What will be the proof about the existence of God in the modern cosmology and physics ?





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The question about the relation between structural elements (matter) and phenomenon of life and with mental phenomena was proved an of the most difficult issues in human research. Almost no one however, did not think that this difficulty does not emanate from a bridgeless segregation of nature (between life and matter), nor due of presence of an other different cosmos, that science does not have technological means of observing. Up to now, human thought is tied up in certain words as they have delivered by unknown depths of antiquity, like an edgy dog that waits for a boss. Some words needed  in order to they remind us that human being thinks and feel, somehow aches, wishes, moves itself and acts creatively according to certain ideas. Some words needed in order to they remind us that we live in an immense nature with a lot of weaknesses and the need to we regulate our life with certain rules. Somehow few of short words were formulated about these observations in which all persons almost agree (such as are soul, spirit, mind, sensation, god) and since then, these words constitute main concepts of our experience about phenomenon of life, without we need more thoughts in order to understand. Earlier philosophers these short words found and used in order to supplement their interpretation on creation of cosmos and to describe, how few structural elements can be to shape complex things. With these same words, today, 2500 years afterwards, modern researchers reject and do not imagine the attendance of phenomenon of life for the existence and regulation (and for timing) of the structural elements in nature.


An overthrow and a progressive observation that the cosmological theory on "a complete and stabilized Universe - inside a maximal period" brings is, that phenomenon of life is connected with the known physical laws and doesn't remain outside, such as a bridgeless jump of a divided (material-intellectual) nature. For first time, although in initial stage, the presence of life is interpreted and based on interpretation of the creation of matter and Universe. Up to now, the cosmos appears to begins by (comparatively) few structural elements and things to connected each other only from their out. Almost all people (and particularly who have scientific education) have this idea, that things are results only from external phenomena and each one is changing with actions of others and all things together constituted by certain structural elements. Many humans still continue and resist in this scientific perception and they imagine, that material things coexist with a spiritual cosmos and with some bodiless live forces. The scientific (and materialistic) perception is not erroneous, however contains half truth. The other opinion, that blends invisible live existences in material nature and such as have named with fantasy (supernatural god, bodiless souls or spirits, spiritual forces, invisible substances and many other fantasies...), unfortunately it is a primitive opinion and absolutely erroneous. Nor the scientific perception, neither the fantastic opinions have a serious explanation and with possibility of control for how life is presented in a material nature. Take into account further, an answer in this question (about appearance of life in a material nature) will not constitute only an advanced interpretation of phenomenon of life, but moreover leads also to better comprehension for the role of life into nature and for physical processes.


I have place the following question on the web pages in order to we do not forget an enormous void that exists still in the most modern theories as describe the Universe (as a distribution of quantities):

Have they wondered in modern cosmology, how much can be ad­vanced a physical interpretation about the Universe, such as theory that few researchers dream, if this theory does not offer a minimal knowledge so as presence of life in to Universe to explained? Cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and considered as prevailing do not open any path to this direc­tion of nature. This impasse should puzzles physicists and not to they leave this question unsolvable or to answer in theology. Have they wondered why life and soul begin from microscopic di­mensions and not by combination of coarse material bodies? Life and soul begin from the most microscopic dimensions and no by combination of big material bodies. By no means accidental it is not!




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