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circular time - completed and stabilised 99,9% Universe


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Theory of completed time and the relativity of energy
(A unified theory on time, space, matter and forces)

Attention! Translational errors exist


preexists the completed total...

"They are not the exterior material things which with the movement, with their approaching, removal, union and segregation achieve a balanced Total (of things) and maintenance of physical laws. On the contrary the complete total preexists..."



1986 - 2009 > A simple mathematical relation revealed in language of physics what had been formulated with rational thought for the beginning of the Universe



I have formulated all thoughts which are found the fundamental concept that the Total of material things influences simultaneously as a Whole each individual thing and predetermines the attributes and the quantity of their structural elements. Without conflict between thoughts and observations of our experience, with sure 100% vocabulary (of few general concepts that do not express fantasies), with knowledge of possible solutions that has been attempted in the history of Philosophy and with alternative formulations of notions for a long time, I have formulate this unique concept which explain the creation of the Universe. The unique concept that does not lead to impasse, but on the contrary reliable thoughts deduced which are approach in the questions of physics and in observations of many phenomena, that have preceded in Science by a lucky coincidence. The unique concept that the Universe always was completed and stabilized inside limits of a longest time interval.


With the full certainty for the truth of above concept, which no one did not formulate so briefly, plainly and clarity and with the aim to expounds a physical inter­pretation, also with the advantage of a life in later time (in order the researcher can recent knowledge includes), I was forced to think exceeding my resistances. I inquire this concept in many years and in hundreds pages, with cost in other personal wishes and in my social life. My insistence was still greater in order to I can simplify and clarify this abstract concept of my cosmo­logical theory and give in all people to understand the rational consequence and prospect of these philo­sophical thoughts. Unfortunately, it did not happen somebody answer me, that has understood this general physical interpretation or has interest in order to understand it. Not at all of my thoughts, not effort or an obser­vation did not cause the interest about this original cosmological theory. On the contrary, a lot of reasons are existed in order to one does not take seriously these thoughts, as was a spelling error, an ambiguity, some unanswered questions, the lack of mathematics and some other reasons irrelevant to the content of philo­sophical thoughts. 


Finally, from an initial investigation about what answers this new cosmo­logical theory would give in the questions of modern physics and astrophysics with the terms that these exact sciences require, I could find a simple mathe­matic relation, which it can causes the interest and to gives in the intelligence of a scientist to understands the main concept of my theory, that did not become compre­hensible by any other way : 


Was it more logical, more intelligent and reliable for an astrophysicist reverses the highest frequency fmax of the Universe (the end of electro­magnetic spectrum), does make a minimal time 1/fmax = Tmin and then to searches what existed in this minimal time interval? We will do insist in the search what existed in the first seconds of famous Big Explosion?

OR do we will seek what's going on by the electro­magnetic waves in the finish of electro­magnetic spectrum?

<•> The question is: Does exist a most minimum time tmin in that the Universe began is created sometime? Or does exist a frequency fmax in which the energy of free space is oscillated as waves and small quantities of energy maintained in stagnant situations by electro­magnetic pheno­mena? How does the energy of waves is accu­mulated in decreased frequency and cause e/m phenomena that create the constant structure of matter?


The unlimited increase of frequency would mean infinite quantity transfer of energy at unit of time. If it was infinite, then the conser­vation of energy would be an accidental phenomenon. It would not exist the minimal quantity of time tmin = λmin / Vmax neither a highest frequency fmax = Vmaxmin neither a minimal (h/sec) quantity of energy h = Emax/fmax


► Around us, exchanges of energy are current and also interactions with matter at frequencies more than 1020 Hz, in microscopic dimensions and at the speed of light. Up to now, we didn't include this reality in our thinking, we simplified it in the concept of the "free" space and perceived flippant its presence from the electro­magnetic phenomena and gravity. An invisible reality participates permanently in material developments with quantities of energy that are exchanged and altered between 1020 - 1042 Hz and this reality they ignored in science. This reality participates permanently and simul­taneously for entire material world, from the one point up to the utmost other… In physics, the quantities of energy that are exchanged and altered in extreme short time intervals (t=1/f), they have called "particles".

Do you speak yet, about a total creation of the Universe also about the fantasy of a Big Bang ?

 Does mass increase infinitely at the maximum speed of light c or reversely extreme variations of free space begin at the maximum speed c and then electro­magnetic waves are caused which under preconditions (in decreased rates) particles and their mass are generated?




Look at the serious, logic and intelligently questions that they must  to search ...???

Theory of a Completed Time → Complete and Simultaneous Universe

and Relativity of Energy → Finite free space with balanced quantity of energy and fluctuations










* Almost 20 years ceaseless and multifaceted theoretical research was needed in order to above ascertainment be formulated so separately, concisely and in usual vocabulary. I wish you do not need other so much years until you lead to this same ascertainment!



Unlimited increase of frequency, would mean infinite quantity transfer of energy at the unit of time. If it was infinite, then the conservation of energy would be an accidental phenomenon. It would not exist the minimal quantity of time tmin = λmin / Vmax neither a highest frequency fmax = Vmaxmin, neither a minimal (h/sec) quantity of energy h = Emax/fmax




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