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"Πολλά τα σήματα ότι αγέννητο και ανώλεθρο είναι το ον
πλήρες και ατάρακτο, για πάντα και ατελεύτητο.

Ουδέποτε ήταν ούτε θα γίνει επειδή είναι τώρα όλο,
ένα,συνεχές... "

                                                              ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΔΗΣ 6ος αι  Π.Κ.Χ.



Why the central idea in the Big Bang Theory is the greatest stupi­dity in history of sciences ?  

1) They accepted an absurdity, which it has been observed and analyzed from the known philosophers, a lot of centuries before and with impressive logic from the ancient Greek philosophers.

2) They left the question in dark of what might have been before a Creation of the Universe and how much different could be a previous reality. Defiantly they ignored such an explanation and almost they prohibited us to we wonder about this question, with a ridiculous argument, that time did not exist before the creation - "time", a so much abstracted concept.

3) They infringed systema­tically their own axiom of the " conservation of energy " and they opened gates in absurdity, implying that an other reality exists, where does not have relation with our reality, as we have been taught in physics.

4) Scorn in philosophy and in creative thought for thousands thinkers and philosophers. Since older years, many philosophers formulated all thoughts that prove, how all things are arranged by common laws or they obey in a same beginning or all things always connected with something common, or they are constituted by same substance.

5) They insisted and appeared provocatively and maintained longly-lasting an unscientific idea, an absurdity, without respect for the intelligence of unskilled, after with a minimal respect, it would be an enough warning about likely inversion of this idea, in each interview, in their speech, at briefing or with a simple state­ment.

6) This absurdity almost the world community of scientists accepted, between them the most famous scientists and those who were suitable and charged in order to such an error does not take place and strengthened.

7) They had what it takes, better tools, the most evolved techno­logical accout­rements, facilitations and abundant time, those which were also pro­fessionals, in certain cases with financing of enormous pecuniary sums, while ancient philosophers had only a millionth of their know­ledge.

8) They had all advantages in order to do not make such childish errors and fall in fallacy, as education, fame, ambition, briefing, collaboration and serious clues of fault, which they downgraded.

irrational supposition

9) In usual books of physics, were written the observations and information that reveal the correct direction of researches, so that are avoided the theoretical impasses and in order to had find the solutions. However, they had not the education and mentality that is needed in order to they can rethink logically and carefully. For umpteenth time, the candor was absent, the arrogance shone and precious time was lost. I ask you : Was it more logical, reliable and intelligent for an astro­physicist to reverses the highest frequency fmax (the end of electro­magnetic spectrum), makes a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then searches what existed in the first few moments? Researchers made this immature thought without have conscience! 






Almost entire scientific community have accepted as fact a creation of the Universe in the most distant past. All writers and journalists repeat as parrots for a lot of decades one of the bigger stupidities in science, with "insurance cover" from some leading physicists and astronomers. See now, how they will downgrade and justify this historical absurdity! The stupidity will be furthermore incredible, because the correction and revelation of the error did not achieve from professionals of scientific community and researcher astronomers. The complete (without impasses) answer in modern astro­physical questions and the correction in the Big Bang Theory will hears forever in the title " Theory of a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy" or in the alternative title " Theory on a Complete and Simul­taneous Universe".











Theory of a Complete Time and Relativity of Energy or Theory on a Complete also Common Time Universe: >>>



1st publication on Earth



* The effort for a unified and a total answer in questions that concern the creation and destination of world has begun from philosophers a lot of centuries ago and with powerful arguments. The possibility of a unified answer on these questions and the concept about existence of a common substance behind the multitude of different things and forces are not original thoughts and inspirations of some modern physicists, neither require more reliable scientific observations. Rather, they were slow to grasp this invisible reality, having come to the same conclusion by the most difficult course and ahead to impasse of the mechanistic perception of the world. In the book "History of Ancient Greece" by J. B. Burry & Russwell Meiggs we read, perhaps with some exaggeration:

"Thalis was not only the first scientist. He was also the first philosopher. Science and philosophy had not yet been separated. Thalis can be considered a precursor not only of Copernicus, Newton and Laplace but also of Descartes, Berkeley and Kant. He was looking for a common substance, a single principle that would explain the diversity of nature and reduce world in one unity and as a system. It does not matter that he found that principle to be water. His eternal value is that he sought such a principle". (217, Kardamitsa Publications, 1998)

Undoubtedly, some centuries before the coming of Jesus Christ, many philosophers had not only considered the possibility of the infinite multitude of phenomena being linked to some permanent relationship and to a single source, but were looking for them and in their time they had courage to formulate theories. Since then, many philosophers and researchers around the world who have declared the same thought (unification or monism, it is called) have appear.



circular time - completed and stabilised 99,9% Universe



► These observations strengthen the theory, that the structure of matter is created permanently by wave phenomena that are caused with maximum fluctuation in constant energy of the free space.







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