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Starting an innocent (independent) philosophical investigation about the meaning of life and about beginning of the world, we will quickly begin to doubt if things are exactly so as they seem. Moreover, we reveal many immature and common views which have been formed more by the imagination, but they are spread as truths for our lives. Any living being before begins to think, behaves similarly as all animals, as a being seduced by perceptible things and under the overall need for survival.

We can easily detect the hasty and reckless human action and the close relationship of behavior with thoughts and information of human mind, by observing human behavior in our everyday life. We still see a close relationship between selfish behavior and thought which is focused on material things and especially on human relationships. In order to show the "ego" and to survive, knowledge is also used. Competition, intolerance, irritability, apathy and partial logic are easily detected by all people and occasionally they are confirmed without philosophical thoughts. When one begins to think, then does not behave trapped only by perceptible things and for survival. Human behaves seduced by its unreliable mind and selfishness, with delusions, ignorance and mistakes and that is why behaves more unpredictably, contradictory and indifferent to any logic.

Until now (with some observations of consequences mainly on personal life) many laughed with the philosophy and wondering what is needed in life. They had appreciate the philo­sophical interest as a personal choice, with common upshot to be worded abstruse theories (about a destination of life, beginning of world and possibility of knowledge) and with a risk of going crazy. But when we investigate the human relationships and group life in relation to the comments from previous researches

for the reliability of senses,

for natural and biological constraints,

for spiritual immaturity

and for selfishness,

then we cross the field of ethic as a science and end up in subversive concepts about social life. Human intellectual weaknesses, paranoid behavior and selfishness appear in groups and create massive consequences and problems for the whole of society, which are primarily problems of understanding, trust and co-operation.


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From a solitary and independent investigation for the close relationship between human behavior and thinking and for the participation of thinking man in groups / society, some spiritual "bombs" for the organization of society and related sciences were ascertained: 

earth in blood<> The deception and misled life begin normally with life and unnoticed into a murderous nature. "Normally" means "animal" (without spirit and thinking). "Man" means animal with power of a crazy, ambiguous and dis­criminatory spirit. The definition for mammal animal "man" only with certain biological traits is a truth quite less than half, and such biologic description differs dramatically by the intellectual reality of human life. In human life with fantasies, lies and false assessments, the deceit widens and becomes habit up religion, while the deception in human collaborations ends up is realized with legal protection and protection of State, with career and formal procedures! The "freedom" is not so regulated that the consequences of deception and deceit be quite daunting and a number of actions prohibited, actions that now are allowed behind the bait of liberty for immoral / egocentric people, with terms of unethical speculation and abuse of trust. "Peace" for many people is an imaginary equilibrium and tolerance of society that they need it in order to be abuse it and have all the advantages of materialist way of life unhindered and undisturbed. Such is the selfish mind of a wanderer thief and up to a government of a country!


fingerIt is not the death penalty to unscrupulous killers that will make us less civilized! Now the responsibility increasing for all. No one wonders again because was betrayed and confidence disconfirmed or because things have not been  correctly estimated and people massively lost from a mistake! Because people live and mobilize with weaknesses in thought, often misled and tempted, with imagination, expectations and fears and by nature, people think unilaterally in favor of themselves. They can do anything to survive and satisfy their desires, while for the lives of others they have no equal interest and responsibility. Did you easily trust some people? Then prepare yourself psycho­logically to be disappointed and for greater damage in your life. Did they trust you? Then prepare to give convincing explanations for failures and side effects and you may need to compensate them!



moral life - ethical state & confidence


moral freedom with laws




open book THE GLOBAL ETHIC OF INNER ORIENTATION (in linkage with thinking)

CENTRAL CONCEPTS FOR DIRECTION OF HUMAN LIFE. In this book, the Ethic revamped in linkage with human thinking and has prospect as a worldwide manifesto, because Ethic is presented as science and not need the imagination of religions. Many key-thoughts are synopsized in few clusters of questions, that lay foundations for an intellectual Ethic fixed on inner values (virtues), integrated with Logic, under tutelage of thinking and given of physical laws (with cosmology). In GR language.

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In civilized society with the law of jungle, where one man thinks about how to deceive and how to exploit the other in order to satisfy his personal desires and with the tolerance of the State, even the education system has come to serve this purpose: deception and favor of personal interests with the power of Science. In a society of paranoid, fanatical and selfish people, where they are trained and specialized having the axiom, that "for my survival I will take advantage of your ignorance and weakness", we cannot hope ... Frivolous perception of things, credulity, habit, overestimation our abilities and limitation of reality in transactions and people's cooperation are not "realism". 




scientific instruments



compass in the brain

sense organs

*The materialistic way of life is ingrained in fantasies and lies, not in self-awareness and coincides with egocentric lifestyle and mindset. Selfishness, bias, nonsense and paranoid spirit are other aspects of the materialistic way of life and perception.


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