Theory on a complete time and the relativity of energy
(A unified theory about time, space and matter)



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What do differentiates h f such as an energy and radiation than h f  like a mass? What do the role of the speed c2 ?


With the terms of Physics.


In quantum physics is well acquaintance the relation that exists between the energy, frequency and mass. The initial discovery for the transfer of energy at minimal quantities of physicist Planck (action constant h = 6,62606 ×10-34 J s) and the widening of this relation with Einstein's work, and moreover the famous mathematic relation that evens mass with energy (E=Μ c2) they are constitute an old start for the description and calculation of matter such as an electro­magnetic phenomenon, with relations of frequency f, length λ and quantity of energy E. Even the artists presents the simple equation E=m c2 in order to they remind us concisely the beginning of a big change in our opinions about matter and energy, the beginning of new season for the research in nature and in order to they symbolize the impulse of science and technology and the force that the knowledge gives in the human. Really, this confirmed relation marks a new season for the scientific research. This, however the relation is connected with certain other relations, that are so simple and important, however were not presented by physicists in order to they cause the same big impression… The minimal quantity h multiplied by a frequency f amounts (equivalence) with quantity of energy (energy that bring the electro­magnetic waves with the " null " mass of the photons). The same,  mass on the square in speed of light amounts also with energy, that is to say:


h f = Μ c2 = E  and  Μ = h f / c2  = h /cλ = h / f λ2  or  Μ = Mmin x f


With mass M we can find frequency f and reversely. When we multiply the Planck's constant h  by a minimal frequency 1Hz results a minimal quantity of energy Emin = h x1Hz. The minimal quantity h on each other frequency f gives us multiples quantity of energy Ε=hf. When on the contrary, we divide the quantity of energy with a certain frequency, then results the minimal quantity of energy h=E/f .


Because the reverse of the frequency is (periodic) time t = 1/f is also in effect t = h/E. We do not forget, that in the microscopic dimensions, a mass M does not exist in (stable) situation of rest and we use the measurement in kg for reasons of comprehension and simplification. In physics, it is known and we should take in our consideration, the formula c= f λ is valid for the calculation of frequency and length for the electro­magnetic waves only and for the photons, that are considered without mass. However, this aspect does not prevent to we speak with term of frequency, when we observe phenomena of repetition and similar quantities that change multiple or sub-multiple.

With mathematic observation, the presence of mass M results from square (2) in λ (in the formula Μ=h/fλ2 = h/cλ), provided that the all rests are constant sizes (h, λf, c). However, the λ  that gives mass with the particular type, it is altered. The change of length λ amounts again with the constants (h, c). Hence some of the constants is altered or all the constants are altered so the combination gives constants. Immediately is created the question, what is the physical constant that is altered also how many is the limit of this change. (In the above simple relations is need to include the potential change in the determinative speed Vmax = c and is investigated the relation of radius r with the quantity and concentration of energy and with the radius of the space, where the energy is extracted). 


The length λ that we attribute in mass of particles, we can see as the length of wave that corresponds in an equivalent quantity of energy E =h f and according to known relation E=Mc2, as if this were energy of electro­magnetic wave (after in these waves is in effect the relation h f). The mass however is not simply a quantity h f but a quantity h f/c2 that divided from the speed of light at square. When we know a frequency f then we can find also some length λ, given that λ=c/f


Observe still, that the energy and mass in the formulas are presented like reversely from each other. Their difference results from the role of the speed c.

E = h c / λ  |  Μ = h / c λ


E = h c /λ = M c2 = h f      and     M = h / c λ = Ε / c2 = h f / c2



We observe, the first useful mathematic relations for the description of structure of matter and shaping of mass. The minimal quantity of energy Emin = h 1Hz is connected with the minimal frequency fmin and the biggest length λmax=c/fmin. As long as the frequency f increases, also increases the quantity of energy h f and it  minimizes the length λ (from c/f and λ=h/M c). In increased frequency and quantity of energy amounts more mass (h fmax / c2 = Mmax). In more quantity of mass corresponds more quantity of energy and mass is connected with higher frequency and smaller length. Thus in the theoretical mass of unification (Mplanck =(h c/G) we find a maximum high frequency fmax, a most quantity of energy Emax and a minimal length λmin. When we observe phenomena of repetition and similar quantities that become in the multiple or sub-multiple quantities, then we can speak with terms of frequency and about corresponding distance or a time delay. Logically the questions: What is the limit in the highest frequency or in the minimal period? What conditions cause the phenomenon of rhythmical accumulation or the reduction of the energy (of the free space) and what conditions maintaining constant ? 

The initial and simple formulas with which we calculate mass here, the frequency and other relative sizes do not suffice in order to they describe the structure of the sub-atomic matter. Theoretically, they can be applied unlimitedly, without they express obligatorily the things. Theoretically, all the quantities of energy, frequency, length, speed and other remaining, can be changed the one in the other and express themselves with other units. The mass of one kilo and its frequency that results mathematically (1kg c2 / h), is an example of abuse in the mathematic logic, when we apply it in the things ignoring the explanation of phenomena. For each quantity of mass can be calculated a frequency and an equivalent quantity of energy.

We will observe, that the all quantities of energy, frequency, length, speed and remaining can be changed the one in the other and finally be changed in kilograms (kg) and express themselves with the term of " mass ". In the structure of matter however, is not found so much big variety of particles for the creation of mass. On the contrary, they are become changes from which result a small number than the theoretically possible particles, with more located presence. Very very little from these particles, as the electron and nucleons they are presented most decisive, regularly and separately for the existence of matter. With the first questions that come in the human brain, what is the cause and the conditions for which exist these minimal particles with these attributes and not other particles than many possible of our theoretical calculations. What do differentiates the energy hf comparatively in the energy of hf mass and in what is owed the presence of constant particles with the particular frequencies and masses?

Does the minimal quantity and constant h acquires energy when it is multiplied with a frequency theoretically or it constitutes a more inferior limit of quantity in the permanent transfer in the energy of the Universe, that it becomes permanently with the presence of " empty " free space? That is to say h = Emax / fmax ;

There where the wave energy is transmitted and assembled with the higher frequency does cause increase of energy on the free space? Or is become the faster substitution in a point where the energy is decreased? Still, we can think the case, it become the biggest decrease in the energy when the energy is decentralised with the highest frequency. Does mass present itself in the points of concentration or decrease of energy? Different particles testify different rate of concentration or substitution of energy. In the formula h = Emax / fmax, in order to increases the quantity h and it gives more energy it should the frequency fmax is decreased. In order to remains stable the quantity h when the frequency f is decreased, should the quantity of energy in the numerator it is decreased also.

The frequency fmax is it with which the free space permanently does transmit the energy in order to substitutes its losses? In this case, we observe a relation of highest frequency fmax with the change of a minimal quantity of energy and the maintenance of a maximum quantity of energy Emax. In this case, if the free space does not transmit energy with the highest frequency fmax, then will be presented points with decreased energy, which will be so much more decreased as long as smaller is the frequency of substitution.

It should we explain how of many possible particles we perceive only a minimal number (regularly and decisive for the presence of the usual matter). Near in this theoretical problem, it should find the mathematic and completed answer in the question also, why mass is separated and is shared in a bigger number of particles and it does not remains as an entire body. The sure is that, the transfer of energy becomes in order to is not decreased the energy and reversely, the energy is decreased, because is transmitted and substituted with some delay. And naturally, in these changes in the energy of the free space are involved the known phenomena of gravity, electric charge and the " nuclear force ". From the start, we have observed the opposition between gravitational energy and in the presence of mass, which is presented as repulsive force. Also, we have observed the two opposite ways of the wave motion, the centralized of gravity and decentralizing of light. The mass resemble is found in the decentralizing " in same aspect " with light, as an extreme electro­magnetic phenomenon with waves in the highest frequencies...

Did the leading physicists make all these questions before they ask answers in the most complicated questions, also before they seek solutions in more complicated phenomena? Probably not, as shown by the progress of physics




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Simple relations of physics, which the most capable researchers use them in order to they solve the most tangled mathematic problems and find solutions in the impasses of modern physics, these relations should they had been supplemented and delimited by the professionals physicists. A lot of decades were lost and now, a philosopher reveals, that the simple formulas of physics could be supplemented of a student of medium education! Unless deliberately the simple observations have not been propagated because they lead to new technologies...>>>►  

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