The impasse of self-existent structural elements and the wave phenomena



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Are particles the most microscopic parts of things (for example an electron) like distinguishable and assembled quantities or are they waves?

Researchers have observed and confirmed the phenomena, that are also caused in the two cases: to motion of particles and motion of waves. Many decades, physicists try to understand logically how is possible microscopic " things" in the structure of matter behave as material objects of classic physics (bodies) and some other times as waves. Physicists express this surprise and their query in their each simplified book and in occasion of some publication. This " dualism " in the existence of microscopic bodies constitutes one from the beloved subjects in each simplified book of physics, with the black holes and expansion of the free space. With enough dose of imagination and with literary artifices, they succeed to attract more readers and good sales in their books, usually leaving the queries unanswered and without the minimal effort to they write some new thoughts, that would help the research and creative thought.


This big query of physicists about the " divisive " in behavior of microscopic materials is connected (logically and mathematically) with their impasse and thoughtless opinion about the creation of Universe (space and time together in the absolute distant past). Then… they do not hesitate explain to us that time is relative! Has passed more time than three centuries from when the philosopher Spinoza lefts his philosophical theory. In his theory, things described frugally such as if these were ways of existence in one only common substance. Fortunately for the philosophy, Spinoza was not influenced from the mathematic power and robust empirically foundations of a newer theory that formulated his modern giant of science, Newton. Nearly one century of abundant scientific discoveries and still an inspired physicist does not places the problem with simple logical thoughts and more intelligible physical interpretation. This is an other paradigmatic weakness in science that shows the lack of imagination, lack of sharpness, weakness of logical thought without mathematics, cowardice and role of biases to the research, even in cases of research from well educated scientists. In the particular case here, the bias is older and difficult to be detected, because the daily experience strengthens it, with many and easy observations!


It is the bias about a clean segregation of things, in materials things and forces that things applied from each other. Creation of things described with this bias from few structural elements, which also are connected externally from each other, in similar exterior way that we observe in our visible world. Because, in science all things should be described clearly, with precision and without remains something inexplicable, physical forces were selected as in beauty contests, as something vaguest, less real and an inexplicable piece of world. So, researchers thought to determine better these invisible phenomena of interaction in order to disappear invisible forces. Their intelligent idea, they were inspired by the observation of interactions in microscopic scale. Thus the bias about a bridgeless segregation of world between in essential things and in insipid phenomena of action was supplemented with the thought, that invisible forces where act at distance need a mediation of concrete things, certain microscopic particles that are useful as carriers for the transmission of energy.


The bias that microscopic structural elements are connected each from other only with exterior and indirect effects (independent by the presence and form of a total of things) is the same bias, which did not leave the thought of researchers to see the impasse of the opinion about a Universe created by something else wholly different or by a quantity of structural elements. The Universe would not be nothing other without the evident existence of individual things. The individual things create the totality and determine a total form and physical limits. Laws and forces are theo­retical subterfuges in human thought or they emanate from rush a complication of particles. So, it did not need they think a role of the Whole for the maintenance and creation of individual things. This role is given in microscopic particles that have a " scientific " concrete existence and they can assemble the bigger things, after opposite is not logical. Thus, modern researchers accepted a foolish assumption about Big Bang Theory as something physical, while they considered unnatural and impossible an un­created Universe (in the contrary to the individual things). Because -by their logic- all the things are determined only of external connection and ultimately by micro­scopic particles, that also between them are connected with concretely forces...


Now, came time, where this blind philosophical opinion (a doctrine in Science and its consequences upset the fields in Ethics and Policy) is proved with mathematical relations erroneous. These mathematical relations succes­sfully are applied in things, after  should be adapted in order to they describe wave phenomena where they create particles and structure of matter! The structural elements of things constitute " snaps " and stagnant situations of oscillation in a common, constant and finite quantity of energy, in most high frequencies, so we observe this shared energy as " empty " space. Structural elements are created and maintained as particles in decreased fre­quencies and speeds by the higher frequencies of waves, that constitute the energy of free space. And the all called "particles" with their variety are not nothing other than quantities of (hf) energy that are exchanged extremely fast rates, rapidly and influenced from electro­magnetic phenomena.


The rational thought about a role of the Total of things for the existence and attributes of individual things has supported of earlier philosophers. About the role of form and common total on its individual elements has written many books and has become investigations in psychology. This simple thought about the essential role of the Total for its parts constitutes the main concept of the newer (1986-1998) philo­sophical and cosmological theory under the suggestive title " Theory of Complete Time and Relativity of Energy". From clarification of this newer philo­sophical theory (1999-2009), it became possible to be observed and formulated again this role of a Common Total of individual things for their existence and for the attributes of structural elements, with terms that are used in Physics. Thus, now, the role of the Totality is revealed in Physics, in the phenomenon of empty (free) space and with the electro­magnetic phenomena that are inherent and cause the presence of particles and their attributes. Perhaps, up to few years ago, no one physicist did not thinks insistently and prompt with his work to place rightly the problem on the structure of matter. We do not find easily some serious thought of a physicist in biblio­graphy and publications about this case, the structural elements constitute particular, new and unknown phenomena that are caused by electro­magnetic changes and wave effects. The marks were abundant and in this direction show.


 As we will see, the leading physicists since the decades that passed, they did not make the simplest thoughts and did not place the most obvious questions, before they place questions about the more complex phenomena and front they seek solutions in more complicated problems. The observation of limits in physical changes in general is one from many that escaped in physics, leaving intact the scientific doctrine about non-existence of limits in nature and downgrading the enormous experience from observations of periodical phenomena and despite the knowledge of the universal physical constants (mainly h, G, c, pi). In order to a constant relation comes out from a process, the quantities and sizes should be altered with a limit and made dependent each other at such way so as, when a quantity is decreased the other is increased also on the contrary. When we meet in nature a constant relation which belongs in a dynamic phenomenon or in a process of nature, if we are intelligent researchers, immediately it should we think, that this constant relation is results by certain changes that somehow balance from each other.


Already since the 20th century, some thoughts and opinions have been expressed about the decisive role of the free space in structure of matter. From the research heretofore, the clues and paradoxical phenomena had multiplied and certain physicists recognized the impasse of a physical interpretation on the structure of matter, if we had begin from separate particles. However, their these advanced thoughts, they made them with full weakness to interpret the presence of the free space, transferring again the problem about the creation of matter in order to is solved in unknown future with rocket a hope! They made their thoughts evaluating successfully after the information in modern research, without they interpret even in general, how itself the free space participates in the shaping of the structure of matter, how are result its attributes, how all the different phenomena are produced by changes in certain fundamental relations as transformations of a (stable) quantity of energy. Their contribution for the research would be more useful and original, even if they advanced in solution with rational thoughts and questions, in the case where it was not possible to advance with the mathematical language.


► Around us, exchanges of energy are happen and interactions with matter at frequencies more than 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and with the speed of light. Up to now, we didn't estimate this reality, we simplified it with the concept of the "free space" and perceived flippant its presence from electro­magnetic phenomena and gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in material developments with sums of energy, that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality they ignored in science. This reality participates permanently and simultaneously for entire material world, at the one point up to the utmost other… In physics, these quantities of energy where are exchanged and altered in extreme soon time intervals (t=1/f) have called "particles".

Do you speak still, about the total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of Big Bang ? The mass increases infinite at the maximum speed of light c or wave variations of free space happen at the maximum speed c and particles are generated if speed is reduced?




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Did they wonder in the modern cosmology, how advanced can be a physical interpretation about the Universe, such as the one that researchers dream, if their theory doesn't offer the minimal knowledge in order the presence of life in the Universe to be explained? The cosmological theories that have been formulated with mathematics and are considered prevailing theories do not open any passing to this direction of nature. Physicists would be supposed to understand this theoretical impasse more as responsible scientists, and they do not leave the problem unsolvable or for answer from theology. 

Life and soul begin from the microscopic dimensions and not by the combination of the coarse material bodies. By no means accidental it is not! The Universe is self-existent, because it is present, immutable and " solid " in limits of a maximum total time (max period) and for this reason the Universe is immediately existing. In other words, the all Universe exists simultaneously and the notion " immediately " (directness) coincides to the notions " internal " and " inwardness ". From this ostensibly absurdity and contradictory idea, we will lead to incredible reasonable consequences and open the path for the physical interpretation of life. The beginning of life and timing in the interaction between many particles are achieved with the fastest ways of interaction and these ways presuppose the simultaneous presence of the 100% complete Universe, that is appearing in our eyes like an absence of free space...




THE physical interpretation AND MATHEMATIC INVESTIGATION  





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