologi­cal and political issues linking global ethic with trust and co-operation. 

|| Pages 600 | 17.20×24.40cm (~Β5) | L2.5 - R2.5 - T2.1 - B2.5 | JUNE 2014

ISBN 978-960-93-6089-0 | ©2014 | pages 600 | Print on Demand

open book THE GLOBAL ETHIC OF INNER ORIENTATION. Subtitle: The complete universe participates inwardly in processes

The contemporary Ethic with inner destination (in conjunction with the human thinking) radically is supported with simple thoughts for the natural restrictions of life and unified with natural laws (that is to say, an Ethic that don't ignores the cosmology). This part separated as a volume for technical reasons about dimensions and price of the book. The universal Ethic with straight role of a human spirit for itself is complemented in this book with thoughts and findings about the nature for everyone who don't hesitate in order to transcend the theoretical confines between related issues.

|| Pages 190 | 17.20×24.40cm (~Β5) | L2.5 - R2.5 - T2.1 - B2.5 | © 2014


open book MANIFESTO FOR A GLOBAL ETHIC IN SPIRITUAL PROSPECTS. Subtitle: Life without self-knowledge is normal, but not moral

The fundamental aspects and necessary considerations for a global Ethic. The complete treatise span a multiple number of pages. The publication of entire book in a large num­ber of copies and written in the Greek language is costly. On the side of a reader, it would take most time to reads and understands it as a whole, and moreover so that his thoughts would not be lost on some lines that would draw his attention. The treatise for the permanent relationship between human life, action and thinking, consolidated as a modernized Ethic, independent of religious views, it has the prospect of a global manifesto. Religions degraded by global Ethic with spiritual orientation. But also, the excessive expectations of the Science are being restrain abruptly and the writer reveals, how the spiritual weaknesses are offer advantage for any deception and thus the injustice in human relations repro­duced.

|| Pages 240 | 14.80×21.00cm (Α5) | L2.0 - R2.0 - T2.0 - B2.0 | TNR11 | 2016

Print on Demand

open book THE REALITY IN OUR THINKING IS CLOSE TO FANTASY. Subtitle: Information, knowledge and deception

Selection and summaries on the relationship of information with life, from the book titled "The Global Ethics of Inner Orientation" and the subtitle "Human Fantasies and Lies Without Self-Knowledge". Introduction to the Global Ethic of Spiritual Orientation. The development of sciences, the ease of information, the world experience and educational system have not extinguished foolishness and unreasonable views from society. Instead, they have also reinforced reactive and immature views. Instead of more doubt, they cultivated an illusion of best knowledge, allure human spirit with rewards, and encourage hasty estimates and efforts. It turns out that knowledge is approaching imagination, and these two almost coincide particularly when thoughts are externalized with oral speech. In this finding, we conclude not only with a description of how knowledge is formed, but also of everyday experience of human behavior (megalomania), which is interpreted by mistakes, lies, paranoia, and inconsistency.

| Pages 248 | 17.20×24.40cm (~Β5) | Α2.5 - Δ2.5 - Π2.5 - Κ2.5 | TNR12 | 2015/18

Print on Demand

open book THE THEOLOGY OF SCIENCE ◄ Subtitle: Theory of a complete time and relativity of energy. A unified theory on time, space, matter and intellect.

The first philosophical book that published in January 2000 written in Greek (GR publication, Dodoni Editions, pages 448, ISBN 960-385-019-5). In this book, many fundamental concepts are formulated in first time - between other main questions of Philosophy - that are important for the rational investigation of nature and will appraise them a reader who has such an interest. Nature is rationally and abstractly described and many natural phenomena are explained by a total amount of energy, which was logically identified with the free space and by rapid fluctuations of this generic energy, which were logically identified with particles and matter. Without calculations and mathematics, with the method of pro­ductive reasoning (deduction and abduction reasoning) and proof by contradiction (reductio ad absurdum) as few great philosophers had perceived and exploited. Modern physicists would not dare to think so generally, nor do they have such interest, because despise or ignore this rational method of thinking. In this book the first thoughts are formulated and advanced on the key issues of philosophy, which further unfolded and clarified in the above separate books. Under what conditions this book "The Theology of Science" was written would be another interesting book ...

Limited edition in GR

21.00×29.70cm (Α4), 17.60×25.00cm (Β5), 14.80×21.00cm (A5)


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CD-R printed


What they didn't think in Physics and Philosophy... with common words



Intellect (or spirit) has not greatest opportunity than of knowing, of maintaining itself as an end in itself and for forming its self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the meaning of happiness, the essence of logic and the aim of ethic. The egocentricity and delusion solely these themselves are the biggest destruction without any action, and they are immediately related with surrender in fortune. Life without intellect is non-existent and without self-control and self-knowledge it was, is and always will be and everywhere in the Universe an insufficient and unsatisfied life, a self-deluded, seduced, and randomly life and a life with aimless action, despite any other possibilities, that we can imagine. 




scientific instruments



compass in the brain

sense organs


 A mark of correctness and consistency of each theory: Theory not only describes or explains a phenomenon, but it answers also in queries that this same causes.


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