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joy and sorrow









scale of justice






death with the most unanticipated way


your death is my life




nor bone will not remain







illnesses and infirmities



do not entangle with doctors and with lawyers






matter… without spirit















there where you sit and you do not wait for it…












angel of death






blow it… but it does not be cold







life... over


(If the Ethic of inner orientation is not a Science)

* Without it needs we write a book… about the meaning of what is "good" and "bad"

©2009, ISBN 960-931414-5

 Find the exit...(These pages here don't prompt in aggressive behavior and aren't related with projection of wrong exemplars, no way. On the contrary, they have aim to help us understand the root of many problems (psychological and social) and the effective way for their pre­vention and solution.


1) Nothing is forever. Memories are extinguished also each unpleasant consequence of our action will be lost, relatively soon. (Those who aspire or expect are recorded in history must be more careful…).


2) Unfairness and pain are inherent as essential elements in life by wild nature and begin­ning of life. Also, from ancient years some peoples were victims of bad natural chance, ugly social conditions and from exploitation of powerful men in society.


3) Human justice remains insufficient, it is not attributed in all cases, a lot of cases never reach to judicature, while many consequences of unfairness are not reversible.


4) Laws of State are easily modified, cancelled, supplemented, adapted and violated by politicians, up to point the interests of big teams and all society are harmed, and usually with excuse about the "general good" for the total of society. An extreme case is the war with military means (civilian, religious, economic, for property etc).


5) It is a usual phenomenon, we are sincere, honest, humanitarian, benignant without any reward. On the contrary, some hurt us and make difficult our life. Unfortunately, in times of peace in unbalanced society where we found to live, it happens the peaceable citizens to be discouraged, while unscrupulous men and with intention to do everything are rewarded and encouraged.


6) Our life can be in danger with wishes, decisions and acts of our neighbor, without our own challenge. A small mark on our face can be considered as provocative. Then we will think, how fools we were, because we didn't live uninhibited as some tramps and we didn't take advantage of some immoral occasions!


7) We have not any guarantee for our future, while big problems and ugliest days are not absent of our life. Does not exist some religion, on which we could to cling with full certainty, that all things will go well nor theory to be proved scientifically the role and existence of God or a meaning of life after the natural end of death. No religion or some theory can prove the more favorable chance in our personal life.


8) Already we are influenced (psychological, spiritual and biological)  in a familial, edu­cational and social environment by our birth. Also, our biological possibilities are predestinate and indubitably our ability to decide for our life is limited and we can not choose who we will become. We are not 100% free intellectual and neither as exclusive causes in 100% for our action and choices. The adultness in accurate number of life years does not coincide as marvel with completion of personality or with faculty for life and survival.


9) The reasons in order to we are villains and malefactor men are more comprehensible, realistic, imperative, required, with powerful arguments and come out from our experience. Maybe, these reasons are more powerful than reasons to we are gentle and legal citizens. In any case, these reasons are not obviously absurd.


10) It needed callousness and foolishness in order to we endure to see the terrible misfortune and unfairness that prevail by all possible manners on our planet. It is a common secret, that if you don't want to be regretted and sacrifice your own life, you should be a hard­hearted and irresponsible man.


11) Almost, everyone would wants to live in a hopeful world without self-partiality, without conflictions and controversies and without painful side effects of living together with others. However it is given, that we live in a hard reality with crabby, avaricious, arrogant and umbrageous people, that make dreary our life. But few people can find the inward power to think that " misfortune " is essential in nature and life so as to returns back in their perpetrator and in stupid men, in order to impel us in right situation and mobilizes creatively life and with a superior destination.


12) Find inward power and heard, still: Not only I find a lot of serious reasons to live as an unruly, unscrupulous and unfeeling man in a wild society, but further worse if you don't comprehend my difficulties and you are pressuring me phychologically, in such case maybe even to kill or revenge by own unexpected way. I don't fear punishment and death so much as you fear and I am already damned to live in an undesirable society!


Have you thought how much easy is a bloodshed to happen in society and social unrest or to be involved in military operations and other hostilities between competitive groups (of hostile interests) and deprive us all of what we have called "human rights"? How much is easy, you become a toy in hands of criminals, sadists and unscrupulous thugs, where they see you like a woodcock in order to they pass their boring hour or to explode their bad fortune? Think how much is the drama those who were found in such circumstances and they had not imagined, while on the contrary, they were live with a hope and faith that some day will be glad for their grandchildren !


Therefore, say me now: Are philosophy and thoughts about meaning of human life for idiots, weirdo and bumptious people and an aimless and unexploited time? Do not say, that you did know... and don't teach about " good " without you take into consideration the " bad " side of human reality!

Never we should to do any bad act neither we lose our logic, but on the contrary supposed, it would be thank all people and help in all cases, if infinite reasons and causes did not exist that induce us to "bad", aggressive and violent behaviors. Do not confuse and tangle the phrase " must we doing (now)" with the phrase " it should we did (suppositively)". We would live and act with many other manners or not act (nowise), if things were different. When an ethic overlook and ignore the reality, then it can not avoid a conflict to reality and experience. Human logic cannot ignores the reality and satisfy excessive and utopian thoughts about “good”, because of our weakness to we are tolerant humans at every case and with our agitation, lest if we feed some immoral behaviors and ensamples.

A benign human must has consciousness about behavior and thought of an evildoer man and to be ready to reacts with bravery and cruelty, when it needs. A "good-natured" human has select to be pacifistic with conscience and not of foolery or cowardice and for some other mercenary aim. First of all, a gracious human should be fair-minded and respectable and these virtues are not possible without frankness, unbiased and creative thought, without cleaning of fallacies and biases and without the high aim, we dignify, defend and research the truth. It should not appears to us strange, that a person speaks about love and God, spiritual virtues for human life, even helps other people, however he/she can be the worse man in world and if is not yet, then in such to evolved!


A lot of people further do not comprehend how a period of peaceful living can results in a war or a strife, with all hideous cases that we have learn. War is not an outbreak of a sudden madness. In peace time, already human relationships are disturbed, people are separated from crazy ideas, economic inequality and crazy exactions… Numbers, economic growth, big income, material wealth what meaning have if friends betrays you, your child fall as a victim of narcotics tradesmen and some degenerate men, neighbor threaten your life, a travel transmuted to tragedy, a walk be an adventure, when we create more animosity, collaborators are unreliable, when human greed grows and vagrancy expands, when things that had been appeared as better they are soon proved insufficient, unanticipated and loss-making, when food and water are envenom us, policies and religious differences cause conflicts, when State is unable also can not achieves balance and social prosperity. It needs we think seriously the role of moral orientation and virtues (in everyday life of citizens) for economy of country and economic growth and to we exceed a last big bias that begins with a thoughtless perception about bisector limits in sciences. We wish social peace without unfairness, exploitation, oppression, delusions and without absurd terms.


The reality of nature as whole gives answers to the selfish perception and life with uncertainty, fear, inward void, misfortune, jealousy and mental blindness. We don't need tired in order to convince for the moral truth or we disagree and break our good temper in obscurantist our environment...




a flicker of light


You don't necessary to see a thriller film, see at the reality

spiderHave you an impression, that you will decease… when do exist be­reavement and funereal silence near of you or after some warning?


best to be, this does not ensure you!





well it would be, helped the prayers!








the government needs the slaves





who us will be saved from the common paranoia?







with such terms of peace, criminals will always exist


it is very easy they declare you outlaw


murderers for insignificant reason




a murdered man




accidents and misfortune






tortures and wars




heroes without recognition and unknown for always and for forgotten ideas








war,destruction and death





irreparable the destruction of natural environment








first from all we live well…





homeless man



I thank God, I had favorable luck! If you believe that the ugly side of life is presented thus by me, in exaggeration or by a fraudulent intention then, rather, you are been from few lucky or those who did not find time or courage to think about the reality beyond their personal relationships and wishes!


This moment, thousands of unhappy and innocent persons, bantlings, fathers, mothers… have stretched out their hand and they ask us help with teardrops in their eyes. They plead us to save them, however it happen they do not exist in front of our eyes or we are unable to help them!


Tortures for the most improbable reason, incurable illnesses and accidents, murderers and unscrupulous criminals, you find itself in the hell from a moment in other, you or the persons that you worship. The manner and time that will happen a terrible harm to you can be the hardest. Always somebody and something exist that will not leave you to live happily !





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